Businesses That Are Doomed In 2020: Discussing Business Strategy

Yo guys welcome back to another video of zgn talks and real quick Today is one of the more important videos. We will be talking about businesses that are doomed in 2020 Now you could go ahead and click off go watch a cat video waste your time Or you can actually listen benefit off of the value that we have to provide to you And if you do we hope you enjoy the video As mitch touched on today and based off the title We’re gonna be touching on today Some businesses that are gonna be dying and they’re doomed in 2020 and beyond and some that are really gonna be thriving, you know We see a lot of different economical change last couple years, you know with the growth of the phone apps Delivery stuff like that I think it’s a lot of industries a lot of businesses that aren gonna die off and why a lot of industries businesses You’re gonna see a lot of growth and a lot of lot of opportunity now starting off a bit on a more broader perspective on the whole marketing versus quality of a product type debate and you Know over the past few years and this is on any social media whether you guys are watching on YouTube right now whenever you’re on Instagram Facebook if you have an account on those platforms, I’m sure whenever you’re scrolling you get hit with advertisements and you know sometimes it’s an advertisement and that is get this for free or It’s some sort of webinar and it’s a quote-unquote free training at the end of the webinar It’s some sort of upsell and say for example Oh fill this out. It’s free training You fill it out all off a sudden this live “live” training is starting in the next five minutes what a coincidence right you go through you get up sold and you get the product then it’s not what you were expecting and Over the past few years that type of marketing scarcity based tactics would work Well right now the consumers are really starting to realize how important it is that The quality of a product is good rather than constantly falling for the marketing behind of what that company is doing Yeah So this is really really prevalent in the whole online marketing online money space and I think it’s a really really good analogy for how things are going as a Whole you know It’s becoming less about the marketing more about the quality of a product nowadays and this goes or service it pretty much goes for everything You know We see a lot of a lot of products that are really really well marketed once you get them They’re really really bad. And I think as time goes on we’re starting to see that try and really die out we’re shifting more towards sustainable long term businesses that do provide a great product or service and you know, I think all the big businesses today like Apple Amazon They’ve proven that you know marketing can take you far but these companies and like Tesla to this Tesla. Perfect Sample, this has almost zero marketing, but great great park trips that speak to herself And you know, I think they’re really gonna kill off all these businesses That’s whole that’s entire business plan is just, you know, great marketing I think most these companies just kind of dying off over the next couple of years. Let’s actually something that I wanted to segue into Tesla versus uber and we discussed that a lot, lot of people don’t know about it Yeah, we discuss that a lot and uber they’re currently not profitable there. That’s it I like the I think they’ve been profiting one quarter in the past couple years They’ve been they begin pumped full of VC money and IPO money And they’re just trying to create market share at this point now don’t get me wrong. They offer me a great service I usually give a lot I’ve been using them a lot over the past few years because I’m lazy and we live in San Francisco It’s pointless to get a car Yeah, Muni could be convenient but it’s super time consuming and now we’re able to get uberer now a lot of the time I walk in they give me 20% off 30% off get a pool regular and Cost me anywhere from five to ten dollars, which is a great price But seeing what Tesla is currently doing to the whole market and the type of products that they’re creating It’s not looking too good for Uber Yeah, so I have an arc on this coming out probably in a couple weeks from now. Probably LinkedIn It’s pretty much almost done final revisions all that stuff but Essentially for those you don’t know Tesla with the cars out in the market right now are developing AI so all the cars you see out that are Tesla’s they upload all they’re all they’re driving self-driving data into a neural network and pretty much what that’s going towards is developing AI for all their cars and after a little bit of time it redownload onto the cars that are currently on the road and they get better and better and that’s How their self-driving technology improves now most people don’t know is all these Tesla’s they have out on the road and the tests in the future is they basically plan and they’ve said that’s probably a must-have says it they basically plan to take these cars and use their self-driving technology with Regulation approval to me actually have an app that can beat with uber but the difference between uber and Tesla is Tesla doesn’t need drivers so they’ve actually said explicitly that they’re that the rides are gonna be cheaper than uber because they Have to pay a driver for self-driving technology and The idea behind it is dry and current tesla owners can rent their cars out to the to the fleet as they call it to basically go out and you know make the money and drive people around or Tesla themselves and if there’s not enough demand on their cars out there they’ll put their own cars out there and basically drive people around and I really think this is gonna kill off Uber because right now Uber is just more of a