Carousell is a winner of SCS’ Best Tech Company to Work For 2017!

Carousell is one of the world’s largest and
fastest growing mobile classifieds apps that makes selling as easy as taking a photo and buying as easy as chatting. First and foremost, it’s a huge validation for the passion and dedication of the entire team and the hard work they’ve put into this mission. And the second thing is and I think for the industry, it’s a very important and meaningful award. Because it really shows that startups are now more accepted. There’s more awareness for startups as a very viable career choice. We believe in giving employees meaningful work to do and meaningful opportunities to strive in. We named our meetings rooms after these meaningful stories because we want to remind people that coming to work at Carousell is really about the impact that they create. There is a very open culture so we create this environment where people can just come to work think about the problems solve problems together and It doesn’t matter which team you are You just work across teams and focus on solving problems for the company. So besides that also we have a great place for people to hang out as well. For example, our pantry One of our engineers is actually also besides work they also Act as a part-time barista. Making coffee and pursuing her own passion. Back in the early days when I was working really closely with the co-founders themselves It’s about the degree of They never doubt your passion And the degree of Trust and faith that they give to you. The people here are very passionate and all very drive to solve problems for our users. And a lot of people here, what they do every day is to come in here and then we start brainstorming about how we can solve problems for our users And through that process what happens is You get to see a lot of different cultures and all this diversity playing in So our users, I think that’s our most satisfying part of it.

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