Box Office – Onward Opening Weekend, The Way Back

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  1. Isn't A Quiet Place 2 from Paramount Pictures, is it too late to postpone that release considering thats one of their biggest earners.
    And WOW..only a $10 million opening for Bloodshot. I know Vin Diesel's box office outside of the F&F franchise is choppy but why so low for a comic book movie?? Whats the marketing been like for it over there in the U.S.?? Or is the trailer not connecting, i mean it kinda has a Resident Evil level to it…not knocking Res Evil tbw, i really enjoy checking those flicks out but you know what i mean.

  2. Wow… I’m generally into your thoughts but it wasn’t Chris Pratt that was the issue… time to get out if the bubble

  3. The reason it only had one line is so they can easily edit it out for the foreign releases. News flash, disney/iger/hollywood doesn't care about lbgtqrs or anything else but $.

  4. Being a Republican isn't a niche market. I'd say say Disney are well aware of what you are talking about but he draws in a demographic that probably wouldn't go to see certain movies.
    We all know Disney is about making money.

  5. I may be going to see Bloodshot this weekend with my cousins, we'll see if we fit going into schedule. I've also been seeing quite a few little advertisements for The Hunt around & the action in that movie actually looks kind of cool. I just might end up seeing that too.
    But I'm defiantly going to see A Quiet Place Part 2, Mulan, & The New Mutants!

  6. Im terms of lgbt representation. i dont need kisses and references if its just for the sake of telling me their lgbt we just want cool characters who happen too be lgbt

  7. My mother and I finally had the chance to see Parasite over the weekend, it came out much later in AUS. It WAS fantastic!

  8. Chris Prat is not a problem, Grace everyone is allowed to have their opinions. You do. So does Prat. Just because you disagree with his opinions doesn't make him a problem. He is leading in TWO billion dollars franchises! What are you talk about he's a problem?!?!

  9. I went to se Onward on the first viewing on thursday when the theater was completely empty

  10. I'm gay and an adult (late 20s) viewer who does go out to see animated movies when they seem interesting (for example Brave). I wouldn't say its the queerbaiting that kept me from going personally. Good representation has never really been a factor to me for buying a movie ticket personally. For me it was the "look" of the animation. I don't know how to say this without being insulting, but I just don't like it and I'm not sure how to really explain it. I think that the blue faces/hair, pointy ears, face shapes, and goofy expressions can work in movies, but the way they did it here doesn't work for me. I think it just looks too childish to me.

    So going into the advertising it was completely unappealing to me and it wasn't until I saw your review where you explain the more adult themes that I kinda got on the fence. Ultimately I didn't go and probably won't see it unless I see it on Netflix at a time I'm bored. And again I don't mean to be overly harsh, its just something about the character and animation design that I hate – I don't see movies like Frozen, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Aladdin, Brave, etc as too childish.

  11. Didn’t appeal to me and was on fence i can wait but Blooshot watching opening day dot care how bad it is

  12. I agree, 'Onward', just like 'Aladdin' is quite a tough movie to advertise without having to reveal major plot points.

  13. Should've been released on Disney +! Was actually pretty good flick my daughter didn't like it though!

  14. I wouldn't say the 2 characters are ugly but I feel I've seen them in 10 other movies.

  15. Really? Im not gonna watch the movie cause theres not enough gayness in it? Rediculas people.

  16. To answer your question about movie plans my friend and I went to see the my hero Academia movie because we hadn't gotten a chance to see it the previous weekend and we felt that we should see that while it was still in theaters and that we would definitely get another chance to see onward at a later date. I'm honestly not all that interested in on word based on the trailers but I see the majority of animated movies that come out each year on principal pretty much and I do think it will be a fun movie if not a good movie. So we may end up seeing it this coming weekend or next weekend

  17. Chris Pratt is a problem for movies because he’s republican? But aren’t like half of all movie goers conservative?

  18. Hey Grace! I’ll be staying in NY for about a month in July, and I wondered if there are any cool places you’d recommend, like a very nice movie theatre or a cafe or something. Anyways, coverage is on point as always…

  19. Wow My Hero Acedamia cracked the top 10 in the USA!? I cant believe it!
    Cant wait to see Mulan and a quiet place 2, and black widow!

