Box Office for Tomorrowland 2015, Mad Max Fury Road Week 2, Poltergeist, San Andreas

Welcome to this week’s Movie Math, where
we had some good news – and some bad news. Now I know you’re all eager to discuss Mad
Max Fury Road’s second round at the box office…and that’s the good news! Yay!
Falling around forty-five percent from its opening weekend and nearing one hundred million
domestically, two hundred million worldwide – this little bit of news probably inspires
more hope than generated by the entire two plus hours running time of Tomorrowland, which
turns out to be as faulty as young Frank Walker’s jetpack. Yes, Disney faltered at the box office
AGAIN, but this time it drew gasps from the crowd as Tomorrowland opened with just forty-one
point seven million for the four day weekend. That’s the worst Memorial Day Weekend debut
since Prince of Persia – also from Disney – back in 2010 when Sex and the City 2 also
debuted, making for one of the worst overall Memorial Day Weekends of all-time. And like
Prince of Persia, Tomorrowland is weighed down heavily by a budget in the two hundred
million range – I mean, look how hard it is for Mad Max Fury Road to carry it’s own
two hundred million burden! But even more disturbing is the take-away by the industry
trades, who proclaim that Disney should’ve known better to launch an ORIGINAL property
on such an important weekend. Um, The Day After Tomorrow, Bruce Almighty and Madagascar
all did impressive Memorial Day Weekend business. Let’s get real. Tomorrowland’s only star
power came from George Clooney who hasn’t been able to open a film all by himself since
– well, NEVER. His biggest hits come from the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, where he got
some serious assists from Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The film had an awful marketing campaign
where they made the stupid decision not to tell anyone what the movie was about, and
when you play that game you better hope you get glowing reviews across the board – which
Tomorrowland did NOT. Damon Lindelof has written some of the most confusing and hated movies
of all time – Cowboys and Aliens, Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness and, while I liked
it, World War Z – and it seems audiences are finally starting to get wise. Plus Brad Bird,
I’m sorry, but you’re still trading off of a movie you made over a decade ago, and
haven’t been able to repeat yet. Man, should he have taken that Star Wars movie or what?!
Now is not only unlikely Disney will let him anywhere near a Star Wars movie, but could
this hurt anticipation for The Incredibles 2…? Speaking of Pixar, Inside Out is up
next for Disney, followed by Ant-Man. Can those two movies turn around what, so far,
is an underperforming summer for the House of Mouse? Elsewhere in the box office, Pitch Perfect
2 also held up quite nicely in its second weekend, falling just fifty-five percent.
Worldwide, it’s also about to hit the DOUBLE c-note ala Mad Max. And Avengers Age of Ultron
was able to fend off newcomer Poltergeist to nab the fourth spot for the weekend, passing
four hundred million domestically. That puts it in the top twenty grossing films of all
time, stateside, while worldwide it’s a number seven with fellow Disney flick Frozen
in its sights. Yet Furious 7 also continues to close in on the first Avengers for that
number three spot. But while Sam Raimi’s Poltergeist remake didn’t impress it didn’t
embarrass itself either, pulling in around twenty-two million in its debut weekend. Made
for just thirty-five million, it played strongest with women and those under twenty-five – women
taking their kids? As I said in my review, this remake’s biggest change was putting
the focus on the kids – specifically Griffin – instead of the parents. Would Poltergeist
have pulled in more souls had it played that up in the marketing campaign, and kept the
original’s PG rating instead of going PG-13? Alas now we’ll never know, but expect this
version to turn a profit later on down the road in the ancillary market. Finally, Hot
Pursuit is three weeks into its run yet has only grossed thirty million total – which
makes Reese Witherspoon’s new deal to play a live action Tinkerbell for Disney a real
headscratcher indeed. Plus Far From The Madding Crowd added another five hundred or so theaters
and rose to seventh place – last week it was at number ten. At the same time, another hot
indie fell out of the top ten, Ex Machina, hinting that such films can only hold the
mainstream audience’s attention one at a time. And while Carey Mulligan might not be
fielding big deal offers like Alicia Vikander – who is being courted by both Assassin’s
Creed and the Bourne franchise – Mulligan might just get an Oscar nomination later this
year. Not a bad second place prize. As for this coming weekend, San Andreas should easily
take the weekend, giving Dwayne Johnson a badly needed solo box office victory. Then
Cameron Crowe’s much delayed Aloha will have to battle it out with Tomorrowland, Pitch
Perfect 2, Mad Max Fury Road and maybe even Age of Ultron for the rest of the top five.
And that’s the weekend box office, breaking down tinseltown! I’m Grace Randolph and
we just did some Movie Math – as always, thanks for watching, and I hope you’ll go Beyond
The Trailer for these other top movies…

