Brexit: House of Lords rejects filibuster of bill to prevent no deal

It has been, I think,
a long debate we’ve had and I’m grateful to all
noble lords who have stayed the course
and are still here. I think it shows how much
this House values the importance of the work we do but also
the issue on which we are debating. – Passions run very high on this issue
in your lordship’s house as they do across the country
and it’s not surprising that passions have been high today. I don’t think that carrying on
through 24 or 48 hours, as we have been doing in a sort of
pathetic attempt to set a new Guinness World Record of consecutive
votes in your lordship’s house would do anybody any favours. I’m very pleased that I will not
be needing to use my duvet. [Laughter] – My lords, I am very grateful
for what has been said. I did have my toothbrush as well. I think we were in a good place
some hours ago, actually, and the wise thing in this House
is always to reach agreements. And I do believe I speak for
many of my colleagues – all I believe – who never had
any intention to frustrate. – Now, I understand the anxieties. It was not an easy decision
to decide that we should table a motion to ensure that
we could continue our deliberations and conclude them in good time
for the bill. We recognise that such a business
motion is a wholly exceptional response to very unusual circumstances
of the imminent prorogation and we hope it wouldn’t be treated
as a precedent, as I said earlier, or have to be deployed again. – Certainly, if another attempt
is ever made to bring forward a guillotine motion of this kind,
it can expect the same sort of resistance, irrespective of the issue concerned. Now, I thank all of my colleagues
who have stayed and supported and voted and thought. I thank them all and I hope that they
too will also support 100 percent, as I do, the spirit and letter
of the agreement. And I thank all those involved. – For the avoidance of doubt,
we are not going to be taking the rest of the business tonight.
[Laughter] – House to now adjourn.

100 thoughts on “Brexit: House of Lords rejects filibuster of bill to prevent no deal

  1. Thank you kindly, House of Lords.

    Love, 💜
    Michigan, USA
    Peace ✌

  2. Does anybody ever look past the Brexit process as to the nature of this island after 20-30 years of 'ever greater EU integration'. Will it even still be called Britain or the United Kingdom once EU rulers are in full control and younger generations taught in school that they belong to a small part of a greater European collective.

  3. Been planned from day 1,
    first step, mrs may agreeing to anything the EU wanted, cos she knows the treaty she agreed would not get through
    Step 2 Vote against no deal twice, knowing that the EU will not change/alter the treaty
    Step 3 GE or 2nd vote
    Step 4 Cancel Art 50
    Have thought about this for a long time, and i knew that the remain MP’s would win.

  4. Look at all the arrogant self rightgeous fools cheering on the overturning of the largest democratic vote in the history of our country.
    If the opposition can ignore democracy and rule of law. So too can the ruling party.
    I always expected the politicians to do this but I am stunned by how many ordinary people are gonna cheer this on.

  5. The seeds of civil war have been planted. This is what happens when democracy fails.

  6. UK is too old to make a decision !!!! we need youth (30 to 50) in the parliament not a bunch of pensioners hanging on to the two taps !!!
    the country voted to leave !!! what the hell is the hold up?

  7. The referendum should have always been about whether to keep the House of Lords or scrap it. They're actually unelected, and aren't necessary with some changes to legislation.

  8. I wonder if these tools would stay if it were for anything other than their best interests. Arseholes.

  9. You hear that you bloody pesants?? Your betters had spoken. Now bow your heads and accept with an outmost humility their divine will!!!

  10. Brexit: Lords agree to push through bill preventing no deal by end of Friday ►

  11. Boris had to have an election / he played for one. He will have the EU to support him who will not agree an extension / unless 2nd Referendum or election. The Bill is no problem if he wins a mojority which he would need anyway to win some sort of Brexit worth having.

  12. We should have another referendum, the question as to whether we want to leave has already been answered so the  only legitimate question to ask the people is whether we want a deal or to crash out… simple.  Only 2 questions no third question to split the vote… The Bill is not legitimate and should not receive Royal Ascent!

  13. The people of this Country are being betrayed by Labour and by the Lib Dems, in co-operation with John Bercow they have become a rogue parliament, writing their own laws for their own objectives – in this case to overturn the peoples vote in the referendum.

  14. The people of this Country are being betrayed by Labour and by the Lib Dems, in co-operation with John Bercow they have become a rogue parliament, writing their own laws for their own objectives – in this case to overturn the peoples vote in the referendum.

