Drive the Employee Voice .::. Vocoli

new ideas for a better workplace…ooh a suggestion box harm yeah I’ve got some concerns about
how are handling the press kits write it all down we’ll take care of it….you know one thing we
could do is look into drop shipping A successful organization thrives
on the contributions from its team but at a certain point the old system
for sharing ideas just can’t keep up failing to engage our team can put
you at a real disadvantage as your most valuable asset your staff
can have surprising insight on how to make your business run better smudged on up I’m gonna fix this unit numbers a
paramedic here you check out locally Oakley vocally is
a streamlined way to foster innovation and solutions from your team ok easily collaborate on ideas and
submit them to department heads to take action wanna solicit suggestions from your team
be a better system for handling the press kits something safe and efficient when a
company wide campaign to get fresh ideas vocally even showed how weak suggestion
is saving time and money if we drop ship the packages we’d save
money get the stuff delivered faster and have
fewer accidents contributors can even share credit for
their ideas and follow along with the progress at their submissions you can reward points to contributors
for the ideas that have an impact vocally is for all ideas big and small
and for all kinds of organizations for manufacturing to health care to
government agencies bypass during an environment where you
team could be heard you’ll increase the innovation that makes your business
crowd a great idea yeah help your team be vocal with

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