Drug and Alcohol Abuse Training Video For Employees

Most people have had too much to drink at
least once in their lives.
? Unfortunately, people don’t always recognize the danger
of drinking alcohol… or using drugs. — They start out thinking that they are
in complete control… only to find themselves ruled by
the substances that they use.
? The term “substance abuse” can mean: — The overuse of alcohol.
— Misuse of over-the-counter medications and
prescription drugs. — Use of illegal drugs.
— “Huffing” chemicals that produce noxious vapors,
such as solvents, lighter fluid and glue. — Eating “magic mushrooms” and other toxic
plants. ? Substances that produce a “high” affect
how the central nervous system functions.
— Depressants, such as alcohol, marijuana and
tranquilizers, slow down brain activity. — Stimulants, including cocaine, crack and
methamphetamine, speed it up. — Narcotic analgesics, such as heroin, morphine
and OxyContin numb the senses.
— Hallucinogens like LSD alter the way that the brain
processes information. When
people think of substance abuse, they often
picture an addict living on the street.
— But the fact is that most abusers have jobs.
— They are frequently able to conceal their problem
from their employers, coworkers and even their families. 3
? Alcohol is by far the most commonly abused of all drugs.
— In the United States alone there are over 50 million
binge drinkers. — Nearly half of all serious workplace accidents
are caused by people drinking on the job.
— And 25,000 people die each year in alcohol-related vehicle crashes!
? Impairment starts with the first drink! — And after only a few drinks it’s extremely
unsafe to operate vehicles or machinery of any type.
? A person who is drunk may act irrationally, have
emotional outbursts… even become violent. — Although no one should be allowed behind
the wheel while they are intoxicated, it may not be
safe for you to try and get their keys.
— Notify your supervisor if a coworker who appears to
be under the influence is attempting to drive (call the
police if you are not on the job). ? Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal
drug, and is second only to alcohol in its frequency of
abuse. ? Like alcohol, marijuana is a depressant.
This makes it unsafe for a user to be working because marijuana:
— Impairs short-term memory. — Reduces the ability to concentrate.
— Affects coordination. — Slows reaction time.
? As with most illegal drugs, marijuana has a cumulative
effect. Over time, heavy users: — Develop a noticeable reduction in their
ability to function safely.
— Tend to lose ambition. — Often suffer from paranoia.
— Develop negative personality traits that can hurt their
chances for career advancement.4 ? People who smoke marijuana often drink alcohol
to increase the “high.”
— When a person is “doubly impaired” they are much
more likely to be involved in an accident. ? Combining drugs can also lead to an overdose.
— For instance, consuming alcohol with strong depressants, such as barbiturates and tranquilizers,
can be fatal. ? In the workplace, the most commonly overlooked
depressants are the chemicals that you may use every
day. — Breathing in fumes from aerosol cans,
glue or gasoline can cause immediate, irreversible
damage to your brain, lungs and respiratory tract.
— You have to be especially careful when working
around these substances, because it can be easy to
“get hooked” on the vapors and not even know it.

5 thoughts on “Drug and Alcohol Abuse Training Video For Employees

  1. "Magic mushrooms and other toxic plants."
    1) It's "psilocybin"…not "magic" mushrooms.
    2) It's a fungus, not a plant.
    3) The active alkaloid is NOT toxic. The LD50 rate is 280mg/kg…which is LESS toxic than caffeine(the most common workplace drug).
    I'm glad I work at a Website Design firm that is OK with me using marijuana while I work.
    Marijuana's effect on creativity is massive and extremely integral to my design work.
    Yet…I never drink alcohol.
    Illegality is not synonymous with harm.

  2. many good testimonial from alcohol abuse victims after they do some recovery program, this phone number may help you  855-414-0454 and they will assist you kindly

  3. ""Ruled by the substances that they use""
    We as a species are addictive beings. we addict not only to substances, we addict to music, sport, work, adventures explorations and knowledge of all sorts and worlds. and most of all we addict to each other !

  4. today, because im good mates with my number dept 2, i found out i had been wrongly reported by some clown in my company… apparently they went to HR and said i smell of booze.. in the lift. This may have been alcoholic hand-wash they smelt that i often use. Luckily my dept no 2 backed me to hilt, saying he sees me everyday and would have smelt it himself. Think its been retracted now… but i better check its not on my record. I would never drink before work. Having said that, people from my company go to pub at lunch and drink sometimes when they have a meal… especially senior people… so not really totally sure where they're going with it! That said I ride a motor vehicle to work, and just wouldn't be drinking!!

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