91 thoughts on “Box Office for Tomorrowland 2015, Mad Max Fury Road Week 2, Poltergeist, San Andreas

  1. A PG rating meant something totally different back when the original Poltergeist was released than it does now.  Remember, the original featured a gory scene of a man tearing off his own face to reveal his skull.  You'd never get away with that in a PG movie today.

  2. It's sad to see that Age of Ultron is being so under appreciated, it was a magnificent movie. As for Tommorowland, I'm not surprised. The marketing is virtually unexistent, and doesn't reveal what the movie is about. There's no villain, no conflict, and Tommorowland isn't actually seen in the movie, at least not in reality or in its cool, original state. Luckily for Disney, they have other ways to make money.

  3. This weekend was slow and steady if you work at a movie. Not surprised this weekend produced uninteresting results evidence by this video.

  4. Dang San Andreas has it down! Expect a BIG drop from Tomorrowland unless the kids show up

  5. What a surprisingly slow weekend. Great episode Grace, I love Movie Math

  6. Grace do you think you'll cover the winners from Cannes? (Rooney Mara)

  7. Another great MM episode, Grace. Also, "Beyond The Trailer: Breaking Down Tinseltown" is such a great tagline for BTT as well. 🙂

  8. Seems like The Mouse House is having some troubles! To be fair this was predicted last year by Speilberg.

  9. I think bad weather is large sections of the country played a part in this drop.

  10. Can't believe I wasted my money last Saturday on Tomorrowland. Should've used it on Mad Max instead.

  11. Uh, Grace, I think you may be exaggerating just a tad about Lindelof. I mean I'm not saying his scripts are great but I don't think they'd qualify for "most hated scripts of all time." Just my opinion.

  12. Hey Grace. I'm just wondering. Do you think its REALLY that important who is starring in a movie? Yeah, i get your point that people like to see their favourit actor or actress on the big screen and that they want to support them. But honestly… I dont know if its just me and the people I know… but we watch movies mostly because of the story and the way it is marketed. And I think most people do so. Because I think in the 60s-90s it was always a big factor who was starring in a movie, but nowadays people are more interested in the storytelling or certain brands. Like Pitch Perfect, people arent seeing it because of Anna Kendrick (which we clearly saw in the underperforming Into the Woods) but because of the brand Pitch Perfect. And I think that Tomorrowland, mostly in Europe, isnt really known to people, and the marketing campaign didnt really sold an interesting story to begin with..
    A big fan and would love to hear your thoughts!!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  13. I'm interested why Grace didn't mention Mr. Bird's success with Ghost Protocol. This was sort of his first flop.

  14. I'm impressed by Pitch Perfect 2's hold. This is the first female lead and targeted blockbuster, and probably the first female lead and targeted successful movie since Bridesmaid(Which also came out in May) to hold up well. Historic stuff.

  15. It still shocks me that you think AoU is a failure for Disney/Marvel, it's the freaking 8th most successful film of all time with opportunity to still climb higher

  16. Brad Bird is holding from The Incredibles? Have you forgotten about Ratatouille and Mi4? I haven't seen Tomorrowland yet but hopefully he hasn't lost it cos from what I'm hearing it's more of Lindelof and the scripts fault for this film

  17. I'm kind of doubting that Aloha will make it into the top 5. I just don't think that it holds as much interest as other current films. Also, I bet that San Andreas is going to underperform.