platform between the driver and Passenger and I think when you take away the driver out of the equation, you know You’re able to have that service much much much cheaper and this is honestly gonna lead to the downfall of uber They haven’t been profitable and I think this is really just gonna kill them I think Tesla says the technology’s coming on the next couple years bad as time goes on you’re gonna see Uber probably burned through even more cash and Tesla really emerge as the marketplace by Basically, you’re owning the marketplace now in case you guys didn’t hear that correctly This means that if you own a Tesla come that time You’ll be able to take your car and pretty much while you’re going to sleep your car I’ll be driving around the city picking people up taking them different locations now You know a lot of safety questions do arise and I’m sure Tesla with any business and uber their kidnappings stuff does happen That’s with any business any ride-sharing app Problems will happen with people But if you own a Tesla, you could own multiple Tesla’s not only this Tesla solve a big problem, you know They’ll be able to create vehicles that are much safer then having a human at the wheel and You know that also eliminates the risk of human human problems with the driver But aside from that it also creates a lot of business opportunities and chances to create income if you yourself own a Tesla Yeah, so try we’re actually talking about this. We’re getting guys a little bit of insight We were debating whether or not once this technology comes out whether or not to buy hind legs like a fleet of Tesla’s have them Run out 24/7. I think they said they should be able to pay back. I think a third of the car per years That’s a 30% save money on gas. Yeah, save money on gas. They deal they give really good financing options. Yep It’s overall one win. So why not own 10 Tesla’s and while you’re going to sleep just having them literally work for you? Yeah, they’ve said the returns you were on 30% a year, I believe so a three years you breakeven That’s pretty good business in my opinion. So don’t do that guys and get the profit to us But you know going on I think that’s kind of summarize that space up I think Tess is just going to end up killing uber and you know We’re really shifting over to where people just really really like convenience more than any You know, no one really like talking about the ancient business of taxis no one would have seen it like 20 years ago all these taxi, but this was go out of business because of you know The convenience of just tapping on your phone, you know having very experience Yeah, also aside from that of the fact that not only is uber much more convenient, but it’s way cheaper Don’t wait. You see comes way faster. It’s way cheaper overall now I also wanted to dive in going off of the whole convenience for the consumer Amazon is a great example of that. So I remember a few weeks ago we were at Westfield sighs and these we as a mom exactly and You’ve been to one of their grocery stores before but I haven’t that was actually my first time there literally one on my app Filled out some sort of application on my account and then I was able to scan Walk straight in pick out what I want walk out. I don’t need to wait in line I don’t need to go through a you know, a whole checkout process or have to put in my card You know scan the item just pick up what I need walk out. That’s it. It was really spooky to I sorry I forgot you off by the way. No, that’s quite out. It was really spooky too because there’s like pretty much nobody there There’s one guy doing maintenance occasionally, but like it was really there It was just you walked in the store you like you scan your phone walk to the store You take off whatever you want out of shelf You just walk out and the way it works is all there’s a ton of cameras around the entire store their tracks Yeah, it’s so weird. But like it’s like you can really see them on it’s like they’re way way above where you are It’s almost as if they know what you’re thinking exactly Super interesting is I thought that in order to walk into the store Each person needs to have the app on their phone skin and walk in but we’re also able to do it in a way where for example It was just you scanning your phone you’d walk in and I would just walk in with you in charge both whatever whatever that in Charge me based off what you picked up. So that’s guys don’t do this. Don’t just follow someone Don’t do that to people But I just thought that was super interesting how choice because yes, we’re walking literally cameras everywhere There wasn’t like an inch of space without one and just looking like but hey It’s what you pay for the proctor keeper because there’s nobody there and you know It’s it’s this way more convenient have to wait in line and that stuff you going grab you want to walk out. That’s it How long do you think it’s going to take before the majority of grocery stores in the world begin? Adapting this type of I already have self checkouts. I think we’re already halfway there. That’s just not convenient enough. Yeah answer lazy They’re lazy So I really I really think that Amal is gonna be the one pioneering this because most people don’t know this most grocery stores They usually I think to make a 1 to 3 percent margin on That’s what it’s to keep after they pay everybody So people understand grocery stores don’t have a lot of actual working capital to put into you know Reinvestment and actually innovation in the grocery work space. I think guys may have noticed Grocery marks have pretty much been the same for a very very long time this amazon thing that we’re talking about This is like the only innovations I can think of in the past couple years besides self checkout and you know I think it’s gonna have to be from an outside company