Box Office – Sonic vs Birds of Prey vs Call of the Wild

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38 thoughts on “Box Office – Sonic vs Birds of Prey vs Call of the Wild

  1. Aww man I was hoping she’d say “SUBSCRIBE TODAAAY!” so I could mime a head lunge lolol. “Be SURE to SUBSCRIBE!!” still sounds good, I guess 😇

  2. This movie was a mess. To much girl power for a character just being introduced, this is not a Wonder Women. They should have made this a Joker & Harley but have her going to find him and maybe show him in the end. Movie or pushed it back.

  3. It annoys me to no end that Margo Robbie will get a pass for the crap that was Birds of Prey when it was her fault to begin with.

  4. It’s really sad to watch BOP being treated this way. It’s a really good film.

  5. If Togo got in movie theatres, CotW will get destroyed since that movie is like bootleg version of Togo.

  6. Murray: Birds of Prey flopped. And you're laughing… you're laughing.

    Joker: <smirking> How about another joke Murrrray?

  7. Birds of Prey = third wave feminist propaganda. Sonic = Jim Carrey has TDS. Wild = Harrison Ford has TDS. It's really not hard to figure out. It's a shame because they all could have been great movies. Have a nice day.

  8. I didn't like Sonic as much as a lot of other people did but I've been getting a kick out of the perfect storm that lead to it making as much as it has

  9. Most people didn't watch Call of the Wild because Ford is a Star Wars traitor. They thought he could draw cuz of Indy and Han. Too bad he shit on them (and by proxy their fans) and now nobody likes him. Only extreme die-hards and casuals went to see it. Most people would rather he just retire and go back to doing carpentry.

  10. I personally think that Dune will do better than Blade Runner 2049. Dune will be an easier movie to sell as far as trailers are concerned with what the vibe of the movie will be.

  11. Birds of Prey was a really dumb idea for the movie title. I didn't even realize it was a Harley Quinn movie until like a week or two ago.

  12. You know Grace, I never look at seeing a moving based on how many diverse actors are in it (and I am sure I am not alone) so why do you think that by adding a well known black actor will get more people from the a set community go and see a movie?
    One could argue it's the constant separation of the population in to fixed boxes that is one of the major causes of said issues.

  13. It was the messaging IMO. You can't make a comicbook movie that says men are bad and expect everyone in that base to show up. I watch movies for fun. Not whatever Birds of Prey is. This sure as hell isn't Thelma and Louis thats for sure.

  14. Why does every movie now a day's has to include a black person in order to be successful?????

  15. For some weird reason, white liberals think all black people are drones who simply care about "diversity" and not good story-telling or even good writing or acting.

  16. I think part of the problem is that the dceu does not really have a flashed out universe like marvel. You don't feel like you need to watch all these films in order to keep up with the story. There is also no story to begin with.

  17. I knew birds of prey is a flop before I see it & i wasn't interested in it from the beginning

  18. Why couldn't we just get a solo Harley origin story?
    Why did we need birds of prey?

  19. There is a chance that theaters here will reopen before June, but anyway I'm gonna watch movies in HK before that…

  20. What a fantastically astute piece of analysis. Grace refuses to allow people's delusions to influence her reporting of cold hard facts. Best box office analysis I've seen on Birds of Prey. For a comic book movie to do this bad is disastrous because they are almost GUARANTEED money makers.

  21. How does Regal's unlimited movie service affect the box office numbers, how many subscribers, how much money is that worth to the overall box office numbers?? just curious…..

  22. Imagine pandering to Internet Sadboys for the sake of a few clicks. Yikes. Try a real job.

  23. 4th Week of BoP coverage, although the movie has only been out 3 weeks and only #1 for 1. Sonic is bigger by all metrics and equally fascinating from the delay to Jim Carrey's come back to Paramount getting back on their feet (Quiet place 2 around the corner) to a Sega universe being built. But 4 weeks of BoP coverage.

  24. Grace, you totally forgot to mention that the week before was a holiday weekend. Valentines day and president's day fell on the same weekend. that's why all new releases had so big drops in their 2nd weekends – especially the photograph that only really did well on valentines day. check back with other valentines day weekends. love stories always drop hard.

  25. I haven’t seen call of the wild. I think it’s one of those movies that you learned you liked after sitting at home watching it when there is nothing else to watch. I couldn’t stand the trailer personally. The CGI dog was too much. Not Jar Jar Binks level of hate. But pretty close.

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