100 thoughts on “California in the dark: Residents deal with PG&E power cuts

  1. I wonder how close the (forced) blackout is from the borders, I wouldn't trust California or they will be shuffling people across the borders in the dark. Wouldn't surprise me.

  2. Just wait until looting starts and the police start collecting firearms door to door like Katrina. Of course they left the criminals alone.

  3. So when are Californians going to fire all State officials and select a good range of candidates across the political spectrum?
    Right now California can't manage homelessness or human waste in cities.
    Now California can't even manage reliable electricity.
    Managing electricity and waste are the two simplest goals any region has and yes administrators still can't do it.

  4. Welcome to the third world Cali!!! It took awhile but ya'll did it!! Make sure you keep your government lite so they plot your demise!!!

  5. I mean people always want to see the Starz…dont complain now wishing you could see them again…


  7. It takes a really stupid person to blame a power outage on democrat politicians. A very stupid person

  8. Comiefornia is a shithole
    Sadly most are moving to my state and ruined it by voting in the same type politicians.

  9. What did the man say when he woke up an saw the tv floating???
    Im going to call the police Jamal

  10. Lol. California is a third world country. Disease, drugs, crime, electricity insecurity.


  11. Everyone: My power is out…
    Me: Happy chaotic evil who has generator noises

  12. So many whiny well off people from cali crying about their power. WAH. Get over yourselves.

  13. So, yeah, leaving the power on MIGHT cause a fire… I'd move out of Cali so fast it'd make your head spin. Yet another reason to leave that horrific state.

  14. 40% of the fucken state lives in tents and shits in the streets anyhow… it's just like camping!

  15. I wonder if there is a bunch of crimes happening there at night with no power for security purposes… to me this shows how dependent we are on Uncle Sam.

  16. What do people with oxygen machines do without power? Are they alerted ahead to get enough time to go to a place with power or stock up on tanks?
    Not my state, just curious.

  17. How do you like that Go Green slogan now. You left coast morons surely love to be tortured….

  18. Cali are really into this political BDSM, they just love getting screwed without a safeword.

  19. Why is no one talking about how pg&e is bankrupt and the real reason they shutdown power is not because of wildfires is to show intimidation towards people and forcing them ask the government for a bailout

  20. These idiots need to bury the lines in the ground.. Hundreds of times safer and easier to fix if needed… ALL electrical wiring should be underground…

  21. ha ha ha ha ha , knock me darn wiv a fevver, i'd have never guessed it could 'ave 'appened 'ere ov awl plaices in the land of the Californicators.

  22. Solar flare from the sun reach earth and hit the san Francisco earth crust and took out the power grid….. Any thoughts on how this happened???

  23. This is what happens when a corrupt California government blames a utility company for a natural disaster and sues it. Amazingly enough, money doesn't grow on trees. Since the utility can't legally raise rates, it goes into risk avoidance mode to save it from the predatory politicians who make a living by telling people corporations are ATMs. So, now poor Californians get their power cut. Rich Californians get to keep their power, because "fairness" and "equality".

    And for what? Locals report no wind. Just unnecessary power outage, planned in advance, and executed regardless of any attempt at sanity.

    Well done, Democrats. You've reduced the world's 8th largest economy to third world status!

  24. PG&E handled this terribly!! PG&E didn't provide local government and media with adequate and updated information, they didn't anticipate their website going down even their secondary website they made went down a few times, announced it out of nowhere at like 2 PM on Tuesday and was like at midnight we're cutting off power from so and so area.

  25. Berkeley is pitch black now my neighbor is Prepper so we
    Have plenty of power not so about the racists across the street which is changing mind on reality things happen for a reason "Judges states that " He's Able👐

  26. Gas prices just shot up 5 bucks per gal in Los Angeles!
    Now that's a great socialist progressive liberal town.
    Gas in my state is 2.10/gal.

  27. so I'm curious.. loss of power in an entire area?? Hospitals, grocery stores?? loss of life and food supplies from commercial or even residential areas?

  28. To bad, so sad. Maybe PG&E should do this regularly! Commiefornians need to learn a lesson about voting demoncrap!

  29. Keep electing those liberal tree huggers,you know why you rarely hear of a wildfire in the east?It's because the foresty dept regularly performs controlled burning of underbrush that does not harm the trees but actually makes them thrive.There is no fuel for a "wildfire".

  30. Time to take the toys away from incompetent and corrupt PG&E. California needs to confiscate all their assets and turn it into a public utility, so that honest, competent government employees can deliver reliable energy to California's hard-working citizens.

  31. atleast the big cities in CA get to keep the power on……………………………. makes you wonder who they really care about doesn't it

  32. Now campfires to cook and candles will start the fires we are trying to prevent 😉👍👌😃

  33. Such beauty, shame its only temporary but its a fraction of the eternal darkness that awaits us all.

  34. PG&E trades the lives of it's customers for safety from prosecution! A PUBLIC UTILITY? REALLY?

  35. This isn’t the utility’s fault. Every utility is governed by the state commission that sets the rates. This one doesn’t give them enough money to keep all the trees trimmed around the transformers. So the trees caught fire and burned down a bunch of homes. Then they blamed the fires on the company and pushed them into bankruptcy. If the utilities commission set the rates high enough to keep the trees trimmed and said this extra money better be used to trim the trees to prevent fires, you can bet they would be cutting trees like Paul Bunyon. When they need to sell stock again to improve their electric service, I hope they have their own money to buy it. Because no investor who has been stung by this will invest any money in California again.

  36. 9 months from now there is going to be a baby boom!
    Mad pregnancies happening during this outage most certainly!

  37. I don't hear the wind that is the reason for the outage. I didn't see the wind during daylight hours. WHERE IS THE WIND??? Seems like a lie to cover their own shortcomings. When will you wake up, California? Take a look at the increase in diseases 2, 3, and 4 times what they've been, and for one disease 16 times more cases than what it had been. Wake up California.

  38. Aren't there concerns with just killing the power to 800k people? Elderly, traffic, medical devices. . . I have not seen a story in the last few years that would even temp me to visit Cali. Screwed up. . .

  39. Make sure Nancy P has her lights! Let’s vote for her again since she shares our pain and is Dow with us little people!

  40. Trump will do anything to try to bring California down go G5 today them Tom you

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  42. I am so glad I left California years ago. I feel for many of the people there because this is just ramping up. It is not going to go away but only get worse over the coming years.

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