Dwight’s Daycare – The Office

59 thoughts on “Dwight’s Daycare – The Office

  1. identity theft is not a joke Jim! Millions of people suffer from it every year!

  2. Hey, I've made a JOKER Trailer featuring Dwight Schrute. I'd really appreciate it if you can take a look at it.


  3. Question : did they end this finding cece's daycare storyline? It wasn't Dwight's daycare or poop dude, so where?

  4. Liberals ruined this world with how sensitive they are so we'll probably never get a reboot of the Office

  5. In the dark… two men…. one plastic toy doll…..
    Dwight: I see this as an absolute win!

  6. I gurantee that dwight was harvesting baby skulls to use as mallets for his beets

  7. " That shouldn't have been there I'm embarrassed "
    Jim : don't beat yourself up

  8. i love how dwight smiles when jim locks him and mose lol it adds to much to the scene.

  9. No matter what kind of mood Jim is in he never gives up a chance to mess with Dwight.🤣😂

  10. Mose is future Khabib that is out of shape decides to grow old in a farm and learn to speak american.

  11. "Welcome, children.
    "Were you painting in the dark?"
    "*zooms in*"
    Literally the funniest 5 seconds ive ever seen on a tv show

  12. I think Mose would be perfect for a day care teacher… he’s essentially a child himself 😂

  13. I watch the full episodes and then watch the scenes from that same episode on Youtube while reading the commments incase i missed a laugh

  14. Some of the best Michael Schur performance here as Mose. One of my favorite bits of that season! The poster, the paint, the boring FUN FUN, the eye chart. It’s great!

  15. Any baby coming out of there is either in pieces or the next grand dictator.

  16. Pam's Motherly instincts: Oh we don't need a tour my child is not staying here

    Jim's mess with Dwight instincts: Let's take the tour Pam

  17. Spoiler alert: About the third time through The Office, you really start to dislike Jim. You realize that he was, essentially, just a bully who pranked socially awkward members of the office as a ham-fisted way of ingratiating himself with a girl who was engaged.

  18. He works with Dunder Mifflin, he owns a farm, he owns the building and he has to take care of both of them too I just have one question when does Dwight sleep

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