Can LG save its smartphone business?

This video was sponsored by Audible. Get your first audiobook for free by going to LG has lost a lot of its influence over the
smartphone industry through years of declining sales and profits, even as the rest of the industry
achieved record growth. To fix these issues, the mobile division now has a new president And I went to Seoul, South Korea, to talk to a bunch of people from to see how they plan to turn these negative trends
around. I’m Marton from TechAltar, you are watching
the 34th episode of The Story Behind series, and here’s what I’ve found. OK, before we start with the strategy, I really
have to put LG’s phones into context a little, because I think we smartphone enthusiasts
fundamentally get its scale wrong. LG smartphones make up about 80 to 90% of
LG’s mobile communications business unit. The rest is mostly audio products, wearables,
and accessories. This is one of five business units in a company
called LG Electronics and last quarter it was responsible for about 18% of its revenue. Most of LG Electronics’ revenue comes from
home electronics like fridges, washing machines and TVs, but they also sell things like Vehicle
components. And then LG Electronics is only one of many
companies under the LG Corporation umbrella, although it is the largest one, with about
40-50% of the revenues. So overall, smartphones only make up somewhere
between 5 to 9% of the total revenue of the giant conglomerate known as LG Corporation. Geographically, LG’s two most important markets
by far are North America and South Korea. North America moves the most units, accounting
for well over a third of LG’s total shipments, but here LG mainly sells lower end units with
low prices and low margins. In Korea it’s the opposite: LG sells fewer
phones, but most of them are flagships, and therefore LG is more profitable here, accounting
for over a third of LG’s mobile revenue. Talking of revenue, it has decreased for the
company’s mobile division by more than 20% over the last five years, even though the
market itself grew quite quickly. Things aren’t looking great. Profitability seems even worse, where LG has
been losing money for over 3 straight years now as well. 2016 was their worst year, when the LG G5
performed spectacularly badly, and even before that, LG’s quality control problems, together
with the increased competition from China really put LG into a tough spot. OK, so that’s a super quick overview, and
I think it’s pretty clear that things have to change for LG if it wants to turn things
around. Which the new president apparently
wants to do. So I talked to a bunch of people at
LG, here are all the plans they would share with me. Starting with products, there are two clear
directions. One is a returned focus on the basics, which
they defined as ABCD. Audio, Battery, Cameras and Displays. LG will apparently stop focusing on being
the first to bring random, risky technologies to market, like modular designs or curved
screens, which LG has done quite often in the past, and will instead simply make sure
that LG phones perform well in these core areas. Other companies like Samsung and OPPO had
a similar change in mentality a few years ago, and while we enthusiasts might prefer
more experimental companies, it sort of makes sense because smartphones are becoming a commodity and nowadays there is so little room for meaningful differentiation now anyway. The G7, which you can see my thoughts on right
here, is a pretty good example of this new strategy. It’s just an evolution of the G6, not something
radically new. Also a part of this push for fixing the basics
is an increased focus on software updates, which LG says they opened a dedicated new
software development center for. They claim to push for more consistent and
faster updates in the future, which was definitely one of LG’s weaknesses so far, although we
haven’t seen any proof of that just yet. ThinQ branded artificial intelligence enhancements
are supposed to give LG devices a differentiation going forward, but for now I’ve found LG’s
actual AI capabilities fairly unimpressive. Mostly just AI based scene detection and image
enhancements in cameras, and sadly nothing LG told me about their future plans really
seemed like a breakthrough, but I guess only time will tell how far they can push with
AI. In terms of marketing, LG told me that the promotional budget of LG Electronics as a whole was mostly focused on on promoting OLED and 4K LG TVs, but since they have gained enough market share in those categories,
they will start prioritizing mobile phones this year. LG signed up BTS, Korea’s most popular boyband
to promote phones starting with the G7. LG claims that this is their most expensive
advertisement deal to date, and while it won’t do much for them in, say, Europe, it could
