Consultation at work – Bunnamagoo Estate Wines (part of Paspaley Rural)

Communicating to our staff is really
important. Everyone should come to work knowing that they can give their best
and go home safely at the end of the day. Paspaley is the parent company of Bunnamagoo wines. We operate in the prime lamb business, the beef cattle business, the
wool market, the wine business, and and in some stages irrigated hay. We use our
weekly toolbox meetings as a good form of consultation. We also have our monthly
safety meetings. It’s important that everyone is involved with workplace
consultation because they take ownership of the job a lot more and they’ll be
more careful in what they do. If I saw a risk, I’d let the guys know that I’ve
spotted a problem, and especially if they were working in that area, that we
need to address it or we need to do a risk assessment on how to get around it.
So everyone here is involved in coming up with a solution. What I find quite
useful in our routine are the six-monthly audits. The six-monthly audits I
find are a useful follow-up on any hazards that we’ve identified and it’s a useful
follow-up to ensure that they’ve been carried out and followed through with. So
at Paspaley Rural we have full-time employees, we have casual employees, we
have part-time employees, and we also have a lot of contractors that come in
to do seasonal work as well. When we have contractors, we induct them straight away.
We make sure that they are licensed and their registration is up to date and
they are abiding by all our code. Sometimes the occasion arises where we
have workers working on their own. Most staff have a mobile phone, so we have a
register of contact numbers for all our staff so we can contact them at any time.
If the mobile network for some reason is not working, we also have two-way radios
in their vehicles. We also make sure that they report in at intervals. If we haven’t
heard from anyone for a few hours, we investigate why. We use Corrective Action
Register in our business to enhance the safety of the business operations.
All our managers do a series of reporting towards the end of each month,
so we’ve incorporated the CAR register as part of that because they’re
already coming in from outside to their offices. Safety should be a primary
concern for any business. People are this business, so unless people are assured of
their own safety, you can’t carry out your workday efficiently. What it does is
it makes businesses more productive and ultimately gives us a better quality
product, too. Knowing at the end of the day that we’ve done things within the law
and looking after each other, and that’s a good feeling.

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