  18. Avengers: Age of Ultron did amazing. Why can't you accept that?

  19. Come on MM!! Grace didnt talk about this on MMN so i was wondering how believable is the rumor that Miller wants to make a second 1 and that he also want to make a furiosa movie. I actually wanted them to team up again but i remember reading or hearing that they dont get along in real life so thats probably not gonna happen

  20. Am I the only one who loved Tomorrowland and it's complex moving plot? Personally I believe it's stunning visually and story wise although people will probably need to be slightly educated to understand it, which probably explains the low reviews

  21. I'm going to keep saying this Grace, because the way people talk about Age of Ultron is quite insane.  "Disney faulters at the box office again?"  Wait. . .what?  Domestically the movie as earned 411 million.  World wide it's 1.2 billion.  How exactly is this a "faulter?"  because it did not do the same numbers as the first Avengers?  Avengers made 1.5, so that means Age of Ultron is down by 200 million.  Why is this such a "failure?"   Are we going to have to do a kickstarter so Disney can feed their children or something?  Even if you include the marketing budget, AoU is obviously well past a minor profit.  Why do reviewers continue to talk about it as if it did Last Airbender money?

  22. I don't think prometheus n star trek id n world war z are in the list of all time most hated 😕😕

  23. Are you going to use the phrase "Breaking Down Tinseltown" for every Movie Math episode from now on, Grace?

  24. And disney isn't having any troubles the only movie which they released this year and underperformed was tommorrowland they still has the two pixar films ant man n star wars

  25. Not to sound like a snob, but i called this back when the first tomorrow land trailer premiered and found out Lindeloff was attached. I knew he would make the movie incomprehensible. Granted i haven't seen the movie, but that's the major complaint from what I heard.

  26. The thing about the original Poltergeist being PG is that they didn't have PG-13 back then. If that same movie were released today, it would definitely have gotten a PG-13, and with its moments of gore, possibly an R. I don't think that the PG-13 rating for the remake hurt it at all, since that rating seems to be the sweet spot. Anyways, it made more than it should had, given that the movie is the second-worst that I've seen all year so far.

  27. I don't get how Age of Ulron is a 'Misstep' for Disney. It's grossed 1.2 BILLION already and is certified fresh on RT. I've yet to hear anything from anyone I know personally except for glowing reviews, even from my cousins who fell asleep TWICE during the first avengers movie. So it didn't have 90% on RT. So what! Most movies don't but I don't hear anyone calling American Sniper or Furious 7 mistakes. Neither of those movies hit 90% but they both made a ton of money just like Ultron. 

    The first Harry Potter movie made over 900 mill worldwide while the third one made less that 800 mill and yet Prisoner has the second highest critical score on RT. Was that movie a misstep? Or, indeed was every movie that made less that the first movie a mistake? No. That's just what happens. There are ebbs and flows as the market changes.

    I'm really just getting sick of people calling Ultron a bad movie or proof that the super hero genre is going down the tubes as if this movie was a flop or something. News Flash: IT'S NOT.

    Don't worry people, you'll have plenty of time to bag on Marvel and Disney and shout from the rooftops that comicbook hero movies are dead when Ant-Man comes out. :/

  28. The media loves Clooney..but he's a basic actor.

  29. Carey Mulligan's was great alongside your boy Ryan Gosling in Drive. Glad she's getting some pub.

  30. Hey Grace, I went to SPY last night and had a really good time. Looking forward to your review.

  31. I personally liked tomorrowland but in retrospect its because I have a subscription for the cinema. I cant recommend anyone paying 10 to 15 euro, I would say wait for the netflix release.

  32. I'm a huge fan of Carey Mulligan I really hope she gets her second Oscar nomination this year and even a win she's been consistently incredible over and over with little recognition hopefully this is a turn around

  33. Riding only off of The Incredibles? How about a little movie called Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol?

  34. Hey Grace have you seen the reviews for inside out there pretty good with 100% on rotton tomatoes

  35. Woah when did avengers become a faulter :/ it made over a billion it was never going to match the first one for numerous reasons and industry projections were pretty obsurd and an unrealistic expectations although I thought it was a excellent movie not hating

  36. Far From the Madding Crowd being the little movie that could ^.^
    I loved the book, and the movie was a pretty fair adaptation. You think you'll be reviewing it Grace?