that has to all honestly come in and innovate the space I think you definitely see someone that’s actually owns the distribution chain like a Kroger come in Billy do on a couple supermarkets I think if you see them team up with like a couple other brands to make a supermarket where there’s no people I think that Compete with Amazon for the most part I don’t see that type of collaboration Happening and I think Amazon’s actually gonna start taking over the space And as we saw those prices were actually really damn cheap You’re part of the Walgreens like across the way there were there was actually a cupcake that I bought Oh, yeah, and I have the same exact cupcake. It was a red velvet cupcake. I love red well red velvet cupcakes, and it was actually one dollar and fifty cents cheaper inside Amazon store Then was that Safeway and also say for example Safeway chooses to go ahead and started after this They will not be able to compete with family. I don’t like they will either it won’t even come close and Again, that just comes from Amazon being able to come in to market You just fully take them over even if they’re losing money on it They’re wiping out the competition exactly I think they’re honestly in a great position because a lot of these retail spaces and these models are going out of business because you know They’re putting them out of business and what they’re doing is they’re buying these properties and these locations at a discount putting in their you Know their their stores where there’s nobody there just the cameras and they’re just taking on the competition that way it also won’t surprise me if at one point You know through economies If Co they’re able to make These types of ventures profitable because they don’t need to pay for any employees and having to pay for you know people watching throughout helping customers doing the whole checkout process that takes a big chunk of Expenses while when we went to the Amazon store. There was only one worker How things go on exactly. He wasn’t doing it though. There actually wasn’t anyone inside of the store Yeah, only outside of his only job was to tell you Oh This is how it works is that he’s skinned in because we did we didn’t know so we had to talk to him kind of Explain it, but besides that guy when people actually understand how it all works. It’s not gonna be a single person in there That’s you know part of Amazon or B Just watch of the store and you know, I don’t know if this is a thing or not But I really think they’re gonna have like restocking robots and automated automated Restocking process in the next couple years to dispense really takes off for them You think that we’ll be walking through aisles, and there will be like robots. Just stockpiling I mean, I hope so. It seems like our guru would be cheaper. So hey, I welcome that innovation Something that these stores need to figure out is whenever I can’t find something. I need to find an employee Oh, they don’t need that They need to solve that to where there’s I know maybe some sort of device plugged into the wall on each I’ll just type in what I want Seymour does like a 3d model of where that thing is located How many in stock? Or they can incorporate Alec’s into it and you really can’t Alexa wears this and it’ll just telling you the story That’d be really sad. Actually, that’s a great segue into the Device voice devices and we actually got her first. Yeah, we did not get the Lexx We got the Google whole I have shout out Spotify It’s funny why we love you free a free Google holds. I had you sign up and then I Was actually too cheap to pay $4.99 for the spotify premium the student version Yeah, but I said, I believe the Google home was worth it. Um honestly, I Don’t use it every single day the first week that I did get it I would actually I there was a very interesting feature So I’d use it pretty much to listen to music, you know, read me the news in the morning There isn’t an interesting feature that you brought up to me how when you’re going to sleep and you say Google home Goodnight, its first playing sounds set an alarm through it, which I honestly didn’t know it could put you to sleep I still wouldn’t say it’s fully as advanced as the Alexa but We’re starting to move towards an age where the businesses that really thrive will need to integrate some sort of voice into their same marketing Tactics I percent agree. I think it’s really Google versus Amazon right now I don’t really see any other major players in the space and it’s really surprising because Apple had this huge huge advantage With years Park mint with Siri but teams they kind of invented that technology and just forgot about it quite frankly like Siri can do Nothing like you like Google home or like Alexa and I think these two companies, you know, Google Amazon They’re gonna have a huge clash for boys technology I personally own the echo buds what you’re the you know, the earphones I love them. I can ask earpods earpods Yeah, I’m gonna I’m an echo buds kind of guy. He’s a near parts guy do but air pod pros came out Oh, yeah, I’ve tried yours on I’ve tried air pod pros on everybody eyes are also triple price how much we yeah, I got mine flaky price, but first off their way come fear you have way better noise cancellation and they’re Similar enough features and it’s also Apple may maybe look maybe I’ll switch over you never know I gotta try my own but uh, so I have I had the Google home device also have that like Alexa pods I like a Alexa buds I think they’re really really cool to see how this technology’s gonna really shape things up in the next couple of years because Currently in case you guys didn’t know how these works. So for example with his pods he wants a million Oh say you want to wear an uber he know he doesn’t need to go on his phone toward the uber he can literally Talk into