Box Office – Terminator Dark Fate, Joker close to Billion, Harriet

hello and welcome to this week’s movie
math where it seems that very soon Joker will be the only movie in the billion
dollar club with a budget of under a hundred million along with minions and
Despicable Me three bad guys unite I think Joker would find that very funny
and I say it with love it’s it’s certainly a huge achievement for Warner
Brothers and Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix because yes Joker this time with
the lowest drop in the top ten at a stunning 28 percent hold in its fifth
weekend is well past nine hundred million worldwide myself and the trades
thought it would end up somewhere in the nine hundred million range but at this
rate it should join the billion dollar club by next weekend if not sooner and
we shall celebrate but what I want to say for now is is the don’t forget that
there won’t be a sequel announcement probably or any type of follow-up
announcement until after the Oscars on February 9th
because Warner Brothers I think very shrewdly won’t want to upset that
delicate artistic commercial balance with when it comes to how Awards voters
view the film I think that announcing a follow-up project would seem a bit and
mercenary and now I think they just want to focus on the success of this film and
how it’s resonating with at the very least audiences and I think a number of
people in the media and the entertainment business are supporting it
as well very curious to see how it does with awards nominations
however while Warner Brothers has had a major breakthrough with their DC
franchise paramount and skydance failed yet again to resurrect Terminator ala
say Jurassic world it can be done franchises can sink to the lowest of the
low and they can still be brought back with the right creative people uh I’m
sure David Allison is like no fate but what you make at my ass yes expect
everyone to try and scapegoat this disaster James Cameron already revealed
over the weekend that he and Tim Miller fought in the editing room he said he
had liked this very dramatic description he was like oh there’s blood on the
editing room walls on there like there’s blood in the blood in the
and she to Jim but Cameron also admitted that it was his idea to kill off John
Connor in the first 10 minutes of the movie so I mean look
Terminator dark fate is clearly not a movie that fell apart in the editing
room so I think James Cameron’s complaints seemed ridiculous I mean it
clearly fell apart in the writers room which brings up the point that skydance
put together a writers room in the first place and I think we all knew that know
that doing anything creatively by committee is never a good idea
everything that succeeds has one strong visual leader right you know even the
MCU has Kevin Feige in the in the leadership position I mean if James
Cameron didn’t want to fully come back he shouldn’t have done us any favors
James Cameron we’re gonna talk a little bit about James Cameron even more but
first I want to talk about the fact that some of the traits pointed to toxic
fandom being to blame once more and how male trolls were upset about John
Connors fate but I have to point out that a lot of women were upset as well
but I think Hollywood would really benefit from replacing toxic fandom with
fans who care about characters that Hollywood asked them to care about in
the first place right you did too good a job Hollywood you’re a victim of your
own success ah damn it they love the characters that we created and they’re
not happy when we try and shunt them aside very sloppily and disrespectfully
so because I would say that you know to blame it on male trolls because you know
they’re trying to put it in the Ghostbuster situation but I think
Ghostbusters to some degree also fits under shoving beloved characters aside
right I mean but when you see the success of Wonder Woman and the even
bigger success of Captain Marvel and you know the whole Alien franchise and Sarah
Connor to begin with and many many other movies clearly audiences don’t have a
problem with strong female characters audiences they know when a movie is
diversifying organically and when it’s just tokenism a cash grab right a
blatant cash grab because for all of terminator dark fates blatant efforts
the audience was still overwhelmingly male at 58% with only 22 percent of the
audience Hispanic whereas for a movie like Coco Hispanics made up
36% of the audience it should have been bigger with that strong Mexico play so
yeah Terminator dark fate delivered one of the lowest openings for the franchise
ever even lower than Terminator 2 which was in 1991 dollars by the way and while
it did get a B+ from audiences so did terminators three four and five the
trades are saying it will take 480 million for this movie to break even
with its higher budget advertising costs plus there’s back-end for Cameron and
Arne although if I were paramount in skydance if James Cameron said what he
wanted to do with John Connor I’d be like I’ll let you do it if you forfeit
your back-end let’s see how much you really believe in this idea Jim and I
think you would have said nope and then that wouldn’t have happened
so I think so not enough Studios asked talent to put their money where their
with their sometimes big mouth is and with the dark Terminator dark fate
underperforming in the US and overseas including China at 480 is unlikely this
is not the ideal lead-up to James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar movies right
and it would seem that maybe the filmmaker is not evolving along with his
audience certainly not audience tastes i hope these new avatar movies have some
amazing must-see VFX which is largely what helped the first film although some
people really to be fair love the first avatar i don’t understand them but they
exist there’s some talk today in The Hollywood Reporter that maybe James
Cameron who’s plotted out a trilogy could move this to the small screen but