  20. Yes, Chris Pratt is a problem because of his beliefs. Just like a certain fast food restaurant that serves chicken sandwiches and is closed on Sundays. That's why the line at every drive thru stretches to the moon.

  21. I find Chris Pratt a breath of fresh air because he is one of the few people open about his faith not like others who bash it or the people who practice it. No guarentee he is a Republican because if he came.out as one he will most likely be blacklisted in Hollywood ask James Woods how it went for his career when he was ousted as Republican. Arnie was.married to Maria Shriver who was a Kennedy last time I checked they weren't "hardcore" Republicans

  22. i plan on supporting new mutants when it comes out in april. I think i'll save bloodshot for streaming.

  23. I didn't see onward because it has come out yet! It will come out in Australia on the 2nd of April (I think) and I will definitely go and see it

  24. That one line prompted a boycott by "One Million Moms" nationally. Funny how Grace only considers one side of why the movie isn't doing well and doesn't even mention the other side.

  25. PLEASE UP VOTE: Oh no!! Grace you can't say CV in videos because it will automatically be DEMONIZED!! YouTube is cracking down 👇.

  26. Saw the movie last Saturday, and I liked it a lot. Still, it IS one of the weaker Pixar movies IMHO. There are some missed opportunities in the story (I would have expected a larger impact of the whole "bring magic back" storyline). Still, definitely a very enjoyable and funny movie… it's just that Pixar has set the bar incredibly high for themselves at this point.

  27. Unfortunately me and my Partner didn’t go, not because of the virus but because I’m disabled and she normally looks after me but she broke her ankle so we’re pretty house bound atm 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ really wanna see this film tho!

  28. I didn't go see it because I'm not trying to be around slot of people. I probably won't see it for a while. Ill make the trip from Mulan but once it's out for a while.

  29. I also love Chris Pratt and often see his movies because he‘s in them and so likeable. Huge Parks and Rec fan here. He’s an incredibly talented actor!

  30. Nobody avoided this movie because of Chris pratt.. What a crazy 🤪 thing to say…since when has he bombed a movie? Not hating on you Grace I hardly ever agree with you but you seem like a cool person and are entitled to your opinion, just really disagree.

  31. If a christian actor can't be in a non christan movie why a lgbt actor can play a "straight" character?… sounds ridiculous?, well that's exactly my point

  32. Saw it last night. Loved the movie. Not worried about Corona thing.

  33. I'm sure that the boycott by a million others had nothing to do with it….oh wait yes that had far more to do domestically than the coronavirus…..

  34. i went and watched The Invisible Man for the second time this past weekend 👀

  35. So, funny thing seams like a lot of films, I'd like to see, recently have been released in March, early April happen to come out during Lent. Several years ago I stopped watching movies during Lent.

  36. That characterization of Chris Pratt was pathetic, Grace. I expect better from you.

  37. chris pratt always seemed like the worst chris to me. i'm glad people are finally realizing it now.

  38. Chris Pratt just acts like all the lunatic leftists in Hollywood. The only reason he stands out is because you disagree with him

  39. I most likely believe that Onward didn't do so well because of weak marketing. I honestly never seen a Disney/Pixar movie be marketed so low in my life. The Corona virus might have had a bit of a role in it's fall, but not completely.

  40. Thank you, Grace, for addressing the homophobia issue: it is absolutely why I personally am not seeing this movie, and it's good to hear this called out.

  41. I saw Onward this past weekend and cried my eyes out! It was beautiful! Definitely a reminder to appreciate your loved ones especially your siblings. Very well made.

