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Hey everyone! Welcome to The Real Deal, a video series where InStyle
editors dive deep into the products and beauty trends that you are dying to try. So today on The Real Deal, we are going to talk about primers. Or filters, or priming filters. I mean they go by so many names today and you’re seeing them all over your feeds I’m sure. But basically we’re looking at highlighters that give you some really cool effects for your skin. One of the most popular ones, Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter. So this product actually
comes in a few different shades. It’s not a clear product there is a bit of a tint to it. I, of course, like to mix them all up because I mix everything together. But let’s just swatch a few and see. And you can see… they look different next to each other, but once you start blending in… it kind of just becomes more about
the shine factor. And that’s what you want. You want to melt this into your
skin, so it looks like skin. Think of it more like a texture than a color. It will give you a dewy, reflective finish to your skin tone. So you can see, they’re just different tonal shifts in these three that I tried. But there are more than three shades on the market. And I actually use it a bunch of different
ways. So I figured I would show you two different ways on my face at the same time. This highlighter is going to give me a really dewy, fresh, kind of borderline shimmery effect. So imagine that filter on your Instagram where you kind of just sparkle and shine? That’s this. So I always put some right on the top of my cheek. Sometimes I’ll do my brow bone. Sometimes I’ll get crazy and
I’ll do my nose, and my forehead, or basically anywhere I want to look a little fresher. And then I just get in there with my fingers. Blend out. And I always use my fingers when I’m blending highlighter because my fingers are warm and it just sort of melts it into my skin. So I can kind of fool myself into thinking my skin just looks like this all the time! So you’ve probably seen people using highlighters and filters like this for contouring. So what contouring is doing is just creating some shadows and some lightness on your face. So what I’m doing right now is just pressing highlighter where I want the light to hit. So I think I can be done right now. And I can see a difference. Can you see a difference? I think so. Right? This side looks a little brighter, my cheekbone looks a little higher, I look a little more awake. OK, so I think I can stop there. Now the other way I like to use highlighters is by just mixing them into whatever foundation
I have on hand. And I just dab a
little bit on my finger, and then I spike it with a little bit of
highlighter. And if I want it a little brighter, I’ll give myself a little more. Again, I’m using my fingers to get it nice and warm so I can just press it and
melt it into my skin. That looks good! And then I just press. It looks like a lot, but the more you press in, you’ll see the more it’s just gonna disappear. This is actually how I put on foundation most days. Here we go with the dabbing again. I even go under my eye to give my under
eye a little brightness. Who doesn’t need help there? Maybe a little more. OK! So you can see that this
side, I think, looks a little more highlighted. A little dewier. But this just looks like an overall nice foundation base. Here’s The Real Deal on
Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter product. For $44 it’s not gonna be the
cheapest on the market, but you can use it so many different ways. It feels great on your skin. You can mix it with your foundation,
your tinted moisturizer. It’s so versatile that if you can splurge on it, to me, it’s really worth it. And a little bit, as you can see, goes a long way. You can keep re-upping
during the day. So, The Real Deal is, it’s a great product. OK guys! So that was The Real Deal. Thanks so much for watching and subscribing to InStyle’s channel. And don’t forget to hit us up if you have products that you are dying to try or trends that you need to learn about, just let us know here. Also, if you have different ways that you use this Flawless Filter, I really want to know
about them. So leave us a comment and we will see you again soon! And we’re out!
(Laughter off-camera).

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  1. This video is so useful! $44 for TWO products, highlighter + foundation, doesn't seem so bad anymore…

  2. see this on IG alll the time and literally have never had a clue what it actually was

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