it. I’m sure you’ve done it before. Yeah. Hey Alexa, I get mean uber it’s like, okay don’t Be sassy where I mean the pods not Alexa not you asked you say still say hey Alexa. It’s Yes a link, but they’re called echo buds and you just do like hey Alexa This is this people that follow me social media will know I love them. I post about them all the time But like I literally asked order me over I can add I can play games with it. I can ask it Well, I can tell what kind of games do you play dude? I let you be sprocket I’m a little nerd like if you’re like on the bus I learn games with the people I think I’ve talked to myself, but I’ve done a new word you like is look at me But no Bama nerds. So if thirties don’t know I play like financial games So ID like so I need to do like some funny stuff Like I feel like this there’s one cop called angel investor and you get like pitches from people with like company ideas You’re like, oh do you want to invest? It’s like yes, no negotiate and then it kind of and there’s a ranking portfolio online I’m upping the leaderboard but pretty much what you do is you uh You pretty much asked sell Alexis won’t invest the company or not and then it will put if and then they’ll get back to you whether or not I want to reinvest or the venture goes bad and pretty much off that there’s a leaderboard based off who was the best investing strategies and I’m on that so are These one of these games integrated only with the Lex or could they also be integrated with say the Apple earpods? I think I mean, I don’t think Apple has a platform that allows and be integrated But I think I Google I think Google has a way to it has a way to do it But they have nowhere as many near apps as lekha as alexa then with the lex is as developer You can also submit games which I don’t think is really as easy to do on Google or Apple and I think if they were to make a Platform where they allow developers to have a heavy heavy heavy incentive to develop technology for them I really think that Google would be on the challenge Amazon Amazon right now But at the Komen at the comb the current moment in time, I think alexis is showing Google also just Further proving how powerful voices VR is also a big thing But yeah, when people are coming home, they’re not constantly using VR You know constantly using voice and whether you know, people are still say for example You’re a parent you have multiple kids you’re starting to install these Devices in multiple rooms because you’re also able to start communicating with your kids while you’re in another Part of the house. Yes, per se the voice. There’s so there’s a lot of things with voice You can also like thinking your speaker’s basically talk shitting put the mark guard more stuff like that You can use your speaker’s basically talked You know people in other rooms or if you’re Donna if you’re out the house, you need your speaker talk people back at home so I’d say that businesses that don’t learn how to Efficiently in a great voice into their systems in the next, you know, three to five years They’re going to be losing because there will be businesses. Say for example, you want to order pizza From you can say restaurant do that now. Yeah, you can just go and implement it and it’ll work Dom responds me I love you. I do John’s gave you a horrible experience though. Yeah, Papa don’t sponsor me. I don’t like you. Yeah, so because again, Tesla’s gonna pretty much get rid of drivers will be able to get in Um humans are just getting lazier and lazier and what do you know? We’re at one point We’re gonna get tired of going on our phones pressing certain buttons reading it because we’re just gonna get lazier We want to be able to just be like hey do this it’ll happen. Hey do this It’ll happen you kind of dictate what we want going on and after this trend. I don’t want to talk about this established It’s too futuristic but after this for the after voice and the green to go into like technologies like Elam us ignore link where you think about something And what matically do it for you what I think so getting back to what we’re talking about about, you know talking I think it really comes down to convenience and I think that’s a huge part of where things are going You need it needs to be convenient and be a great product I think marking is kind of you know going down the drain As inks go on because you don’t get you don’t get repeat customers unless you have a good product so I really like that’s where things are heading and I think people are just really not going to go out too much unless it’s fort experience And yeah, because don’t get me wrong marketing is still super important, but it depends obviously how you mark it If no one knows value, no one’s gonna want to buy from you No one’s gonna want to do business for with you and you know being marketing is Pretty much how you get your idea your name what you’re offering out to the market now their ethical ways of doing in in unethical ways and I think the best Marketing, obviously the businesses that do the best do the least marketing. For example Tesla. They didn’t really pay any money There aren’t getting big fat zero. You don’t really you see when you go on Amazon. You see certain products being marketed So I see for example If I’m on YouTube, I get hit by Amazon from certain ads but not by Amazon itself and it’s because people are running You know Google ads PPC ads through the Amazon Marketplace But the best businesses they they pretty much speak for themselves and also word-of-mouth is a big thing, you know for example Dropbox they don’t really do that much more but a lot of people use it because it’s super convenient and whenever for example we’re working with Their content team drop boxes always our go-to as an entry so recently – we didn’t know what Dropbox was until really really