BT Daily: How to Deal with Anxiety

[Steve Myers] What do you worry about? I was reading a survey just recently that
talked about the fact that anxiety attacks, panic attacks, episodes of extreme fear affect
over 40 million Americans every year. In fact, some of the estimates say 30% of
us we have these anxiety attacks that take it to almost a clinical level. And if you are suffering from anxiety attacks
at that level you need to get the help that you need. But if you’re like some of the rest of us
we have I guess you could say everyday worries we have our fears, we have the cares that
we face every day. And the Bible helps us to recognize how to
deal with those types of things. When we’re facing those everyday kinds of
concerns and troubles and difficulties there’s a passage in 1 Peter. And Peter reminds us in 1 Peter 5:7. Very simple short little passage that says,
“Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.” You see we have the hope, we have the help,
we can turn to God with whatever it may be. Whether it’s our daily worries whether it’s
the cares that we face every day the troubles or the difficulties we can turn it over to
God. In fact, over and over and over again we can
face those difficulties and turn it over to Him. We’re told to pray about it talk to God about
it put it on Him, throw it on Him like this casting literally means like we’re casting
a fishing lure. We’re casting those cares we’re putting them
over on Jesus Christ and God the Father. And when we do that we can have a hope we
can trust Him because we are promised by the Bible that He does care for us. So cast your cares on Him. That’s BT Daily. We’ll see you next time.

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