give them a nice boost in Asia and to some extent in the US, which, as you might remember,
is where LG actually makes money. Over the last few years, LG’s marketing was
fairly weak and got drowned out by more aggressive brands like Samsung, Apple and Huawei though,
so we will have to wait and see how hard they really push this year. LG’s most counterintuitive and interesting strategy though might just be to wait. Given that since 2017, the global smartphone
market has stopped growing for the first time ever, and given that most smartphone makers
still aren’t profitable, smaller and weaker companies are soon expected to either go bankrupt
or get bought by larger, more wealthy ones. Consolidation is kind of inevitable. Just think of HTC, which is being sliced up
by Google, Nextbit, which was bought by Razer, or smaller Chinese companies like Gionee and
Meizu, which are slowly losing market share. And given that LG is a large, diversified
conglomerate, it can simply afford to wait until the competition bleeds out. While outlasting competitors, isn’t the sexiest
strategy, it might actually work for LG. OK, so those are all of their plans. How do I feel about them? Well, a little mixed. First, I think a focus on the ABCD basics plus better
software support is going into the right direction. I don’t see spectacular battery life improvements or or fantastic software support from the LG G7 yet, but let’s give this new mobile president a little bit of time. I also find it a little hard to imagine what LG could meaningfully do better in AI than Google, who owns the OS, or Samsung, who at least has more users and money couldn’t do but I guess more AI and better AI on LG phones won’t hurt either. So, the product strategy, while not groundbreaking,
is generally going into the right direction. But the rest, I’m not so sure about. See, a good place for a brand to be is either
on the premium end, like Samsung and Apple, or on the value end, like OnePlus and Xiaomi. Both are perfectly valid business models. Obviously to sustain a premium brand you need
a sales, marketing and customer support structure that convinces people that your products are
worth the premium. On the budget end, you can save on, most,
of those and you can offer your devices for less. LG though, falls into this uncomfortable zone
between the two. They kind of want to appear premium, so they
spend some money on these extras, but don’t commit to them fully, so consumers don’t want
to pay the premium prices. Just look at their prices over time. Here’s the G6 on Amazon. It’s priced like a premium product at launch,
rivaling the latest Galaxy phones, but then gets discounted dramatically pretty much straight
away, and in a few months it becomes a value phone. And it’s a very similar story for other LG
flagships. I bought my G6, just 3 months after it was
announced, for something like 380 Euros. That’s pretty much half price and this is a problem, because LG has to spend money like a premium brand, but eventually sells phones with margins like
a value brand. This is obviously not a good business model,
and LG really has to decide, at least in my opinion, what they want to be. If they want a premium brand, they should
make a premium product and push it just as hard as Samsung does. If they are OK being a value brand, they
should skip all the BS and start pricing their phones like value phones right from the start. To this end, LG telling us that they are finally taking mobile marketing a little more seriously could be a good sign that they are actually becoming a premium brand, but given their track record, I am a little doubtful. The saving grace for LG for at least the next
few years might come from the US government being aggressive against ZTE and Huawei. The US is LG’s largest market by sales, and
especially ZTE was already catching up with them in fourth place, but with the recent
tensions, LG might get a temporary pass. So, really good timing for them! But anyway, I am somewhat torn on LG’s future overall. They are still losing money, but the worst
sales and profit declines seem to be over, their device strategy is finally starting
to mature, but they are focusing on a confusing AI strategy, they finally say they will take
marketing seriously, but none of their past efforts suggest that they will succeed, and
while LG certainly can afford to lose money on smartphones until smaller competitors bleed
out, or get banned, I don’t see the fire, the aggressiveness that other brands like
Samsung or more recently, Chinese competitors seem to have. See, I can’t really predict if LG will be
able to turn its mobile business around, but I can recommend a really, really, really good audiobook. The Malazan Book of the fallen is
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100 thoughts on “Can LG save its smartphone business?

