Cobie Smulders Family: Kids, Husband, Siblings, Parents

A talented and stunning movie star Cobie Smulders
was delivered in 1982. Since early years, she used to do sports,
dreamed of being a doctor and also took part in theatrical performances after which she
decided to pursue an acting career. In 2000 she signed a contract with a modeling
agency and began traveling around the world, taking part in fashion shows. In 2002 she appeared in a couple of popular
projects: Smallville, Andromeda and others. In 2005 she got one of the main roles of Robin
Scherbatsky in the well-known TV series How I Met Your Mother that brought her worldwide
fame. Also, the actress is known for her parts in
films by Marvel. But what do you know about Smulders as a mother,
wife and a sister? Let’s discover this not less interesting
part of her life! Unfortunately, nothing is known about the
celebrity’s mother, except that she has British roots. The father’s name is Bert and he is Dutch. At first he worked as a doctor but is currently
self-employed. After the divorce with the movie star’s
mother, Bert remarried a woman named Lura Osborne. Even though she is a step-mom, she is doing
well with all children. The actress has seven siblings. The first one is a brother Markus. He is married and raises a daughter. Julie is a sister, who used to deal with sports. We also know that she is gay and has a child. One more sister is named Melissa and she studied
psychology at the University. Amy is a medical worker by profession. Fiona also deals with medicine and is a naturopathic
doctor. The family also includes two more brothers
named Adam and Scott but there is absolutely no information about either their personal
lives or occupation. In 2012 Smulders walked down the aisle with
a writer, comedian and an actor Taran Killam. The two love birds met when they both were
23 years old. In 2009 they got engaged and three years later
tied the knot officially. They really love each other and raise two
kids. In 2015 the actress was diagnosed with ovarian
cancer that she fought with for several years. Recently, she shared that she is free from
this disease. The celebrity’s firstborn is a daughter
Shaelyn, who was welcomed in 2009. The girl can be sometimes seen along with
parents at different meetings. The second daughter Joelle was born in 2014. Like her elder sister, she likes to spend
time with parents and looks very much alike her famed mother.

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