Box Office – Hobbs & Shaw Opening Weekend, Quentin Tarantino vs Shannon Lee

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100 thoughts on “Box Office – Hobbs & Shaw Opening Weekend, Quentin Tarantino vs Shannon Lee

  1. For those of you wondering, TECHNICALLY Jumanji 2017 is actually Jumanji 2 as it is NOT a reboot but a sequel. That makes this year's Jumanji technically Jumanji 3.

  2. Johnson's strategy of "Make hay while the sun shines" has just put great amount of clouds over him.

  3. I don't now if this is something that happened in other countries but in Portugal Hobbs and Shaw wasn't even showed in the top cinema destributer in the country (wich has like 80 or 90% of the market) aparently because they asked to much money for it, and the franchise is very popular in here… If it happened in other countries it may affect the box office even further.

  4. Aight, this weekend I'm watching scary stories to tell in the dark while my little cousins watch Hobbs & shaw

  5. Let's be honest the rock is a cool actor but he is in to many things currently and the fast movies are terribly played out

  6. Why are they even calling it Fast and Furious anymore? where are the modified evo's and nissan skylines? what the hell is going on? this should be a spin off to Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise anything but this

  7. I was annoyed by the Bruce Lee scene too so I'm not surprised. His scene in the trailer was one of the main reasons I wanted to see the movie and he turned out to only gave a 5 min scene in the movie itself. Well him and Margot Robbie so I was very disappointed

  8. The Reason why people Love Tarantino is that he makes his movies only on his vision and will not listen to criticism. That's why Hollywood and fans would be forever loyal to him.

  9. I saw Michael B. Jordan's modeling all over the Coach store the other day. He looked good too. Meanwhile, Henry Cavil is promoting Rosemary water.

  10. Promoting "Fast and Furious" as "Hobbs and Shaw" was the first mistake. I've heard of Calvin and Hobbes at least.

  11. Wtf, all David Leitches movies were good and made money. Atomic Blonde made triple budget like movies are supposed to right ? So why not trust him with franchises ?

  12. This is why I prefer Beyond the Trailer to other review channels. Grace makes film economics entertaining, even for movies I have no interest in watching.

  13. The last few Fast and Furious movies are trash. They care more about fan service than a decent storyline. And would rather add big names to the Fast family instead of giving us a good villian.

  14. I was set to see once Upon a Time in Hollywood until the Bruce Lee thing. 5 words Tarantino "Don't fuck with the Dragon"

  15. Grace, perhaps Vin and Henry are difficult to work with because they are trying to make a quality movie/show.

  16. Grace, if you believe that Dani Garcia is ‘ruining’ Henry Cavil and Dwayne Johnson’s career I’d like to know what you consider a successful career.

  17. Movie Math's are consistently trash these days. Sequels need not simply hold their ground but improve? Really, Grace? Did Godfather II surpass the first one? Did Empire Strikes Back outdo A New Hope? I mean, in terms of box office take? The novelty of Deadpool was over and it still raked in cash. That speaks well for that character and Ryan Reynolds. What am I doing? I'm just going to avoid these from now on. The rank speculation and passing rumor off as fact is one thing; the baseless analysis is too much.

  18. Dwayne Johnson is only good for remakes and reboots. That's what happened when you hijack a Franchise and you let greediness gets the best of you.

  19. 9:49 Bruce Lee's daughter didn't like her dad's portrayal in 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood?'

  20. Lol, most websites are reporting on Hobbs and Shaw as a success and you seem to be the only one implying it's a failure, like with Shazam. It's no runaway success like the mainline F&F but it's not that bad considering it's a spin-off. It'll probably make a profit but not a massive one, but yeah as much as I like DJ, he doesn't have the same pulling power as Will Smith or Leonardo Dicaprio, nor does Statham but I'm interested to see where things go from here.

  21. Honestly the Rock should try and ease up when it comes to thinking he can take away Fast and The furious from it's originators. Huge fan, but I rather everyone be in the movies.

  22. Since its a Spin Off film, can you really compare it to the other Furious films. What Spin off gets The same and or more money!

  23. The Rock needs to be in another Run Down type movie. Or at least put him in the Halo tv show. He would make a great Marine, ODST, or even a Spartan 3

  24. I don't know… What do you think Scary Stories chances are of beating predictions?

  25. the rocks career was never in a bad spot he took time off to go back to wwe.

  26. She wasn't trying to help Quinton. She was trying to stir up an angry response. Quite the ignorant comment, Grace.

  27. I always trusted the IMDB rating more than Rotten tomatoes. I wonder which is more popular for regular people. I guess grace has got to promote rotten tomatoes though

  28. The Rock stars in two movies a year and the movies are whelming. We have reached peak The Rock and I think he needs to take a break for awhile. I applaud him for working hard but he needs to reevaluate his projects because no one should be working this hard just to be mediocre.

  29. Tarantino is too arrogant. Everybody knows It. Just see some of his interviews. He should calm the fucking chin down And accept that his movies can have problems

  30. If you are a fan of the laws of physics and human nature, don't watch Hobbs & Shaw. If u want entertainment, and crazy sequences… DO IT! JUST DO IT!

  31. damn we live in a world where doing seven hundred million dollars in business is not enough. Jesus how greedy are people?

  32. Fast & Furious 8 was one of the worst films i've ever seen in so many area's. Hobbs & Shaw can't be as bad as that surely

  33. They're making a movie out of The Division? Netflix really does have money to throw away.

  34. I disagree with the idea that sequels are expected to make more money than the original. Most sequels make less than the original and if a sequel equals the original (especially if the sequel was a blockbuster) then that’s a victory for the studio.