  1. I bought 3 LG G Flex 2s, one for me and one for each of my brothers, and the three of them bootlooped. Fuck you LG

  2. I hope they stick to their focus on software updates. That will take a long time to bear fruit as they need multiple generations of phones with regular updates to develop a track record for consistency, and I'm worried some short sighted executive might stop updates just because he doesn't see results immediately.

  3. if any of these smartphone companies want to do well in big markets a few of them should come together (to lessen the burden and to one-up the competition) and do something comparable to apple stores did back in the day where everytime a customer needed assistant they would just throw money at them and fix the problem

  4. Keep their mid range smartphone line (loyal customer since 2015)

  5. great analysis and sensible video. more informative video like this. 🙂

  6. Most of the profit in the smartphone industry lies at the top of the market, but most people who are willing to play top dollar go with Apple or Samsung. Apple has lock-in with its operating system and ecosystem, and Samsung has the best screen and SSD tech, ubiquitous marketing and has established itself as the premier Android brand. All the other top-end brands (LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC, etc.) have to offer something which is compellingly different to convince people to buy their flagships, and it is incredibly hard to do when almost all hardware is becoming a commodity and everyone uses the same Android operating system, that Google won't allow them to fork.

    Sony tried to distinguish itself by saying they had the best camera and the highest resolution screen in the Xperia XZ Premium, but Sony is so weak financially and there are now so few stores selling their products that they couldn't properly market their phones. HTC tried to do it with squeezable sides of the phone, but they are so close to bankruptcy that they also couldn't properly market their U10 and U11. Everyone and their dog heard about Samsung's curved OLED screens, but almost nobody heard about the 4k screen from Sony and the squeezable sides from HTC. LG and Motorola tried to stand out from the crowd by making modular phones, but they lost millions on their modular G4, G5 and Moto Z. Buying the modules never made much sense. If you want better speakers, camera, a bigger battery or a laser projector, you buy separate speakers, camera, charge bay or portable laser projector, which isn't tied to a particular model of phone and will outlast the phone. If the phone makers had agreed on one standard form factor and interface for modules, then maybe the module market would have taken off, but they didn't.

    There is one strategy which might work for these phone companies, and it is to create a flagship which distinguishes itself by bucking all the current trends in phone design. In place of bezelless phones, offer a phone with big bezels with two front facing speakers and a high quality DAC and advertise your phone as having the best audio. Make a phone with big bezels and advertise the fact that it can survive drops. Make a phone with a replaceable battery and advertise the fact that you don't have to throw it away after 500 recharge cycles wears out the battery. Give it a case which is easy to open and make it easy to fix and offer a parts store. Guarantee 3 years of software updates to the phone. Advertise it as "built to last longer than 2 years". Then, send free phones to ifixit, Rossman Group, Jerryrigeverything, Linus Tech Tips, Greenpeace, etc and get them to talk about how wonderful the phone is. Then, get business publications to talk about how the short lifespan of today's phones is killing the bottom line, and talk about how your model of phone bucks that trend.

    LG's V10 and V20 did well precisely because they were the last high quality phones with replaceable batteries, but LG killed the V-series by making the V30 into the same kind of phone as all the rest of the flagships.

    At this point, everyone who wants a phone with replaceable batteries, decent speakers and a hardier case has nowhere to go and would be willing to pay a premium price for a old-school smartphone which bucks current design trends. Accept that you can't appeal to everyone, and market to the set of customers who care about longevity, fixability and sustainability. Currently people like me, who buy old-school Thinkpad laptops and pay a premium for them, precisely because they want hardware that is is fixable and durable, have nowhere to go in the smartphone and tablet market, because they are all based on planned obsolescence. At some point, the phone makers need to figure out how to market to businesses and consumers that care about more than the latest design trends.

  7. I liked the price and feature set on my LG G3. (I hate when other models don't include useful sensors. For example, I actually used the barometer often in my G3.) But my G3 no longer works due to a chip failure, that I've learned is common to the model. And even my cheaper older LG phone had previously got stuck in a bootloop I've never found how to fix.

    I am not looking for really fancy cameras or AI or modular design, or curved screens, or other gimmicks. I just want a reliable under $300 factory unlocked (for use with a Tracfone BYOP plan) phone that works well. For me that means a nice bright high-res screen, expected 5+ year lifespan, and enough RAM up run two or more real apps at the same time, and a physical headphone jack. Removable battery, current Android version without bloat, or the ability to replace OS with Lineageos, barometer, and up to date Bluetooth specs, would be a plus. I haven't picked out a replacement for my G3 yet, as I still haven't worked out what brand and model best fits my requirements. I like the specs on the LG V20, but do I want to buy another phone from the same company whose lack of reliability has let me down twice before?

    I got an extremely cheap (meaning local retail store going out of business price) ZTE phone now as a temporary phone just for taking calls, but absolutely hate it. The tiny screen is unusable for apps, and right of the box it used a horrible amount of bandwidth (over a TB per month over Wi-Fi!) when I hardly was even using the phone for anything but calls. Was that due to Chinese spyware? I don't know, but I finally stopped that nonsense via a firewall app. F*ck ZTE.

    For now I have been using a cheap Amazon Fire tablet, which I wish had real Android on more RAM, but which is at least usable for ebooks, music, social media, and games. But I don't like it being a separate device from my phone, and not having cell phone service or data.

    But soon I will want to get a new smartphone as capable or better than my LG G3 that died.

  8. Had LG G3, my first premium phone, it slowed down by the 6 month mark, the audio jack had to be replaced 3x, overall HORRIBLE PHONE. After that got the Huawei P9, still have it, works awesome and I'm still not planing to replaced it. LG, never again.

