Driving Employee Engagement

Having an e-mail does not mean your employees are connected. A disconnected workforce doesn’t necessarily mean that employees are remote – or working in different offices It could mean that maybe we’re not offering enough training maybe we have too much software – maybe we don’t have enough software because at the end of the day a disconnected workforce is not productive. Engagement isn’t necessarily just talking about what’s happening at head office or whats happening in the office in Toronto. I think engagement means so much more, on aspects of.. How does an employee come to work, every day? and how do they feel, every day? Does an employee feel they have access to the right training? Does the employee have a voice in the company? I think engagement means more than that “Internal Communication” piece. I think where the thought process around engagement needs to go is really understanding that true lifecycle of an employee. When we bring them on board – do they feel good about being here? Do they feel comfortable with the training? Do they feel comfortable with their voice, and their opinions? Are they being heard? That is the truth behind engagement.. is being able to have that interconnectability. It’s not just “I’m engaged because I responded back to an e-mail”. It’s “I’m engaged because I just did a 15 minute video on how to create a new burger” and being able to get the feedback on that, is huge. Feeling like a family by not just being connected sitting behind a desk, but being able to sit at home and say “I’m going to check my phone out I want to see how they made out today at our new location in Dallas”. Those are the types of things that I think that we kind of forget about when we talk about engagement. It’s disruptive because we’re combining so many different systems in one place and making it so simple for the employee. As a leader, you always ask yourself “how do I make my employees happy?” “How do I make them better at what they do?” and “how do I make them more efficient?” by giving them a platform like iTacit and that is really how you can do it, is by connecting all of these disparate systems. Giving them the ability to feel like they’re part of the team, part of the family. Giving them access to training that makes them be better at their job, and that gives them a better sense of self-worth – being good at their job. Everyone wants to be good at what they do, so why not encourage and engage your employees to be doing something better?

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