Cheer Leadership Tip# 45 – Substantive Sideline Chat (Employee Loyalty)

Jan Spence, your Chief Encouragement
Officer, back with Tip 45 Substantive Sideline Chat. Now that’s a mouthful!
Substance stuff, yeah, substantive hard for me to say! It actually means
“something of great importance” so this tip is to listen to your co-workers. Find
out what’s going on in their lives and then take a moment just to send a text
or an email asking them about their personal life. Just letting them know, “You
know what, Bianca, I just wanted to see how your uncle’s surgery went?” or maybe
you send them a little quote, some words of encouragement and say, “You know
what? I was thinking about your uncle’s situation. Just wanted to let you know
that I’m thinking about you. In fact, one of the things you could do is actually
share the TEDx video for someone who needs encouragement and reminding that
anything is possible, we can use our strengths to overcome
boundaries, and remember that behavior is contagious! So be sure to take care of
your co-workers and remember, it’s your turn to Cheer on Your Team!

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