Could Mass Quarantines in the U.S. Work? – Health Expert Explains What You Need to Know | WIRED

100 thoughts on “Could Mass Quarantines in the U.S. Work? – Health Expert Explains What You Need to Know | WIRED

  1. lmao at this professor. My god! You know " violating human rights implications ". The most basic human RIGHTS is to be HUMAN, TO BE ALIVE AND WELL. When you are dead, you are no longer a human , only a decomposition of particles and proteins. The very reason your authority does not apply drastic measures is that they value economic value much much more than human lives. Labeling that as "democracy" disgusts me. All Westerners ( except for Italy) please use your head for once and stop blindly complying to your officials. Avoid as much social contacts as possible. Stop all unnecessary travelling. Stop thinking for yourself only. Do humanity a favour. You never know how this virus would evolve. There are more vital things in life other than having fun. Greetings fr Vietnam

  2. Even if the US had cities under quarantine. Not everyone within the quarantine area would be quarantine. As a officer for my local jail, I would be one of the few people not under quarantine unless infected.
    Healthcare workers, first responders, jail and prison officers, electric power plant workers, water treatment plant workers, and others like that would not be under quarantine because they still need them working.



    Olay alaveria

    Rubbing alcohol.

    (Add needed amounts depending on how much you are making.)

  5. To get accurate infected numbers take deathsX98 or testedX80. Children are most likely to be carrying corona virus with out symptoms.

  6. I don't care too much about temporarily suspending civil liberties if it means it saves a million & a half people & saves the economy..

  7. I think this is in large part Political. Due to the fact that Presidential campaigns are being put on the side, it is either going to hurt the Republicans or help them?? Oh!, I forgot the Corona Virus is a Democratic Hoax started by Obama. Trump is here saving the day. Excuse me- I got myself nauseous, I am going to throw up.

  8. This video doesn't even mention the entirely different economic system that the US has….should people quarantine? Yes. Does our country have the financial safety net for quarantines? Not even close. We have Republicans not supporting bills to help poor people, a capitalistic healthcare industry, corporations unwilling to hurt their bottom lines to help the poor, and a president who only sees this issue as a hindrance to his election campaign in November.

  9. Why do I feel like the US will need a draconian lockdown because of the delayed testing by the incompetencies of this government…

  10. My thought is no.

    There are already many cases present in the United States. Unlike China, where most infections began in one city, the United States is facing multiple outbreaks in every region. The virus has a wider starting point than in China.

  11. I go to an Elk Grove school and school is cancelled until April 12. A family member or someone last Friday got tested positive for the virus. So this week we got school off, but today we got told that the break has been extended quitE a bit.

  12. We all gonna go down in history! Only nobody gonna be here to read it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. What is the China model? Not telling anybody about this virus until it spills outside of your borders and far out of your control?

    I'm not expert, but that doesn't seem like that great of a strategy.

  14. I got plenty of water, soda, snacks mix, movies, a PS4, a Wii U, a Switch, and a gaming PC with many emulators. Am safe here!!! Comfy!!!

  15. The only good outcomes of this whole deal are people being shamed for not washing their hands, and people stopping hugging.

  16. The W.H.O. is corrupt AF!!! I don't think we should trust anything they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You look like a weak man. Like a man who has taken so much female hormone pills your hair fell out.

  18. ooo no where is Dr. seema degenerate Yasmin to tell us to wash our hands ,or msg is not addictive so we shouldn’t be racist….she’s so nice☺️. did wired hired a real doctor that will explain ppl that there is a very limited amount of artificial respiration machines in the hospitals and if ppl won’t stay in quarantine and flood hospitals they will die waiting to be contacted to one

  19. "Americans wouldn't accept mass surveillance" Hahahahahaha omg this dudes living in 1999

  20. Spare a though for us retail workers. When they announced schools, universities and creches were closing in Ireland, it was like the end of days. Thankfully it calmed down since…

  21. American and British government is only worried about their so called economy and bloddy materialism BUT CHINA is worried their people's thats why they wer able to reduce coronavirus case and able to contain it…!
    Hypocrisy at is best

  22. Here is the example why we will take 10 days to discuss when to have the meeting about building a hospital. Look at Italy, every 16day 10 fold infection, time cost life. The only lesson learned throughout the history, is humanity won’t learn form previous mistakes.