  9. After being practically scammed of my money with the LG G4 bootloop, I love to strongly recommend everyone I know never to buy an LG phone and to see their smartphone business go to drain. So there's no question about why is that happening…

  10. Titel could be the same for Sony. HTC Is also losing 68%sales in Smartphone. LG, Sony and HTC are having a hard time right now. Which one of these 3 will give up the smartphone business first? HTC also sold the pixel series to google. Now HTC no longer produce pixel phone for google.

  11. I had an LG G3.For that time was extremly innovative,like 78% screen to body ratio (like the Samsung A8,which is an infinity display).Had Dolby Atmos classifies speakers and 5.5 inch 2K LCD Display,having a 13Mp shooter and impressive DAC.However nowadays they are exactly as you said,not value not premium,not innovative but trying to catch up.Also I see that they choose BTS because of us,the fans(armies).AND I LOVE BTS OMGASH,BLESSES BE THOSE BOYS.And you can deduce from my crisis why they chose them.THE G7 HAS LIKE A BTS THEME,GAAAAAH.I'D FRIKIN LICK THE DISPLAY WHENEVER I POWER IT ON…

  12. That fruit like lower lip so annoying! I always think to rip it off by biting n chewed it

  13. Lg products are really good in terms of quality. We bought a frigde lately,.very quiet, low energy consumption, 10 year warranty. Its phones are durable too.

  14. The G2 slayed with camera/display, the G flex was awesome, the G3 with that QHD display again was awesome, the G flex 2 was one of the best looking smartphones ever. G4 was my dream phone, with that slightly curved display, terrific camera, V10 was good, V20 too….and then they decided to neglect everything achieved and make the shitty G5, G6 was mess, G thinkQ looks terrible…a steady decline

  15. Software wise, still haven't seen it. Oreo update only arrived after Android P has already been released…
    Used to be a fan, till the G5. Will definitely replace with a non-LG device. Not even counting the fact that LG hamstrings their devices in European markets.

  16. They lost a lot of customers from the fiasco with the bootloops (including me)

  17. Audio is always good with LG, Battery is below average, which is the biggest weak point for G7. Camera is LG's strongest point. wide area camera is the coolest. Display is good. I think for LG to turn around, they need to just provide more than Samsung offer with the same price, while keep up with Samsung performance.

  18. LG love your phones but all the bloat is retarded please make a Android one phone. I really love the replacement battery in the v20 and the DAC amp, camera features and audio recording quality. So the tech is there. If only we can get all this with a clean UI or Android one with pixel XL 2 camera software

  19. I know this unrelated but I need a phone under 300$ that is miles better then my current motog4 plus

  20. i owned a LG G3 and it was very good for its time but had a big problems in its hardware

  21. Hey man, Ur videos r amazing and u have made topics revolving around commerce which I personally hate and made it more interesting! But I have a serious questions, y is it that after watching the video on Xiaomi's profits at 5% and y Chinese companies have more brands all have ep 34, including this video

  22. They are worse than shi…
    I'm watching from my G4, what was supposed to be a flagship, but no update after 8 months of release date, the phone full of problems and i tried to connect with them by their website but they didn't give a fuc. about customers…look for their new midranges, who's the dumb that want to succeed with this specification against better rivals in terms of everything

  23. As long as their QC don't catch up like say it Xiaomi, LG Electronics will never back to the game. Just like SONY (& its always-one-step-behind competition habit).

  24. Let me tell before I got a 5s ( such upgrade 😂) my last phone was a crappy lg smartphone I was the worst phone I've had would died on my constantly terrible camera and terrible everything my phone stopped working out of nowhere it couldn't turn on and that was the last of it

  25. I hope they stop trying to go full premium and return to just building the most solid phones for the modest prices.

    Ever since the G2 i have been loyal to LG and loved the features they brought to the smartphone landscape even though they dont get credit for many of them (On/Off buttons on the back, super high res screens, 2:1 aspect-ratio).

    To this day i wish they would just take the recipe of the G4 and update it with some more modern hardware and waterproof it. I dont need any AI-camera software if I just get a great lens good sensor. I want my volume buttons on the back with the fingerprint reader and i want that sexy curved screen that was just awesome to use and even hold to your head for calls.
    Having interchangeable back-plates with leather as an option and changeable batteries sure doesnt hurt either.

