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For businesses with employees spread out across different locations, securely accessing shared resources can be a challenge. In this video we will show you how to set up a site-to-site VPN
tunnel using two Synology routers so that users can transfer files at up to
650 megabits per second without the need to configure VPN settings on individual
devices. Ensure your system is running Synology
Router Manager 1.1.5 and above and VPN Plus Server version
1.2.0 or higher. Login to the SRM of the router you wish to use
of the local site. Open VPN Plus Server and select Site-To-Site. Each
Synology router used in a site-to-site VPN network requires a license, with
users able to obtain a 30-day free trial for each device. Enter the profile name
and shared key you wish to use on both sites in the VPN network. Enter the IP
address, ID, and subnet details for both the local and remote sites. To prevent
lost connection, ensure that the local and remote sites are located in
separate private subnets. You can alter encryption settings
depending on your requirements however settings on both the local and
remote sites must be the same. You can download the profile created in a local
site’s SRM for use in VPN Plus Server on the
remote side by clicking Export Profile By exporting a profile, users can
directly import a site-to-site VPN connection’s details into the remote
site’s SRM. to complete the setup, login to the
remote sites SRM. OpenVPN Plus Server and either manually enter or import the local
site’s VPN profile. it is advised that users import the local
site’s profile, as this ensures there are no errors between the profiles and the
remote and local sites. To learn more about VPN Plus Server’s many
other advanced-but-easy-to-use remote -access solutions, including SSL VPN web
VPN SSTP, and management features that can help business IT monitor and control
employees VPN usage, visit the link in the description.

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  1. With OpenVPN site-to-site you won't need a license, if this isn't possible by now, please add it in the future.

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