Contributing to the Team’s Work – The 5 CATME Teamwork Dimensions-closed caption (accessibility)

There are five catme dimensions that contribute to the effectiveness of teams This module describes the continuent contributing to the team’s work dimensions and why it is important Your behaviors influence the quality and quantity of your contribution to the team direct contributions improves the actual work product created by the team Arrive on time for meetings and finish your work by any deadline set by the team You can be a valuable asset to your team simply by delivering your assigned work on time Be prepared Participate in meetings by sharing and discussing your ideas and the ideas of others Check your work carefully and often to ensure it is accurate and complete When faced with a difficult situation keep trying and ask for help if needed In addition to the direct contributions just discussed Indirect contributions are also important Indirect contributions refer to efforts made by a team member to support or assist others on the team to do their work effectively Because the entire team is responsible for the work effort, it is in the best interest of the team for everyone to contribute You may need to help team mates who are having difficulty understanding How to perform their assignments by teaching them how to do it or providing short-term help to teammates who are falling behind this gets the work done and improves the team’s morale. In an effective team your efforts to help teammates may be compensated by redistributing later tasks Particularly if you need help later Support your teammates by offering assistance when it looks like they are struggling even if they don’t ask for help

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