  37. Grace both Mad Max and Tomorrowland  are both movies that I would normally see opening night.  However, lately I have found it to be a laborious choir to even hype myself up for these film.  As I watched the trailers I saw no diversity in the cast which is why these two movies are on my "will see if time permits in the distant future" list. Blockbuster summer movies  are made so that the audience can briefly escape the stress of real life problems and issues.  It appears that Hollywood studios have crafted these movies to help their target audience escape dealing with minorities.  I'm looking forward to San Andreas and Fantastic Four because they both seem to have a diverse cast.  I was also shocked to see Avengers allowing two black heroes to be in the same movie, albeit briefly, and neither die!  With Black Panther on the horizon I was really expecting Falcon to fly in at the end and bite the bullet, not Quicksilver.  I mean, the Sith rule of two is the formula that Agents of Shield is using to deal with diversity on their show.  Whenever there are more than two expect a death or one to become disfigured and covered in gross prosthetics.

  38. Grace, what's going on with a think about the ink and stacktastic?!

  39. Furiosa ft. Furiosa (not that I'm complaining, because she was awesome!)

  40. I try and stay on the positive side of things but it was a lot of fun hearing you tear into Tomorrowland. The knock on Clooney's inability to open a movie made me smirk but "Damon Lindelof has written some of the most confusing and hated movies of all time" was a real gem.

  41. Let's be real here people Brad Bird's live action movies were alright. MI4 wasn't that good (can anybody actually tell me what happened in that movie and what were the characters not played by Tom Cruise named?). Tomorrowland was a joke. Stick to animation Mr. Bird you are KING there

  42. Mad Max is one of the best movies I ever seen! I rarely see movies more than once in theater, but I'd be up for seeing Mad Max again since it is one of my favorite movies now! The movie I saw the most in theaters was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If someone had told me I'd like Mad Max: Fury Road WAY better that Avengers Age of Ultron, I would have never believed, but I do! Age of Ultron was ok, but Mad Max blew it away on every level! I went in with high expectations and it surpassed them all! 😀 Way to go Mad Max: Fury Road!!!

  43. You people still don't get it.  Movie Math is from the corporate/big wig perspective which is all about cold hard numbers.  If AOU doesn't make more than the original than in their eyes it underperformed.  Stop thinking underperfoming = flop.

  44. Thank god you're not an executive at Disney or any Hollywood studio.. Calling AOU a disappointment? Wtf?

  45. So i just want to point out that Tomorrowland hasn't even open here in Australia yet, I want to see it so that's at least one more ticket.

  46. PLEASE stop criticizing Grace for messing up with BRAD BIRD facts. Sometimes she reads from her OLD NOTES and her Brad Bird note was written in 2006 before Bird worked on other projects like RATATOUILLE, Up, Toy Story 3, Brave, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Hey! Anyone can make that mistake 😉

  47. Damon Lindelof has CO-WRITTEN all of the films he has worked on, including TOMORROWLAND. So, maybe, he should carry part of the blame, not all of it.

  48. I was one of those watching Mad Max but I really didn't like it despite great action in the second half and spurts in the first. It was fine. I barely decided that over Tomorrowland at the box office and it was a coin flip.

  49. "Breaking Down Tinsel Town" glad you made that the officicial tagline for the show 😀 😀

  50. i thought tomorrowland was okay, but im not surprised by its low opening. on a plus note, im glad mad max is doing well.

  51. I seriously don't see how can a 1.263 billion film, 'underperform'.

  52. Grace why are you saying that Disney is having trouble at the box office AGAIN? Do you forget that Avengers 2 is #6 of highest grossing films of ALL TIME right now? Just because it isn't performing as well as the first doesn't mean it still isn't doing amazing.