  42. I think maybe one positive from the outbreak panic is that it could be the end of the "Billion Dollar Blockbuster or Bust" movement. I think the expectations of a success or failure based on how many millions and/or billions was terrible for movies as a whole. Maybe with a few "only $40 million" movies coming out, ridiculous numbers can be scaled back and realistic prices for making a movie and going to a movie can return.

  43. Imma be honest: this movie doesn’t look appealing to me. it doesn’t look good to me, the way the characters look kinda turned me off.

  44. Saw Onward with a friend Monday evening, and we were the only ones in the theatre… which was fine because that final scene made me tear up. It was a great movie!

  45. What kept the adults away? I'll tell you: most people aren't really interested in bringing back pieces of their dead parents. It's bad enough we have to deal with the live ones at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  46. I didn't go to watch Onward cause of chores, Corona Virus and honestly, because I did not feel any hype at all whatsoever from it.

  47. U can for sure blame coronavirus. I live in the sf Bay Area and it hit her mid last week which made me rethink taking my family

  48. Onward is an awesome movie and people should give it a chance. If it was the new Mulan or any other live action remake then people will go see it no matter what. They need to give it a chance before we never see another Onward thing after this, it also doesn't help that this has become one of my favorite Pixar movies.

  49. I can't rule out that people are afraid of the virus, but in my case, it's only because I was busy with work and I wasn't able to see it on opening day. I was however able to see it on March 10th during spring brake and I definitely liked the movie. I saw your review on it and hopefully you make a spoiler review because I definitely felt the same way you did.

  50. I went to an advance screening and it was amazing. We are now avoiding the movies

  51. I hate Pixar movies in general…saw, maybe 5 minutes of Finding Nemo and lost interest. So i am not a source for this genre. i think the SCARE is a factor.

  52. "Chris Pratt has become somebody to seems to really push that on others." Oh, the way LGBT+ gets pushed on the rest of us?

  53. With COVID-19 now officially declared a global pandemic, what will do when all cinemas get shut.
    Personally I would love to see you review classic movies and definitely continue with games.
    Grace I absolutely love your honesty and the way you handle difficult questions and while the cinemas will be no doubt be closed for some time I still want content.

  54. 02:49 are you sure, Box Office Mojo says, it is in only 2 latin american countries and one asian pacific.

  55. Grace can we do a Contagion watch along… seems appropriate 😷😷

  56. I liked Onward so much, I went twice. I'm even considering a third viewing lol

  57. in light of corona’s impact on box office, why isn’t there just an online version of cinemas? live online stream sessions of films that require payment to be seen, so that people who are quarantined can still see the movies they otherwise can’t

  58. Disney takes the knee for Communist China instead of supporting gays. They are phoney

  59. I didn't go see onward mostly because it doesnt look good, but the Chris Pratt thing definitely tipped the balance into noooo, thank youuu

  60. It does look like a Dreamworks Animation movie. Their new movie, Soul, that's a movie I would see even if we were facing a zombie apocalypse.

  61. 7:22 Umm… So, you admit to be one of those who think it's OK to be pushing only one type of ideology — your ideology. Glad you've came out.

  62. I'm part of the community and I honestly weren't attracted to that trailer and looked too similar to "Fullmetal Alchemist" and then they started the queerbaiting so I got annoyed since I can't stand Disney's "representation" all the attempts have been atrocious, the better one was probably Beauty and The Beast and even that one is bad.

  63. Chris Pratt is fine if he somehow “pushes his beliefs on others.” Isn’t that exactly what the LGBT movement is? It’s kind of hypocritical to say that it’s bad for him to share his beliefs when the LGBT movement does the same.

  64. As a completely under represented individual, no more representation please.

    Just give me a good movie that won't raise any kind of flags.

  65. Funny how all the sudden CP fanboys in the replies are men 💀💀
    Any ladies or members of the LGBTQ community wanna speak??

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