recently and we just we just googled and we’re like this product is cool and you know I think we’re honestly gonna stay on Dropbox I always I’ve always I’ve heard of that part I never was I never knew exactly what it was until I started working Building a content team and working with them It’s a big app that they use within their community because you want them to work on something you upload it They go there because if you’re going through email There’s only so much that you can email when it comes to long video files on Dropbox You can upload anything on top of that you get a 30-day free trial Everyone loves free trial with less free. Um, we ended up paying afterwards. Yeah, but those are good 30 days free Yeah, but I think going back to can you know going back? I want to go back back a little bit You know talk about restaurants and how that’s gonna be shaped over the next several years but so you see all these different retail locations closing and I think there’s gonna be a big shift in restaurants and retail locations over the next Everyone loves talking about retail people talk about that But I think the next wave is that are gonna be under closing is restaurants Which most people don’t know is there’s a lot of apps like uber each post made store – I think GrubHub does something like that – but basically what all these companies do is they deliver food in different restaurants Most people don’t realize is a lot of the restaurants of restaurants. And this on these platforms are actually cloud kitchens And for those guys that don’t know what cloud kitchens are pretty lucrative business model based off what I’ve heard but pretty much all it is is a business owner or a chef will run down an entire kitchen and Will place a little team of chefs or or a chef in that kitchen and you know? they’ll have a menu of what they can cook and they’ll put it on a site like GrubHub org or – or Reid’s and Whenever people order it, they make it and they just send it out. So it’s literally just a chef in industrial kitchen and Thing about this is the overhead is extremely extremely extremely low. They don’t own the kitchen. They rent their time there They obviously only pay pretty much for the ingredients in the kitchen and what this leads to is them being able to undercut restaurant on price on the apps and Essentially, I think what this is gonna lead to is a lot of people are gonna end up switching up next couple years Just ordering in food and the only reason people are gonna end up going out for food is if a restaurant Provides you a great experience Like if it’s balanced of day, you gonna want to go out, you know eat somewhere nice But I think we’re heading is a lot of the restaurants like sub shops or stuff like that where it’s just the whole point in The business model is to get quick food and eat. Well, I think that’s gonna switch over to being actually fully delivered This is a really great example of why Airbnb does well You know companies and past such as we work before their downfall. It was some concept but let’s take care of being me for example We know well whenever we travel we no longer stay in hotel never people are able to literally buy homes Put them on Airbnb and voila for the traveler that solves a big problem They’re able to stay out of house their ideal location with the great view great service We’ve never really had a bad Airbnb experience. In fact, we have a better experience babies don’t reduce I know tell us yeah, but we got calm we got we got confident we got then So yeah Is Airbnb calm? that’s what a lot of the people that I know also do people saying a lot of the people staying at hotels are usually the more older generation Yeah, and over time is fully transitioning out of that people really like renting business model Especially now but those between the ages of 20 and 35 not many people are buying houses anymore Because they like to be on the move so it’s summer say you want to rent a house you’re not really forced to saying it for a certain period of time you’re able to travel you’re Lots of people literally just live from Airbnb You know to Airbnb and that kind of segues into the whole restaurant concept town now because restaurants are super hard to get profitable Yeah, the Mars overhead the morning so much overhead. You need to pay employees Food has really low margins and it’s hard to become profitable Especially when you’re constantly having to pay rent and cities like LA, San Francisco, New York and what this allows companies do or even people for example You you really like cooking you don’t necessarily meet to open up a whole restaurant you’re able to go rent out a space And for like a short period of time Offer what you have sell it making any come off of it and kind of keep that rotation And I had that I have this great story About this guy from college who actually used to took advantage of this before it actually came mainstream, but he used to do it So you could text them order wings he’d deliver it to oh you told me about yeah, that guy’s a beast I forget his name it begins the name but he was a great guy very funny. He’s an actor they basically paid for his college, but pretty much what you do you go in the app when it’s time to be like Oh these what we’re doing and you put fliers all around campus you Snapchatting be like, hey this what I want you like. I shoot me a cash app But you cash out the blood guy which are addressed. Okay, we’re gonna deliver it to you So yeah from the whole transition of the rent into the whole rent and gig economy A great example is how we’ve been implementing that within our businesses So, you know you and I can’t do everything for example there are skills that we’re not good at and we want to hire people or have other people do those or Satisfy those skills for us We no longer need to hire so and