CFIB’s Top 5 Business Highlights for 2019

Hi everyone, Dan Kelly from the Canadian Federation
of Independent Business here. 2019 was another big year for Canada’s independent
business owners. Here are five wins from CFIB that will impact your business in 2020.
First: Canadians went to the polls in October, and
more than 14 thousand of you signed CFIB’s letters to the party leaders, asking for specific
measures to support your business – much of this the parties adopted in their platforms.
Canadians have elected a Liberal minority government, and I’m pleased to note that
after years of pressure from CFIB, the new government committed to eliminate credit card
fees on sales taxes. Small business owners are already unpaid tax collectors; they shouldn’t
have to pay to collect and remit GST and HST to government. This could save small businesses
up to 500 million dollars a year! Second:
Our ongoing fight for fairer credit card processing fees notched another victory when Visa and
Mastercard agreed to reduce their rates for most transactions in the spring of 2020. This
is terrific news – but be careful! Some of the sketchier operators are already trying
to take advantage of this by misrepresenting the facts. This is one area where you really
do need to do your homework, read every line of the contract, avoid leasing wherever possible,
and have a look at CFIB’s special rates with Chase before signing any new contracts.
Third: Our business counsellors at CFIB answered
a record 40,000 calls and emails from our members on everything from HR issues to compliance
questions. I was incredibly proud to learn that 95% of our members said they were satisfied
with the help we provided. We have solutions for many of your business’ problems, so
give us a call. Fourth:
We also expanded our savings programs this year with an exciting new partner. CFIB members
now save 20% on QuickBooks online accounting software. Members also enjoy exclusive rates
and benefits on other vital business services, from payment processing to shipping and insurance
and even more! We’re not done yet. Stay tuned for exciting new deals in 2020.
And finally: On the legislative front, CFIB has been working
hard to get municipalities to ease the impact of construction work on small businesses,
and we’ve been shining light on the harm of showroom shopping, where consumers visit
a small business to test out a new product, only to buy it from a big-box store online.
Thanks to our members’ input, we make sure that politicians know what your business needs
to succeed – and this is especially important with a new parliament. With CFIB, your concerns
become Canadians’ concerns. So as you can see, it’s been another busy
year at CFIB, and we don’t plan on easing up in 2020. With your support, we’ll bring
you even more savings, continue providing you with expert advice and ensure that politicians
hear your concerns. We can only do this thanks to the strength
of our membership. In fact, the only reason that politicians take us seriously and large
companies give us better deals is because we represent 110,000 independent businesses
across Canada. You can imagine how much more influence we’d have, and how much additional
savings we could achieve if we had even more business owners like you behind us.
If you think independent businesses need a strong advocate and resource like CFIB, please
go to and send us the name of a business owner who you think would benefit
from everything we do. Finally, CFIB has been working hard to remind
consumers of the tremendous benefits of shopping in their community – so I encourage you
to do the same. For your Christmas and holiday shopping, please support your fellow business
owners and buy locally. Thank you for your support, and Merry Christmas
and happy holidays from all of us at CFIB.

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