100 thoughts on “Elizabeth Banks Made “Charlie’s Angels” To Celebrate Women At Work

  1. i love how the Angels are still sexy, just not in a 'pure exploitation' kind of way

  2. Hmm she said Bosley was played by different actors in the tv show – is that correct? I watched that show as a kid, and I don't ever remember there being another Bosley – according to imdb, David Doyle played him in all 110 episodes. Was there a single episode or something, where they introduced another Bosley?

  3. Omg, Elizabeth Banks is my hero and exactly who I'd be if I could be a better version of me. Elizabeth, if you read this…please help me fund an out of body pregnancy. I want my genes but I don't wanna do the whole ordeal. You're doing the dream!!



  5. Ooh she such a delightful dorky beauty!!! Bring her back Sir Colbert! She’s amazing.

  6. Those nerds in sexy skins! Awesome! I have the inside and outside nerd combo.

  7. …am i the only one who thought the character she was playing came across as really obnoxious and intrusive?

  8. With how many actresses and actors write and produce and direct, I don’t like how talk show hosts act like it’s such a great achievement for an actor/actress to do something in entertainment that isn’t acting.

  9. Stephen Colbert is such a wealth of culture and knowledge… has he been officially recognized as a National Treasure yet?

  10. I love it when Stephen Colbert geeks out.

    And man! Elizabeth Banks is such a delight!

  11. 'Women at Work" ? Or "Woman Working for a Man Who Calls Them 'His Angels'"…. wow female liberation here we come

  12. No, she wasn't; Elizabeth Banks was inspired by the way "Charlie's Angels" was already a proven franchise/brand, and therefore there was an excellent chance that stoopit people would spend money on her stoopit movie.

  13. Such an inspiring understatement: "I just looked around and thought, 'Maybe I have more to offer? I don't know…maybe?'" If those words speak to you, hustle for that dream, and don't be afraid to fail.

  14. She has great chemistry with all late night show hosts. Glorious interviews with Craig Ferguson.

  15. I really like Stephen but sometimes it seems like he pulls too much attention toward himself. That is general rule with American hosts – they are (or want to be) bigger stars than their guests. But Stephen doesn't do that so often as others, he's got class. Still…

  16. She's the best. She was the only thing that made the Power Rangers movie watchable because she was the only one who knew not to take it seriously. If anyone can pull of a Charlie's Angels reboot, she can.

  17. What is it with actresses/actors nowadays all looking 20 years younger than they are. There's gotta be some new biomedical technology out there that they're keeping under wraps, probably still experimental/illegal. I'm not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories, but something is going on.

  18. 'Its about stories that werent being told' … and so she made Charlie's Angels 😂

  19. Man I would love to eat Elizabeth Banks out! I betcha she tastes so delicious! Followed by the best sex ever!

  20. Beautiful interview, so relaxed and it's like they were both eager to talk to each other lol

  21. Stephen's wife has been registering for new accounts to give this video as many dislikes as she could

  22. Believing and supporting women AND men as long as they're not narcissistic sociopaths out to ruin other people's lives sans any remorse.

  23. My "Charlie's Angel" hero was Brenda Starr.. for those who grew up seeing her in the comic section, with the full head of red hair, and perfect sexy body…

  24. holywood now making remakes of reamkes of tv shows. Barrel bottom, you have been scraped!

  25. if she was married to a brotha, she would not be having any children via surrogacy

  26. She’s the best. Her involvement is the number one reason I have faith in the new Charlie’s Angels.

  27. Elizabeth Banks has been my celebrity crush for more than a decade! Funny and beautiful… perfect!

  28. This is why people hate feminism: they made modern women movies such as the new Terminator, Captain Marvel, and this new reboot "celebrate" rather than "tell a story"

  29. Come on, fellow Americans, learn how to pronounce "oeuvre". It's not "oo-vrah".

  30. Propaganda goblins watch this show and believe everything Colbert has to say. Late shows are classified as entertainment silly propaganda goblins. So entertaining ! The earth is going to end in 11 yrs right Greta. Stephen Colbert quote: you should lie to your children because Trump is going to push the button. LOL ! Transgenders in g strings with their balls hanging out reading stories to your children at storytime in public school is a good thing. You left wing propaganda goblins have lost your minds. Colbert never bothered to tell you his kids go to private schools.

  31. Elizabeth Banks and Stephen Colbert singing a duet is something I never knew my life was missing.

  32. Charlie’s angles another feminist plot conspiracy hope it bombs like ghostbusters 2016

  33. Yet another get woke go broke. After Ghost Busters, Ocean 8, Dark Fate and Star wars, when will they learn ? Nothing to see here. Besides " All I can think of is that scene in 40 year old virgin with her in the tub ". – Flame Beats

  34. Man you can really massacre a French word when you want. I had to listen several times to get that you were saying "Oeuvre". You pronounce it like "ouvre", which means "open". Think of it like "uh-vre". That would be more like it. Patrick Stewart's uh-vre.

  35. So she chose Charlie's Angels to promote women in the workplace? Come on now! Enough is enough!

  36. I love Elizabeth Banks. I love Stephen Colbert. They sing "Pilate's Dream" from JCS? I'm in heaven. Thank you for bringing joy into my heart. 💜🎸🎶

  37. Please get Patrick Stewart on the show! =)
    Please like this comment to get Stephen to notice it..

  38. I'm so sick of women pretending like they're not represented in film! You make up half of the population! What else do you think you need to take over?

  39. i can't believe this is Elizabeth Bank's first time at TLSWSC! WHAAA?! Get your poo together Stephen! This lady is gold!!!

  40. Yay gender equality! Ark Angel Bosley. This interview is so dorky, the audience is almost silent for most of it.

  41. Celebrate women at work? The vast majority of workplace deaths are men because no woman is choosing to do a dangerous job. 97% of sanitation workers are men. Where’s your affirmative action for that one, feminists?

    You’re celebrating a bunch of affirmative action office hires for women who don’t have important jobs and should be at home raising children, which is a much more important job and use of their skills then any job they made up for women in an office just to say “look we hired women!”

  42. Wait. A crass, commercial decision to do a remake, of a remake, of a remake is being justified as feminism…yep, sounds like 21st Century feminism to me.

  43. Elizabeth Banks is awesome. I look forward to all the wonderful things she'll do in the future.

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  45. "I thought I could bring something new to the table…. here's another Charlies Angels film"

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