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(phone rings) – 2:30 Would work yeah, right. – [Announcer] Is this you? Maybe this? This is all of us. Sometimes stress and work feel synonymous. But there is a better way. That’s Deepak Chopra. He’s here to help. – Okay, stop. – [Announcer] How did he do that? – I’m going to show you how
to meditate at your desk. Just stop. Remember the acronym. (ding) S, stands for stop. T, take three deep breaths and smile. O, observe the sensations in your body. P, proceed with compassion and awareness. So, Step one is stop. You get bad news and
you want to react, stop. – [Announcer] Okay, he didn’t say freeze. – Slow down. Step two, take three deep breaths. You can keep your eyes open. Count slowly, so inhale,
one, two, three, four. Stop, one, two, exhale. One, two, three, four, five, six. This is called the four two six breath. You immediately decrease
your breathing rate, and everything in your body relaxes. Step three, observe the
sensations in your body. To begin the process of mindful awareness, keep your feet firmly on the ground. And your legs uncrossed. Hands open, fingers pointing upwards, back relatively erect. Keep your eyes open and
just look around you. Notice shapes, colors, forms. But don’t label them, don’t
call that a phone or a desk just notice the colors, shapes, forms. Be aware of seeing. Now close your eyes. Just be aware of breath. And now shift your awareness, with your eyes closed to sound. Be aware of any sound including… (typing, pen clicking, phone rings) any sound that arises
and subsides in awareness And you can do the same
thing with any sensation in your body, sensation
of your hand on your lap, sensation of your skin
touching your clothes sensation of your feet in your shoes. Bringing awareness to any
experience in the present moment allows you to be independent
of the experience because the awareness of an experience
is intrinsically free from the experience. You could stop the meditation there but if you have more time then you could use the experience of being still and asking questions of yourself. So bring your awareness to your heart and mentally ask the question, Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose? What am I grateful for? Step four, proceed with
compassion and awareness. Before you finish meditation
however short or long it is, just take a few seconds
to relax into your body and then slowly open your eyes to the world of experience again. Step five, establish a regular routine. The benefits of meditation accrue if you have a regular practice everyday. And in the office, you can
set yourself reminders, maybe a calendar invite but
make it a regular practice and you’ll reap the benefits whether it’s lowering of blood pressure, or fine tuning your immune
system, or better sleep, everything comes when you
get in touch with yourself. – [Announcer] Maybe I’ll
skip my next meeting to stop and meditate instead. – You don’t need to skip the meeting, just go to it restfully alert and with awareness and at peace.

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  2. You STOP means your employer stops your job as well. Deepak has made millions selling snake oil.

  3. Christians, Muslims only pray but then later complain not being heard by God… little they know first pray then meditate to receive your blessings.

  4. wsj because indians sleep on the job this so meditating video will improve our productivity?

  5. Yeah, I think we all know that the guy is gonna skip the meeting.

  6. WSJ, why are you giving publicity to this Oprah has-been con man that was old news decades ago? And seriously, check out those fabulous spectacles he’s wearing. Borrowed them from his daughter? Act your age man!

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  8. We actually have a meditation room at my office. No food, tech, or sleeping allowed.

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