  35. So Grace, I noticed you didn't count this as a mark against Idris although he played prominently in the adverts. His track record isn't looking so well as far as hits and with him also ironically enough also being in the upcoming CATS what do you think?

  36. I loved this movie way more than the traditional Fast and Furious movies. I knew exactly what it was during the first 5 mins. It’s funny and has more action in it than most fast and furious movies. The cast was fun and enjoyable, loved the banter.

  37. “Vin Diesel’s hoping to fill his rock sized hole with John Cena”

    Somebody burn my mind

  38. Johnson had done a lot of movies in a short time and the people might feel a bit burned out. Dead pool was a bit of a disappointment, The gay gags feel flat fast and I and several others were knodding off several times.

  39. Shablon Lee should learn to take a joke. Everton in the movie was a oaridy Veyce was agregat martial artustbyt was an active first. Lot if great fighters out there that could have beat him. Jannat the Jet Urqidez, Don Wilson who wete both wete champions
    If he went ti the flood with RicjsonGracue va would not getvackup. They sa'y its dusrespectfuk ti talk about a deadman but ialso easy to day yoi are thebest when you have never project it. I have been in the arra 49 years and speak from ab educated position..

  40. People love Disney and I can't blame them, Disney makes some entertaining stuff (among some average).

  41. Someone needs to make a compilation of Grace shading Jessica Chastain 😂

  42. Once upon a time isn't a franchise ?!?!? We have:

    Once upon a time in America
    Once upon a time in the west
    Once upon a time in Mexico
    Once upon a time in Anatoalia
    Once upon a time in Shanghai
    Once upon a time in Venice
    Once upon a time (many variants)
    Once upon a time in China (7 movies)
    Once upon a time in Hollywood
    ….. the list goes on

    Technically only one is a franchise (a damn good on at that), but, come on that name has been overused by now and I can't believe Tarantino did that.

  43. All that the Rock says about audiences liking the movies of his that the critics didn't like doesn't change the fact that they're underperforming.

  44. The poor treatment of the Bruce Lee legacy in Tarantino’s film is the reason why I am not going to see this film.

  45. The Rocks best movies are Walking Tall and Faster. Faster is a superb movie and massively underrated

  46. What happened to the Rock's left shoulder and arm???? It's half the size of the right side. Nerve damage is shrinking the Johnson!

  47. Hobbs and Shaw is either fast 9 or a spin off. If its fast 9 then yea it did bad but if its a spin off then they did good

  48. The Fast and the Furious Franchise has become the Fast Food of movies.

  49. Love the Rock but still team vin on this it's his franchise, not even debatable… Why didn't the rock "save" gi Joe

  50. Hobbs and shaw is amazing I also enjoyed skyscraper to brilliant movie.

  51. the whole fast and furious franchise died for me already! they should had just stoppped at tokyo drift cause now all the movies are about internatonal heists and robbing ppl only, i wouldnt even bother with the ff franchise anymore cause in plain reality it just sux and now there gonna make spin offs LOL what a joke!

  52. Well Fast 9 ain't gonna be the key to determine anything because they are filming fast 9 and fast 10 back to back. So before they even see how well fast 9 is gonna do. They would in process or finished filming fast 10

  53. The backstory for “The Farewell” was originally a story on the weekly radio show and podcast called “this American life”. This week they reran the episode from 2016 when that story first aired. It’s a wonderful episode. Check it out!!!

  54. Fuck Bruce Lee's daughter.. that movie was great. And it was a parody Bruce Lee this PC culture fuck sucks. One person gets offended so we all have to stop watching or enjoying something

  55. Ok review grace but I'll say this I think streaming services like netflix and Amazon will start producing stars look at millie Bobby brown david harbor. I think just those two are the start.

  56. Grace I just noticed something besides your good looks…

    You really talk a lot. Lol

  57. A movie franchise with a 9 at the end versus a new franchise. Universal is picking the future

  58. The only good wrestler turned actor is Dave Batista but he ain't getting any protagonist roles coz he ugly😝

  59. i mean wth they did with the franchize? used to be a car,action movie now became another the rock action movies… no wonder why Vin got angry

  60. So beating up Bruce Lee a problem , rewriting a massacre with a Hollywood ending is not ? I think it’s just a movie made for classic film fanatics not the masses . That is the real problem .

  61. Grace is so stupid. She has a IQ of 10. Saying Hobbs and Shaw didn’t do well I’d like saying Ant Man, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther are all failures because they didn’t do as well as Avengers: Endgame. Dwayne Johnson will keep making plenty of money because his talent outweighs anyone else’s on that FF roster. Outside of FF, what movie has Vin Diesel recently lead in?

  62. I don’t think ff 9 will be better then 8 since cena is in it am not against cena am fan of he’s work in wwe it’s just ff lost two stars Dwayne and Jason it will be ok movie but it wouldn’t be great as when Dwayne and Jason were there I feel like ff is gonna end soon cause vin diesel problem it was good run I enjoyed it

  63. 🥴🥴🥴 I don't know why they call this movie fast n furious 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔☹️☹️

  64. I’ll tel you how to fix transformer s . Get rid of marky mark ! Isn’t it that obvious? The stars should be the transformers not some washed up actor that stars in garbage movies making horrible shows and probably overrated burgers too

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