I think everyone’s pretty tired of nominally terminator at this point but I
think to some degree James Cameron he should you know I think Martin
Scorsese’s you should take note all of James Cameron’s negative headlines in
the press he’s always complaining about what other people are doing but not
doing anything good himself and I think you know you should take a little bit of
a break before avatar you know maybe someday comes out alright so but
speaking of today’s audiences and toxicity there’s a little bit of that
going on here Harriet was able to find an audience I think which is fabulous I
loved that movie despite those Cynthia areevo having a
controversy which is I think weighed down the filming kept some people from
seeing and it certainly shadowed the film on social media areevo is very good
here but one has to wonder movie would have opened even bigger with
a different actress in the lead role audiences who did see the film gave it
an A+ and it had tremendous support from the african-american community at a
whopping 50 percent that’s fantastic and it opened on par with solo and that
movie went wide in 2015 I don’t see Harriet being a huge awards contender
but I think it could have amazing staying power and certainly helped kasi
Lemmons level up with her career oliver Duvernay and maybe areevo will get
something out of this but if I were a studio executive I would wonder what she
costs the movie as for the weekends other are new releases
wide releases both arctic dogs and motherless Brooklyn barely opened in the
top ten and while ever Norton has thanked Warner Brothers for being so
supportive of him with this movie maybe they shouldn’t have is it’s got a low
Rotten Tomatoes score low box-office and as a result low Awards chances so I’m
glad I mean as Warner Brothers in the make Edward Norton feel better business
it looks like it all right now speaking of awards season parasite and Jojo
rabbit which both expanded this weekend but still neither is gone wide are
almost in the top 10 so close I can’t believe Arctic Dogs motherless Brooklyn
took their spots but Jojo does go wide this coming weekend and we’ll see what
neon does with parasites expansion parasite did however pass up the light
house overall and the light house seems to have peaked now which is not great
for its awards chances to be honest with you Netflix of Court of course because
they never do did we report on the Irishman’s box office which opened in
eight theaters in New York and Los Angeles because movie theaters of course
as we’ve discussed before won’t play the film because went on Netflix insists on
a 30-day window the National Theatre Association played pretty dirty by doing
an interview at The Hollywood Reporter over the weekend saying that Netflix had
bungled an opportunity to work with theater owners to get Marty Scorsese’s
film in front of more audiences but I have to say someone who went to one of
those eight theaters I went to the Belasco here in New York City which has
been selling out it’s only $15 a ticket Netflix didn’t up charge anybody even
though I think they created a very amazing experience especially at that
price point I’d say it was magical and truly sell
liberated film is an art and a communal experience everything the Oscars say
that Netflix tries to tear down it was very very good and I would say that
Netflix might have end up having the last laugh they might have they might
have really struck upon something here perhaps by accident and trying to work
around the theaters but if they maybe by a couple of theaters they’re trying to
buy theaters in New York and Los Angeles the Egyptian and the Paris I think it
would be great if they could permanently take over the Belasco
sorry Broadway it reminded me actually the famous Ziegfeld theater before it
tragically was closed down but if Netflix gonna have a couple of theaters
not just in New York in LA but in all the major cities not just in the United
States but maybe all over the world they get one really nice theater house and
they play their movies you know they have a new one every month or so and
they truly make it this kind of experience I think people would flock to
that marriage story opens at the Paris here in New York on Wednesday I think
this could I think this could really work out for Netflix and might become
something very exciting I hope I would love for them to do this again and if
you’re in the tri-state area as I tweeted go see the Irishman at the
Belasco and the tickets are very are really starting to go so make sure you
buy them as soon as possible if you want to go the tickets are on télécharger as
for the overall top ten Addams Family has just a wee bit more money than
Maleficent domestically but still I think that shows that Disney made the
wrong bet when they decided to try and position the Angelina Jolie flick as
Halloween fare whereas Addams Family was true Halloween
fare as for this coming weekend it looks like dr. sleep will have an easy win
while last Christmas which is coming out way too early and midway fight it out
with Terminator dark fate for second place
playing with fire also for some reason will hit theaters and that’s this week’s
movie math thanks for going over the box office with me be sure to share your
thoughts down below subscribe today and of course as always you can check
out some more videos right now

100 thoughts on “Box Office – Terminator Dark Fate, Joker close to Billion, Harriet

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  19. I still really liked dark fate and really wish people would not bomb this film just because of taking out john connor. Best terminator film since t2 and a great movie overall.

  20. The movie industry is still quite young and they ARE making MANY mistakes (like pissing off their CUSTOMERS), give it time, they will either completely eat themselves or movies will actually get better over more time…..

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