creating positive change in my life | turning an ordinary work day extraordinary

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  1. I loved the video, it made my soul calm and safe and helped me learn some new things, thank you Rowena 🤗😌💙

  2. I feel like I need to write down every single thing you said in this video . Thank you 🙏🏼

    Also, congrats on getting sponsored by coach. What a dream!!


  4. I wished this was written in description box there was so much said that I wanted to write notes but got overwhelming 😪

  5. You shared many vital points and I can so relate. Great content thank you for this video.
    Thank you for explanations too 🤗😄🙂

  6. What a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an aesthetically pleasing video, Rowena. You're a champ! <3

  7. I have also been practicing not stressing over small things and I have to agree with you its changed me for the better lol not to be dramatic but because right now im in art classes my over perfectionist self usually comes over but ive been noticing myself letting go more and more on my art and letting it heal me instead of crippling me has been so powerful💓 love this love your videos, and keep doing you Rowena🤗
    p.s. also random but one of my faves this year has been using an app called "Tide" its a free download and it works as an alarm clock, study timer, and also offers meditation on there and i gotta say its also aesthetic and has a lot of calming sounds and music so reccomend if your finding yourself needing to destress i love that day by day they show a pretty image and quote as well, if your someone that likes reading quotes for some uplifting!!

  8. "In 2020 I want to be less driven by fear and more driven by faith." -Rowena.

    Amen to that. Side note: whenever there are exterior shots of New York I keep waiting for Spidey to make a cameo by swinging through the frame. xD

  9. Love this! Sometimes I think we just forget about how to rewind, stop and focus on the little things. But like you said, it's simple things that we can do to just look after ourselves (especially mental self care). We don't realise how consumed we become by all the distractions that sometimes we become afraid to be alone with our thoughts. And when that time happens, we don't know what to do with our thoughts, maybe because they're raw and ask us to question things we've been avoiding (by distracting ourselves with daily life).

  10. How many positive changes and life changes does this girl have to make videos on dang

  11. Ive been feeling down these past few days, thinking about how my plans didnt work out as what i want, me being a failure to do anything, and realizing that whatever things i did, no matter how hard i work, i never gonna achieve this one of my youth goals in life. Ive tried my best to ignore those feelings and live in present, but somehow it's hard. I tried to seek some helps from other people, but it doesnt work like what i expected, and it bcm more worse than before. and the main problem isnt from other people, but myself. however, this morning, i think i can breathe a little bit after watching your video. it somehow shows me the light of life, and the things that i never realized it before. I want to thank you a lot for that, wishing you and whoever watching your videos, to have a good day and abundance of happiness in life.

  12. Damnn, i missed your voice! You're an eternal sunshine. I've learnt so much for you. Keep doing what you're doing✨🐣
    Much Love & Support❤

  13. I really look forward to your videos each week because they always calm me down and remind me to stay grounded and not go into whole panick-y mode because i didn’t do as much as i wanted/“have” to, but obviously it’s not the end of the world if i don’t get those things done this week so thank you, thank you, for constantly being my source of calmness and peace. Here’s to appreciating the small things that we get done in a day-to-day basis and being more present 🙂 Just like what you said, less rushing from point A to point B, more slowing down and enjoying the ride. I love you a lot Ro <3

  14. Beautiful video my dear, it is so nice to hear your tips! It is so crucial to let go of your negative thoughts and be aware of them rather than IN them. Also staying in the moment helps so much and remaining grateful! 🙂


  16. The past month definitely feels like it has disappeared from beneath me and has left me stressing a lot about things that should be future worries (and generally not being fully present with people because of this).

  17. Rowena, just a question but don't you want to own a pet? If you can have one that is.

  18. Hey Rowena, I have been wondering what mbti personality you are (if we are the same since your videos and pratices deeply resonate with me). As the type of person you come across in your videos I am pretty sure you have taken the test. have you? I'd love to see a video about that topic!

  19. It was exactly what I needed, I've been struggling so much lately . You are amazing ♥️

  20. Great video as always Rowena, you’re so wise 😊❤️ I’m trying to be less driven by fear too, as I find that my fears cause me so much anxiety that I don’t want to do anything. I’m almost paralysed by it. But then I tell myself that the bigger fear is not going for what I want (although I am still trying to figure that part out) and that I’d regret not doing something than I would doing it. This is what I am striving to do for 2020 and although I have bit a few snags the last couple of months, I’m still fighting forward. Rowena, you and your videos are a big inspiration to me and I always turn to them when I need the help. Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  21. Staying positive, making changes, being productive are all EASY with two things: 1) friends, and 2) a job you're passionate about. That's it, that's all the secrets there are.