  15. All this is of course all very polite, but if you think Boris and his ilk are the enemies, wait until the Farage supporting far right and dispossessed, those who thought their voices were for once being heard ? work out they've been dismissed and ignored as insignificant ….. then you will see who you should really be worrying about, and personally that worries me immensely, we are creating a monster that is yet to see the light …..

  16. The Government allowed this bill through the House Of Lords unchallenged in order for a General Election to be held. Those were the terms set out by remainer MPs. The PMs hands are tied as remainer MPs once again coerced to try and prevent Brexit. If remainer MPs prevent Brexit there will be chaos.

  17. Both houses conspiring to revoke article 50 now. No election that would change their fortunes in a single evening. Too frightened of the majority. A coup has occurred, it was televised, but because it's the remainers doing it, it's okay…Got it.

  18. "The mind lived in the world of duplicity. It was dishonest, fraudulent, disloyal and above all deceptive, the ultimate ‘illusionist’ trying by all accounts to prevent morality being present within us. Living in a world not bound by moral boundaries, but bound by duplicity and all that prevails from this syndrome, this illness; an intricate disorder that ruled our lives and those of others around us. In essence a sickness of the mind that revolved simply around greed and selfishness. The needs of the one wade off against the needs of the many. Only ever concerned with what it could gain and not what it could give."

  19. HOC feels like the room kids are sent to when the parents in HOL have a get together

  20. 3 years ago not many knew about politics now nearly the whole of the UK know how politicians work on back stabbing and childish behaviour.

  21. The ublic will rise and clear all houses… 17.4 voted for there future's and to compete… Within the world .. Not be suppressed by so few

  22. Democracy is fine in theory, but it has quite rightly been described as "the tyranny of the majority".

    It needs an educated and intelligent electorate to work properly. The UK electorate is generally uneducated, has little or no understanding of economic issues and is far too easily swayed by conmen politicians with vested interests, so that, sadly, the public at large aren't fit to be entrusted with a vote.

    It has therefore been determined that a benevolent dictatorship is the only way to extract the country from this morass of indecision and confusion, so prepare yourselves for the forthcoming changes.

    Whilst disenfranchisement may seem a step backwards in the short term you'll all feel a lot happier in the long term for having the stress of deciding how to vote removed from you, and in the knowledge that the country is being governed in the interests of all its citizens, rather than just those that voted for the party in charge.

    Welcome to the broad, sunlit uplands.

  23. No Deal Brexit – A conversation

    I voted to leave. “Even if the economy is badly damaged?” I voted to leave.

    “Even if your own family might suffer?” I voted to leave.

    “Even if sick people might die?” I voted to leave.

    “So leaving the EU is more important than your own country?” I voted to leave.

  24. Trying to parse the headline here; is it a triple negative or a quadruple negative? The Brexit debate is getting so confusing with the side issues and blocking/counterblocking/countercounterblocking I really can't follow what's going on anymore. All I know is Brexit bad, No-Deal Brexit really bad, but No-Deal seems inevitable even though no one wants it. And I though US democracy was dysfunctional.

  25. These MP's speak of the people as if they are still serfs. Obviously this system is set up to serve itself and not the people. A little bit of democracy is like being a little bit pregnant—you either are or not.

  26. The British people won the vote to leave all EU rule, to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union, for sovereignty. The British People demand a No Deal, WTO Brexit. Nothing less will do. Any remainer MP's need to be sacked. Some need to be jailed.

  27. Something says another surprise is due. If HOL does not object to BJs filibuster then it's a lifeline he doesn't deserve. It won't help him in the long run but would suggest a planned weird strategy. Cinema/publicity.

  28. This house of lord's has no thoughts af civilians. Business and relation to secret society's hold a greater importance. Why this structure must be torn down.
    Ref. JFK march 1961 speech on secret society's.

  29. If you think you need a "deal," and you can't tell me any specifics which must be included in that "deal," then maybe you… don't need…

  30. No surprise since more than half are bought and payed for, most are just eu stooges.

  31. I am utterly and totally ashamed of the traitorous behaviour of a great many of our British MP's they are behaving immorally and deceitfully…

  32. This is all fine and well but where is my guy John Bercow when you need him. I wish it would be more upbeat with the lords but they seem leisurely

  33. I noticed it took several attempts to finally get the government to say that it would submit the bill for royal assent & would follow the law today. But I also noticed the government never actually confirmed that it would advise the Queen to give the bill royal assent. Doesn't that mean they could still advise her not to do so?