  53. Disney faltered again? Are you implying Age of Ultron making over 1 billion so far a bad thing, lol.

  54. I finally saw 'Age of Ultron' this weekend. I actually liked it, not as good as some of the other Avengers Assemble series, but better then Iron Man 2, 3, and Thor 2. But not as good as Winter Solider, Guardians, Avengers, and Incredible Hulk but I gave it a solid B and will buy it when it comes out.

  55. Watched Poltergeist on Sunday, still regretting wasting my money on it rather than watching Mad Max for a 3rd time

  56. i went to see tomorrowland opening weekend, and will go see it again with my friend, george clooney didn't have any barring on my decision to see the movie or not, the trailers intrigued me,…though, i liked the movie, though i must admit i felt like they pulled a trick similar to what was done with the pin in the movie a little.

  57. Whaaat? Furious 7 about to pass the first Avengers in a few weeks? and Age of Ultron at #7 all time? ….. oooh noooo childhood ruined!. what is wrong with people?

  58. I know sequels have to follow a trajectory to be considered a success but since Avenger Age of Ultron will open in Japan in a few days i hope it will increase Marvel's take in the box office.

  59. Everyone, go see Mad Max! Make the time, you'll be glad you did

  60. Really over the negativity against the box office stats of AOU. Get over it. The film has done brilliant!

  61. Grace, thanks for the breakdown this weekend. Good insight and you are right on Brad Bird. Wish Mad Max had held better but oh well. Maybe it can hang in the top 10 for a few weeks and reach Kingsmen's gross. I also liked the line you used for ending the video.

  62. Americans please: go see Mad Max! Let it have legs. Good second weekend, But it has to keep doing good in upcoming weeks. It deserves it. If not, Hollywood will keep thinking people prefer products with less quality.

  63. Well, I don´t know about Tomorrowland (not seen it yet) but I loved Prometheus and Star Trek into Darkness.

  64. Grace do you think mad max was more of a chick flick then a dude flick? I liked it ether way

  65. Most industry projections have ALOHA grossing $15 million for the weekend–$22 million seems high.


  67. In this world George Miller created, ALL men are evil and ALL women are victims, inherently good and virtuous.

    1. The masculine is toxic.
       A. All male characters exist to hunt down the females. Max does not kill the girls but instead attempts to leave them behind to die and is forced to aid them.
       B. Nux is a violent man hunting the women and only becomes a "good" guy when a female bestows upon him her touch, her femininity, her healing by nurture.
       C. Max and Nux are only good guys because of their service to the girls and have no other redeeming qualities. If their actions/efforts are not in service to the Feminine then they are evil.
       D. Furiousa makes a deal with the canyon bike riders who then betray her (men can't be trusted).

    2. Females are inherently Good.
       A. Charlize Theron was abducted as a child from a matriarchal tribe that lived in a flourishing "Green" environment. She sought to redeem herself for evil deeds she was forced to do under patriarchal rule. i.e. She was ultimately not responsible for her evil actions and in the end she sought and gained redemption.
       B. The Concubines. Let's put aside that anyone in this environment would gladly choose to live in their sanctuary with food, water, luxuries as a pet rather than suffer as one of the miners outside thirsting for water and working under the heat in the wasteland. These girls despite being raised in this war tribe are all promoters of pacifism who look down upon those who do violence and are high-minded and even judge Max as scum. When the girl learns that one of the Old Mother bike riders have killed people she says "I thought you were above all that." The Old Mother then explains that their matriarchal tribe was Green until men destroyed it by salting the earth. That they became violent because of men, absolving them of responsibility.
       C. The girls are pedestalized and valued for their fertility and pureness of heart represented by their white robes. When Nux is found huddled in the fetal position like a baby, one girl nurtures him to health, i.e. she cures him of his evil and brings him over to the side of good (service of women).