  26. I think lg marketing policy need to be upgrade.lg always made good quality's smartphones.but they are always underrated.I used lg g6 V10 v20 v30 they're such a great me,LG flagship phone is more innovative from apple and samsung.

  27. I've had 2 LG phones and both were terrible. LG G Vista and LG V10. I would expect the battery nonsense and the issues more with the Vista instead of the flagship V10. Thankfully never had the bootloop issue, although had another just as irritating issue where the bluetooth card would just up and turn itself off. Also, battery life was nothing short of horrendous between the two. It's bad when I have to charge the V10 2-3 times a day for regular use that I get 1 1/2 days charge out of a Note 8. I don't care what LG Electronics does in the future, I'm never buying their shoddy phone line-up again.

    There's no excuse, should have been on their game. Otherwise what's the point of being in that line of business? Sure, their other electronics are decent, we have a LG microwave and 55" TV (both have worked great). If they're stretched too thin between the number of electronics that they manufacture, maybe a sign that they should stop producing certain product lines and focus on improving quality on the others?

  28. After that Bootloop problem over and over, never again will I buy an LG phone. Lost at least one customer for good.

  29. the biggest drawback for lg mobiles is their company logo.. they just seems very bad in lg mobile.. in mobile everything matters with aesthetic

  30. i used LG G4 and loved it a lot , i was gonna upgrade to G7 when it came out
    then i was disappointed when LG started to use notch so i turn to OnePlus 5T.
    as a big company, i thought LG will be strong like Samsung and Sony not gonna copy apple.

  31. They should leave software to stock and concentrate on value for money. They can easily provide the best displays like Samsung is doing for even it's entry level smartphones, given that they have an expertise in display manufacturing. They have been good on sound with DAC. They just have to work on the looks, features and price just like OnePlus. Mid range with premium quality and flagship specs is what they should go for.

  32. the problem was with the LG G4 when i bought it 3 years ago he had alot of problems from that day i never bought a LG

  33. They own the best system ever (WebOS) and don't use it. That would play a major role in the market.

  34. Had a LG G4. Looks fancy in the beginning but it was actually built with plastic. Poor quality broken in 1 year. Consistently lost and search for network. No system updates. No security patch. No more LG.

  35. India ia a large smartphone market but lg has not so much interested here, why….

    The first premium "flagship" phone that I ever bought was LG. Specifically, the LG G3.
    I was traumatized. I will never buy LG ever again.

  37. At 6:55 , Nokia is also in between since it is premium but still provides value for money.

  38. When I look at the G7 Thinq it's the almost perfect smartphone. Especially the 4K60fps, Ultra Wide Angle Lense and the Snapdragon 845 make it very unique.
    The ONLY reason I haven't bought one yet, it this stupid ugly notch, and this stupid huge size. As all other companies LG fails to understand, that there are a lot of people out there, who DON'T want super huge phones, and who DON'T want a "bigger" screen, if it means the form has to be fu**ed up.

  39. wait is LG playing Battle royale? Waiting until the smartphone "last generation" came in or when some companies died out? well its a risky but decent strategy.

  40. With LG's ABCD Plan in the Work I think they can pull it off and it could make it next year lowering Price to 10-20% their Expected price then they can keep in the Arm's Race I love LG Cause of a Easy layout of its phones software still the same to its LG G7 but with out the Head phone Jack hope LG G8 had brought it back :3

  41. I subscribed just for the Malazan reccomendation. Beru fend I hope LG does well, I enjoy their products.

  42. I hope they recover, really like LG phones, especially as someone who likes good audio, LG is the only ones who are really serious about it in mobile space.

  43. huawei, xiaomi, vivo etc: does too well
    america BAN
    china: why… we're just doing what everyone else is doing, just better and for a more affordable price
    america: you shall never surpass the "greater"
    basically how smartphone bans work

  44. I hope LG doesn't go the way of HTC, I really enjoy their phones. I've owned the Optimus, G3, G7, V10, V20 and am looking at the V40 for my next LG.

  45. kinda bullshit that for their own people they stiff them with higher prices and they make more sales. fuck the US, up the prices for them. give europe good prices and you have a huge userbase to sell to. us is only 300m. europe is more then twice

  46. Lg has the worst support base, barely any updates to android software and if they do it’s years behind

  47. As a g6 user I fucking hate the stock camera app. The module its self is great but OMF lg just love to artificially sharpen everything. And they released an update that was supposed to "fix" it but it just made it so much worse. It just looks muddled or like someone used that setting on Photoshop to turn a picture into a "painting". But a simple Google camera apk solves that problem. But I shouldn't have to do that. It should be great out of the box without any fucking problems. Zooming in on any of flagship is just a bad idea if you want to showcase your phone. It looks horrible and like you used a cricket phone but with good processing. Goddamn it looked better oversharpened then when it was allegedly fixed.

