BYD Trucks Hard at Work (BYD 8TT Promo)

I love just being outdoors. My name is Norman Otterstetter. I’ve been
in the trucking business for 30 years. So when we first got the word that we
were getting an electric truck from BYD, it was pretty exciting. Going from the diesel to
the new BYD electric truck, it’s the difference between night and day. Fast off the line, very
easy to handle, it’s smooth, it’s quiet, it’s a nice ride. I don’t see myself ever
driving a diesel again. I kind of felt bad for all
the other drivers now that
I have the electric truck. Everything a driver would just love,
they have to drive it every day. I’ve been driving diesel trucks for 30
years and I don’t ever see myself going back to driving a diesel truck. I’m going to definitely finish out
my career in an electric truck.

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