    3. Agency Vs. Hypoagency (Action by Proxy)
       A. Furiosa, not responsible for her actions, she feels guilt and seeks redemption. She finds redemption in life by the end of the film through liberating the tribe from the patriarchy.
       B. Nux IS responsible for his actions. And he gains redemption in death by sacrificing himself in service of women.
       C. Max, left the women to die but forced to aid them. In their feminine presence he came to befriend them but ultimately he is a Road Warrior haunted by his past and since he is a truly masculine male fully responsible for his decisions, he knows he cannot gain redemption and so he does not seek it. In the end he abandons the tribe knowing he does not belong and Furiosa makes no attempt to convince him to stay despite each being very much like each other. The difference is she is a woman, worthy of redemption in life and able to fit into their new tribe where he is a Man, unworthy of redemption except in death which will not happen there so he allowed to self-banish.
       D. Furiosa is a damaged women as represented by her missing limb and so her only utility is to behave like a man (Road Warrior). But she is haunted by such masculine behavior and eventually creates a matriarchal utopia which is Just and Peaceful and Green. The girls return to the tribe with seeds (fertility). Nux is permitted redemption in death. The Feminine wins out only through the aid of the masculine and the masculine is permitted to exist so long as it is in the service of women. When the masculine is no longer required then it is allowed to die with Nux or leave with Max.

    4. Women Vs. Men
       A. The men are raised to be warriors, workers, laborers in service of a cult which creates the foundation of their tribe and allows it to prosper.
       B. The women are abducted as children, or born there and raised in health to promote fertility and the expansion of the tribe.
       C. The men all possess aggressive, violent, dominating, hive-mind traits.
       D. The women possess high-minded traits of pacifism, equality, a desire for the Green which is an allegory to mother earth, fertility, nurture…..traits associated with the feminine.
       E. All men are responsible for their actions and the victimize others and those women they don't victimize they are unempathetic towards as Max was when he drove off.
       F. All women are caring, even for their enemy (nurturing of Nux). All women are victims, slaves for their milk and wombs. If a woman commits evil (Furiosa and the Biker Mother Tribe) then she does so only because of men and feels guilty over it and seeks redemption.

    There are no female characters that are simply evil and there are no male characters who are just good and go out of their way to help a random man or women in trouble the way Max did in previous films. The film is incredibly misandric. If a man's motives, actions, qualities, traits, talents are not in service of women then they are toxic. This promotes the idea of male disposability. The film is incredibly gynocentric and promotes The Feminine Imperative whereby all women by virtue of being female are inherently good, valuable, pure and not responsible for their misdeeds and thus should be forgiven for any transgressions. Feminist ideology – Women = Good, Men = Evil.

  68. One of the things that really hurts this channel… The facts… She is always getting things wrong and it is not like what she is getting wrong is information that is hard to find. It should almost be common knowledge for someone making these kind of videos. It can be hard to take her seriously sometimes when she does stuff like in this video claiming Brad Bird is still living off the success of The Incredibles, forgetting that he also directed Ratatouille (where he got a Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay) and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (Almost 700 million world wide with a 93% on RT).

  69. Hi Grace! I'm really interested in the under-performance of AOU. I hope you can do a video about it, so far I've been piecing together all of the movie maths. Do you think Marvel will change up their strategy for the 3rd, positioning it more as an event must see, maybe releasing on the same day world wide, and adding more build up to phase 3? thanks

  70. That is a terrible opening for Tomorrowland.

    But they really should have marketed the film better as well.


  71. Mad Max has only opened in 9 countries world wide I think and has made 230 million or so it's doing pretty well. Mad Max is actually number 1 in the midweek box office.

    Looking forward to the next one.


  72. mad max is beating pitch perfect now, it will have longer legs…its still not where it needs to be..only 233,000 million total, doing better outside US. It should close out near 400,000m after its pulled…which will be more than enough for the 150m budget

    hoping we see a sequel

    still confused how well pitch perfect is doing, not my cup of tea..looks horrid..the teen market must of helped

  73. Age of Ultron didn't fail AT ALL it may have not met its expectations but 1.3 billion dollars is not something to complain about

  74. It's a shame Tomorrowland bombed as bad as it did. It's the most underrated movie of the year. Granted, the third act is sloppy, so I can only give it a 7 out of 10. But man, what a thrill ride.

    Also, the only reason why the original Poltergeist did not get a PG-13 rating was that it didn't exist in 1982.

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