consistently pay them you no longer have to give away equity we could Simply just go on up work go on Fiverr say we need a website designer or someone to fix some sort of code within something Able to pay a one-time or hourly fee until they finish that and then we’re no longer stuck to having to pay them at all Yeah, I think like you said you slipped the word right in there. I think that’s a very accurate portrayal I think it’s not just the game. Con me that people had seen me talk about it’s also you know the rent economy That’s really coming up to speed with everything people no longer just wanna Just simply want to write it’s either peace of mind It’s literally whenever we were in our lair even sometimes walking around here in San Francisco You know those scooters that you see heard. Yeah their every word. Yeah, you’re able to go on app rent them We no longer have to buy You know scooters that we own because personally if I bought a scooter I don’t for a fact I wouldn’t use it that often But because I bought it I would feel forced to use it because I wouldn’t use it that often I feel someone guilty on that I could pay a few cents to get from point A to point B within a short period of time using them Instead of having to own it. Yeah, and there’s that little thing where it’s really annoying to ride in the road But uh, you know, sometimes I want to curtain herself. Sometimes you gotta not fall back I’m not trying to get hit by any reckless drivers But uh, yeah, I mean actually if you’re riding the scooter you obviously prefer to be on the sidewalk I don’t get floored look here though. If you’re the pedestrian no chance. Do you want to see? This way I’d rather you know, like I don’t want to come to myself Like I said, but like I’d rather be riding on the sidewalk hit somebody, you know They get slammed and killed by you’re not gonna kill by a scooter and killed by a car quite simply, dude I’m sure a good amount would agree with you. Yeah, I think so Screws on sidewalks 2020. Yeah, and it’s also similar with say real estate. Yep. Say for example you buy a house Now you buy the house you’re living in it. It’s viewed much more as a liability because you now own it Something had happened to the market Now you could always say something live into the market, but it’s a big expense now you own it You’re not able to just get up and leave and move somewhere now It’s much different if you buy a house for investment purposes, you know, you buy you rent it out you have cash flow coming and that’s much different where many people are now going ahead and renting houses because Say you want to be on the move a lot. You want to go travel? What’s the whole point of owning a house? If you’re constantly traveling it’s mud makes much more sense to rent and not have that whole liability of expenses coming at you Yeah, I think um, you’re scarred just kept on this to you like we touched an earlier, you know We work and all that, but you know me your cries going straight up Have a lot of people jumped on that trend But I think it’s you know seeping into the whole business trend. I think a lot of businesses are starting to realize like hey we can just run a lot of our stuff and cut down fixed costs and I think we’re really gonna start to see the gig and the rent economy seep Slowly but surely in the business and you know see that rise or next level years And I think what we’re talking on earlier, you know, just kind of tie this all up I think the way you can really grow in the next couple years You can’t really look back in the last 10 years and think and look at it that way make surgeons off that I think you now have to Start looking at the next 10 to 20 years. I start thinking hey, where is everything going? How can I help people and that’s one of the reasons for Amazon Tesla success, you know I think those are arguably some of the most successful companies nowadays I think the reason for that is because they’re not thinking in the past thinking how can I change the future and you know? how can I make those lives easier and You know new people more and more people each are starting their own businesses, and they’re not getting any results They’re wondering. Why isn’t anyone by for me. You know, I’m solving this problem and Ego definitely does come into play because you’re in your head. You’re like, this is a great idea This is a great what they believe know the market always decides what you’re worth period you’re worthless exact the market decides everything and people are implementing stuff that work maybe in 2015 2016 and even 2017 instead of thinking what works now what’s going to work five 10 15 years from now and not really being able to see How everything is changing and what how the consumer demand is changing. You can’t expect your business to make it I agree I think people need to stop thinking about what people in the past and now want and start thinking about what people now what people In the future gonna end up wanting okay becoming much less about marketing making yourself sound all great but actually delivering a good service having a product filled with Quality just fulfilling and solving the problem of the one people buying for me because even though you’re a business owner You’re working for the customers at the end of day. It’s all is all it is you exactly make people better off Yeah guys that was one of our longer episodes filled with a lot of information I’m sure you guys learned a lot and if you enjoyed it go ahead and subscribe like comment Let us know what you thought again. Our social medias are in the description below go ahead and connect with us messages We love networking and communicating with new people We hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll see you in the next one. Take you next time

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