Business in Romania: Trading opportunities by José Miguel Viñals

My name is José Miguel Viñals and I am the owner of the consulting firm Via Rumania. Take a look at the geographical position of Romania! Romania is extremely close to a large number of countries.. with an important market and extremely large number of consumers. From Romania companies can produce at a very interesting cost structure.. being sure that the goods are going to be in the final markets in very short time. This is why some parts of Romania have developed so strongly their industrial base.. and no doubt that they will continue to do it in the future. But there is a lot more.. Now.. consider the economic evolution of the world. Europe has been and will be a major player.. but Central Asia it`s growing it`s importance. Central Asia will be a very important market for all kinds of industry.. both for buying and for selling. According to World Bank some countries in Central Asia will have the highest growth rate in the future. This means not only higher consume for the large population.. but also needs of infrastructure and many other things to build up those countries. This will lead to a growing trade between Europe and Central Asia.. and guess what? Romania is there in the middle! Romania is the natural corridor for trade between these two blocks. On the west, Romania limits with Hungary, and with the rest of the European Union. On the east, with the Black Sea.. and the Romanian port of Constanța is the biggest harbor for trade. Some of the companies that I am consulting have used this advantage to access new markets. For them producing and shipping from western Europe into Central Asia would be to far away and to expansive. So having a base in Romania is the natural choice! This is the real scope for many companies that come to Romania It is not about shutting down their own businesses in their home countries. It is about having a new operational platform.. from where they can access new markets remaining competitive at the same time. It is not about replacing.. it is about growing. So we could say that Romania is in the middle of two economic blocks that will strongly develop in the future. It is up to your company to take advantage of this! Thanks for watching this video! I hope you found it interesting and wish to see you in the next ones.

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