Devyani Vaishampayan – The Fall of the Employee – from Being Human #83

There used to be a time,
5 or 10 years ago, when almost 90% of the workforce
were full time employees. Today, I think we are far
more comfortable with interims, contractors, people
we bring in for short term use, but even then, typically
in most organizations, at least 70% of the organization
is still made up of full time employees. Over the next few
years, that number is expected to go down to 30%.
That is quite a big change. Over the next few years? Yes. Over the next five to seven years, we expect it
to go down to 30%. Wow. Because full time jobs will either get replaced
by machines, or the number of peak workers is going to
increase. The number of peak workers is going
to go up because a lot of the skills that
organizations need won’t be available in-house and
digital skills will be a big part of that.
And then also these platforms that I spoke of are making it
far more easier for people who have skills, who want
flexible work, to get connected to organizations.

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