  48. Poor LG. I had to buy a Note 9 and although that phone is amazing I do miss my old LGs. I had the LG G 3,5 and 6 before getting a Samsung

  49. Sorry, but refreshing my G5 with the new battery once a year for just $10 is extremely cool. Sad to see swappable battery go the way of the DooDoo

  50. there's always something off with lg products that has kept me from owning one. it especially always looks substandard compared to its competitors' designs.

  51. You make one of the very cool and different videos. Your research is good and fact based.Whenever I see your subs it makes me sad that how on earth it is possible that such a good channel son't have that many subs. I really hope your subs will grow exponentially.

  52. Because 1 the phones are locked. 2 my front camera on ly lg x charge the worst camera ever. So static looking along with the back. 5 mp lg phones suck ass. I need a new one. 2gbs of ram is too slow and the apps you have as they update takes up so much memory makes it slow. I do not like my lg phone. Samsung is better

  53. I have a LG g7 Thinq, and still no android 9 update. Doubt I will every buy another LG phone.

  54. Interesting video, but Oneplus is not a value brand. At least I'd say they have became somewhere in between premium and value, if not heading very close to premium based on their price (let's see how much they'll charge for the OP 7).

  55. Lg is good quality innovative brnad with least publicity not like other brand who copy fetures features form Lg and then showoff. Many new technology are frist introduced by Lg such as qhd display in mobile and curved mobile , etc. High quality products are made by Lg it is the most underated brand but people like showoff. If google bring old phone its good but if in budget lg brings than it is not good.

  56. Their BTS X LG marketing strategy relies a little too heavily on BTS to the point where people don't even notice the phone. Katy Perry's latest music video (which had pretty good zooms) advertised the Beats Wireless in the 5 seconds it was featured better than any of the BTS X LG ads. Honestly, at this point, their phone division just feels like an ad for LG Electronics, which is probably why they did the crazy stuff in the past, even before the modern smartphones, but also probably why support for it isn't that great.

  57. Lg : we will stop bringing random risky technology to our phones
    Also LG: you can unlock your phone with your veins

  58. I've had LG G3, LG G5, LG G6, LG V30 phones. They're good value for money: good cameras. But I'm done with LG. Because very slow or no updates. Manufacturing quality is variable. Its a company thats a bit random. They can clearly make good phones but lack focus. I hope the new strategy works out for them.

  59. A year and a bit later and you dont even hear of LG phones any more, i use to be a fan (except the bloat) the G2 and their 1st phablet (forgot the model name) were great phones, shame they got so far from them.

  60. Just got a LG G6 for $150 new a few days ago. Best phone for that price

  61. Hahahaha your funny hahahaha so funny lol lg hahahah LG?? Hahaha

  62. I loved my LG Optimus One and G3 but i think its time to move on until they care about their products and us consumers again.

  63. LG in general is doing financially bad, but their products are actually good.

  64. The BTS ad campaign was terrible lol. Looked like it was made by a Korean company without good sense of American sensibilities. BTS deserved better

  65. Short answer — LOL

    Also. SOFTWARE. their skin of android is sh*t, and their software support is ^^ laughable as you see in my comment above.

  66. lgs new ABCD approach seems to be going ahead

    lg g8x ….

    Audio stereo speakers , still headphone jack

    Battery 4000 ma

    Camera 32 mp front face
    Display .. 2 of em
    software … google assistant

  67. Lg phones are neatly designed but they risk stupid innovations which even powerful Samsung doesn't dare to. LG like Sony are diverse elctronics congleromet and may exist in future but mobile business is different here they need to stay relevant and pump money in marketing. People buy low quality phones due to market presence there manufactures invests in. LG flagships are priced same as one plus and better them in performance but one plus has created there own market and are hoper active. Form a LG mobile community like Asus and let people share there experiences and support the users with latest updates and improvements without considering short term revenues. In today's connected world word of mouth is best publicity and even if few user praise a product, it becomes sensation in few days, Xiomi, One plus, huwei, did the same thing. LG had financial and brand muscle to do these easy steps. People will any day prefare universal brand products over chineaes brands.

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