  22. I’ve been going through a lot lately because of tough situations and how I choose to react to them. This is definitely the video that I needed to watch right now. Channeling positive energy this year!! Thank you, Rowena💖

  23. Thank you for this calm and peaceful time. I consider your video now as a chilling session where I just listen to you casually and chill both my mental and physical self. You're still sparkling a very positive and restful vibe Rowena. I wish you well too, our kind and lovely girl.

  24. Your videos are always so inspiring. What a unique and genuine positive energy, it is incredibly refreshing and rare to see on YouTube. It is touching and inspiring as well, to see how you treat your work colleagues/employees. They are truly extremely lucky to have you as a role model and mentor. Well done Rowena, keep spreading this amazing energy and inspiring us, we are grateful to have you:) Have an amazing weekend!

  25. as always, i absolutely loved this video ♥ your whole channel just brings me so much joy and inspiration and really helps me to grow. thank u ♥

  26. I feel like there should be some “sweetest potato” merch. Maybe some comfy hoodies and oversized t-shirts to potato in 🥔🍠

  27. you inspire me to live my life, a little better , each day . Love you Rowena ,❤

  28. You're so precious, Rowena 🥺 Thank you for the video, hope you're having an excellent weekend!

  29. I was feeling unstable (anxious, too hyper on sugar) and you calmed me.

    Thank you 💓

  30. Your videos always inspire me to get my sh!t together and that there’s always room for self-improvement. 💕

    Two questions!
    ~ What brand is your kettle at 0:40 ?
    ~ And what did you pour into your cup at 0:50? Is it almond or oat milk? Would love to try and make this drink at home ☺️

  31. your videos are always so relaxing! They start my mornings on the right foot 🙂

  32. you're so beautiful and I love your figure and your messages that you give us through the videos ♡ have a nice day, you sweetest potato! ♡

  33. Very sweet but I find it insulting to calling your employees children. As an apple employee our leaders address us as equals

  34. I look forward to your videos! Driven by faith, not fear…I second that. 😘💕🙌🏾

  35. I just found your channel while im trying to love myself more and to not pushing myself too hard 😭 your videos are calming and got me realize how the process is more important than the goals(being ambitious)

    Thank you so much rowena❤

  36. Love the video! And I’ve got a burning question: where did you get your sofa!

  37. Thank you so much for this video! Self care is extremely important. I also take walks with a coworker after lunch. It's been amazing for our health, being present, bonding and reducing stress.

  38. Dear Rowena this was so beautiful and super inspiring❤ i was feeling a bit down & worried and this comforted me so thank you so much 💕

  39. Your videos always help me keep calm and get back to work with a fresh mind and happy heart. Thank you, Rowena!

  40. help a growing youtuber

  41. perfect thing to watch today. i woke up early but feel late (was trying to get into the office as early as possible) and was frozen with anxiousness and overwhelm… remembered i had meant to watch this video and needed a way to get unfrozen. i'm still going to get there almost an hour early, but because of your video i realize its not that necessary. I can get to work just on time like the rest of the office. the world wont crumble if i do. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO.

  42. Thank you for de advice. Ill try to remember some of the things you said and try to apply it to my life!

  43. I wish you'd make this form of self-improvement genre into podcasts, It would be nice on a daily commute and I started taking notes while watching your videos

  44. I love jow your aesthetic is so bright and white. Im trying to convert to a more simple and clean lifestyle. By the end of this year i hope to accomplish my goals into transforming my life into something beautiful and full of growth! Love you 💕 stay safe!

  45. Just when the 🐛 thought the world was ending 😵 It turned into a 🦋!
    -please don’t quit on yourself!🥰
    -You Are Amazing 😉

  46. Random question but why do you have on the back on your phone that lets you into the subway ? A metro card? Someone please 🙏🏻

  47. At the end of the video the only shoes I want are your teammate’s Doc tbh! They’re so original! Super sweet video though ☺️

  48. I hope we’ll see a house tour soon, because your flat is stunning 🖤

  49. Your videos have inspired me so much and helped me so much in my battle with depression and my not so great relationship with food. I recently purchased Atomic Habits because of your videos and have started reading it! Thank you for your unique view on life and all the good vibes 🙂

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