  34. At least the house of Lords have some brains to block this ultimatum of brexit with no deal

  35. As if the lords was ever going to stay for 48 hours?Your lucky to see anyone in the lord during the week and half the ones that are there are asleep! Expenses for hotels and travel plus extra for working beyond their normal hours , 5 minute to sign the entrance book then off to luncheon also on expenses.
    And they control the country's future ?
    Must be a freemasons thing.
    Giving England to the EU on a plate , I think they better look at Hong Kong.

  36. Love to see the faces of the oligarchs of the Uk. Unelected white people making laws and doing nothing and getting people’s taxes I’d rather have one dictator at least he’d be the only one stealing and doing what he wants when he wants. Hahaha there’s the uk toppling regimes and dictators when they’re the biggest dictators in the world lol irony it’s BEAutiful

  37. The EU has orchestrated the House of Lords to overrule and ignore our democratise vote to leave the EU, This unelected Union which we didn't even get a vote to enter in the first place,missing geared up ready to take over Great Britain, which I no longer Great I'm afraid. Get ready for the new united States of Europe, aka The New World Order where we will no longer be Citizens, or in charge of our own country. These Lords and these Mps will however be well looked after by the EU

  38. Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone.
    Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,

    Silence the pianos and with muffled drum

    Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

    democracy has died, britain is dead

  39. The unelected House of Lords. What a dirty county this is. An absolute joke. British politics is pathetic. This country deserves economic ruin

  40. Time to get rid of these useless wind bags – second chamber at least needs to be slashed by two thirds

  41. All remember important your matter so very nice solved mps luckily for you to see look forward

  42. Housing prices, low wages, weak pound =before 1,6e 1,1e ..what this means is Britts for every 1000pounds you earn ,you looze 500e to spend!!! ..This all is guilt of your Labour/liberal elite who are probably on EU comisions payroll !!

  43. They DIDN'T VOTE ON IT, but someone just "decided" to pass it without a vote, so their outrageous decision is NULL AND VOID.

  44. Well, looks like there really is a behaviour difference between the lords and commons. No need for the speaker to shout 'Order!' over and over again in the house of lords.

  45. as an american I'm flabbergasted how an unelected body can block a democratic referendum

  46. End stages of the plan being played out in public. What a lark! Back in the arms of Europe in a jiffy. Cameron’s folly smoothed over. Hey Ho!

  47. Misleading headline. It didn’t get rejected by the Lords. The filibustering got pulled by Boris Johnson.

  48. EU Remainers, true enemies of Britain, are now brazen saboteurs.  They might care to reflect on notorious pioneers of their European integration dream: Bonaparte; Wilhelm II, Trotsky, Mussolini; Hitler; Mosley.  A combination of communists and socialists.  Now they call themselves liberals!

  49. Come what may, I think Boris ought to shelve the bill indefinitely before it gets royal assent.

  50. When are we going to dump these Comedians who do nothing for the UK. The House Of Lords is totally a waste of time! Space, £300/day Tax free plus expenses. Most have EU Film Star Pensions plus their huge Parliamentary Pensions inclusive of that State Pension. There "Greed Has No Bounds" no wonder this Greedy bunch does not want to leave the EU Gravy Train!

  51. If you think what happened in the past is Ireland is bad, you have no idea what's going to come your way if you try take the north off Ireland out against they will, read history.

  52. This is what happens when the people allow the government to plant politicians in the house of Lords.

  53. No deal now! Spend the 39 billion divorce bill deporting failed asylum seekers and foreign born criminals.

  54. Wer war eigentlich in Europa der Letzte, der ein Parlament total ausgeschaltet hat?

  55. The difference between house of lords and house of commons is the difference between the decision being made by experts vs a public referendum.

  56. Fast forward to today and it's looking academic anyway. The EU are looking like they're going to deny the extension request.
    I just hope Johnson says 'you had your chance' when Labour come begging for a GE this week and just rides the clock down to Trick or Treaty.

  57. These fools no not what they do we will lose the British Pound for Euros are Armed Forces signed over to EU control & you wont be able to speak out against the undemocratic EU for fear of being arrested are freedom of speech & democracy gone why would any country agree to that ?

  58. Close down the house of boards o sorry I meant lords and parliament then we
    Will have a sane. and decent country don’t send in the clowns

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