Elizabeth Foster: A Bank of America Small Business Owner

Women still face a lot of problems when starting
a business. The percentage of women’s small businesses
is huge and definitely on the increase. So those women need to be taken seriously. Super:
Elizabeth Foster Founder, Maison Visionnaire
President, National Association of Women Business Owners NYC
Bank of America Customer I’m Elizabeth Foster, I’m the founder of Maison
Visionnaire and I’m also the president of NAWBO New York City. Maison Visionnaire is a home fragrance company. We specialize in scented art diffusers. When I first came to America, the bank that
opened the door to me was Bank of America. They actually offered me a credit card, which
completely changed everything. I’m very proud of the work that I’ve done,
but I’m also really proud of what I do with NAWBO. NAWBO is the National Association of Women
Business Owners. We support women growing their businesses,
anything from a solopreneur up to a multimillion-dollar business. Bank of America supports NAWBO in various
ways. One is that they are a sponsor of the national
conference, and another is that they’re a supporter of the national and all of the
local chapters. One of the best parts about being in the NAWBO
community are the amazing women that I meet and that I connect with both on a personal
level and on a business level. I would like the power to support women business
owners to have an equal place, and support them in growing their businesses. End Card:
What would you like the power to do? Bank of America logo
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