City at Work – Historic Preservation

(upbeat intro music) – Hi, I’m Guy Giersch. I’m the Historic Preservation Officer for the city of McKinney, Texas. Now a lot of you out there
are probably wondering what in the world does a Historic Preservation Officer do. Well, the main focus of my
job is to work with owners of these historic properties
in aiding them with technical assistance
to help them make good decisions on how to preserve
that building for the future. But besides preserving buildings, we have another important duty and that’s to help educate our citizens and people who come to McKinney as to what the significance of these buildings are. Why in the world do we even want to preserve them anyway? I think what makes
historic McKinney special is the, not only the number of historic buildings that we have, but also the arrangement
of those buildings. The fact that they’ve been taken care of really makes a big
difference in making McKinney it’s unique place that it is. My office provides, first of all, a connection for people to be able to schedule walking tours. We have virtual walking tours that are available where you can take your smart phone and go on your own. You can sign up and go on walking tours where we have staff will lead you around and show you various
buildings and talk about them. If you wanna schedule a walking tour, the easiest way to do that is to go to and
there you can sign up, or call my office 972-546-7416 and we’ll get you straightened
out and ready to go for a fun filled and exciting day. (music ends)

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