  23. I suggested we quarantine liberals when I first saw one back in 1966 and asked my Mom, "what is that?"

  24. Meanwhile… Sweden's doing nothing and has stopped tracking the virus, which is why the numbers look "good". Can't believe how poorly the government is handling this.

  25. He is just a man who has some opinions! People liberties when is a mass public health problem are not anymore liberties, this is what every single man should understand.

  26. dead people don't need rights and liberties. First rule of liberty. is the person need to be alive and well to enjoy and secure his liberty.

  27. "Pandemic", "virus", "contagion", "germs", "immunity", "pasteurization" are ALL pseudoscience

    Terrain theory orthopathy life science health systems as correct science

    Antoine bechamps book "The Blood and Its Third Element"

    "Good-Bye Germ Theory: Ending a Century of Medical Fraud"
    Book by William P. Trebing

    Vaccination, pasteurization, and allopathism kills millions of people

  28. The Daily (New York Times Podcast) did a thousand times better job of answering this exact question 2 days ago.
    Here's the link:

    And the answer is yes. (South Korea: Aggressive testing, quarantine and containment flattens the curve, and presumably will lead to it being stamped out pretty quickly thereafter.)

  29. They claim a vaccine in 1.5 to 2 years, yet we don't have a vaccine for the other types of coronavirus, and we can't even stop all the influenza viruses yet either. Time will tell…

  30. If they make a coronavirus vaccine that'll just mean more autism for everybody.

  31. The main reason why it went down in South Korea is everyone is wearing the mask, but it's not happening here.

  32. Good luck trying a mass quarantine in the southern states with more guns than people

  33. This man looks like he’s talking to his future self.

  34. In S.Korea, They give you about $1200 for a month (for a family of 4) if you do self quarantines. They also don't charge you if you test positive ($150 if you test non-positive) plus they will pay for your Hospital bill. Now, U.S.A is the world's richest and powerful country. Let's see what they can do about this. You already know they cant do that. 🙁

  35. The scariest thing is that everyone thinks the way those Wuhan government officers thought and behave the same 60 days later… Also, governments cannot do what china did for many reasons, good&bad, and they are going to end up like South Korea&Italy… They had to make the same decision that they refused for a month. Hope it won’t take other countries too long.

  36. Had Coronavirus for almost a week now. Not sure what this hysteria is about. I've had worse.

  37. Guys don’t believe anything the government or the doctors or health experts say there lying to us they just don’t want us to panic 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  38. As of now my school has been closed for 2 weeks and may go for longer

  39. rest of the world had a breathing room to better prepare but did not bother to…calls the mass quarantine method draconian…ok

  40. With no paid sick leave or universal health care on a federal level, even less so us americans won't accept being forced to be quarantined i mean partially we gotta make money out here, can't afford to sit around.

  41. Think most people are forgetting that swine flu was estimated to infect 55 million Americans killing nearly 12 thousand for about a year ! Don’t know if this corona virus is that much worse ? Considering that it’s so far only infected 130000 plus worldwide with the numbers in China already on the decline .

  42. Do it yourself project tiny portable spray bottle hand sanitizer ingredients:
    Rubbing alcohol
    Aloe vera
    Few drop of essential oil.

  43. where are videos of ccp welding doors shut on people? come on wired why leave those vids out? huh?

  44. testing is pointless its too late….a month ago yeah..but now is meaningless

  45. Let the virus sweep through and people will develop immunity and let's pray it won't be too harsh.

  46. WHO says praise China… HAH should we also start eating anything that moves?

  47. It's good while we wait, so we can wait until they mass produce vaccines and medications.

  48. It's not the social control aspect that wouldn't be accepted. It's that there is no government economic support for anybody, and no one wants to even go for testing for fear of being billed thousands of dollars.

  49. No. I'm a nurse in a hospital and do you know how hard it is to get people to follow basic instructions like taking blood pressure medications?

  50. Calm down snowflakes! More people die of regular flu every year, more people die on the roads every day and in the U.S you are more likely to get shot in the face by your neighbour than die of this virus!

  51. You little twit, you know have worry about anything because your mama takes care of you! In the real world you would wrecked

  52. I don't see how a quarantine which is possible in Italy can't be organised in the US as well. Economy is important, I get it, but America is doing the exact same thing Italy thought they could do on an earlier stage.

  53. I would put my money on if they ever tried to do a forced mass Quarantine in the United States, the sh*t would hit the fan.
    It wouldn’t be good at all.

  54. When the "expert" started talking about the economy as an argument against saving life's I switched off


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