Ellen and Chris Hemsworth’s Office Surprise

Well, as you probably know today is
National Administrative Professionals Day or as I call it Nappy D.>>[LAUGH]
>>So even though we’re on the lot here, there are a lot of people who work,
who don’t get to meet celebrities. There are buildings all over the place. And since Chris Hemsworth
plays an administrative professional in the new
Ghostbusters movie. I invited him to help me surprise some
people who work hard, very, very, very hard every day. Take a look.>>We’re gonna go surprise some people for
Administrative Professional Day. Did you know that it was today?>>I do now.>>Yes, me too. Okay, so we’re gonna surprise
somebody who’s a huge fan, all right? Let’s sneak, okay?>>Sneak?
>>Yeah, duck down cuz there’s a door Okay.>>Lower. Lower. Just lower. I don’t want them to see you. Lower. Just a little bit lower. Okay, let’s go.>>It hurts my knees.>>Quieter.>>Okay. [MUSIC]>>Yeah, we’re in residuals only.>>Hi, how are you doing?>>How are you?>>My. Are you kidding?>>No, we’re not. Happy Administrative Professionals Day.>>How are you? Nice to meet you.>>My God, this is amazing.>>How’s it going?
>>It is amazing, isn’t it?>>So yeah, we knew that you like
Chris cuz I snoop around at night. I do a lot of cleaning at night. So, he’s actually gonna take care
of you today since you’re so used to taking care of other people. So have a seat, he’s gonna massage you.>>[LAUGH]
>>Quick massage?>>Yeah, quick massage.>>Any tense areas in particular? Harder?
More pressure? More?
>>Harder? You want oil? What do you want? Anything?>>Oil, elbow?
>>Can we get naked?>>He’s gonna get
>>Naked? Okay.>>He’s married, you know that.>>I know.
>>Of course.>>And you have beautiful children,
by the way.>>Thank you.
>>When you said, can we get naked, did you mean me?>>Sure.
>>Okay.>>That’s right, you okay?>>Threesome?>>[LAUGH] Wow, your’re a little kinky. Do you want coffee? Do you want a head massage?>>No.>>No? I love a head massage,
how can you turn a head massage down?>>On the ears?
How about the ears? A little here.>>The ears are good, right?
When they give you an ear>>Just like that?>>Yeah.
>>Doesn’t that feel good? Alright.>>This is unbelievable.>>[LAUGH]
>>What’s going on in there?>>What’s going on in there?>>So keep it down in here
we’re trying to do some stuff.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Very busy in here.>>I’m naked.>>[LAUGH]
>>We’re all naked. [NOISE]>>[LAUGH]
>>Say>>Take this off too.>>Take this off too.>>More?
More or less?>>Harder.>>Harder.
More? Faster?>>One of the reasons we did this was
because he plays a secretary in the new Ghostbuster’s Movie. Did you know that?>>Yeah I did.>>So what we thought you should
go to the premier in New York so we’re going to fly you there. [APPLAUSE]
>>We’re gonna send you there. Hotel, airfare, everything. You’ll probably stay in Chris’ room.>>[LAUGH]
>>I don’t have to take my husband, right?>>More massage. No.
>>No, you’re not gonna, and he’s not taking his wife.>>Good.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Chris, Remember how we said we’re gonna ask him to do the limbo.>>My God.
>>Yeah! [MUSIC]>>Wow. [INAUDIBLE]
>>Happy administrative professional day and
would you rather have cake or tequila?>>Tequila [LAUGH]
>>That’s what I thought.>>To you guys.
>>Cheers, everybody.>>Cheers.>>Nice.>>Hug? A little massage?>>I’m never showering again [LAUGH]
>>Thank you.>>Thank you.>>Goodnight everybody.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So, my new friends from the residual
department are here today. Did you have fun?>>It was the best day of my life.>>I bet.>>Having two beautiful people
in my cubicle was amazing.>>Aw, you’re so sweet.>>And I was so
>>Surprised.>>You were so much fun. We didn’t know what to expect but
you were so much fun. But you had fun. You didn’t want the cake. You wanted the tequila.>>We wanted the bottle of tequila.>>We took the bottle with us. We just gave you those little shots.>>We looked for it.>>Well then, it’s never too late. Where’s the tequila? Send it up. [APPLAUSE]
Now remember, you are professionals, remember that.>>[LAUGH]
when you’re doing my residuals in there. All right, we’ll be back.

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