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  1. Which faction should I do a Guide for next?!?! ('like' to vote below)

  2. They are a bit weak I found them lacking in most cases until I brought up the hand gunners and let loose at the cost of a few friendly models.

  3. Flaggellants as a bait unit is a great tactic in campaign, because the AI is dumb enough to take it.

  4. Hammer and anvil them until the trolls come home.

    Then hammer and anvil the trolls until they go away again and do some more hammer and anvil

  5. The only MAJOR thing I have against this game is that you can't actually send 10000 Flagellants to attack your enemy as Franz in the campaign.

  6. I always thought Flaggents were useless. But what you did was genius. 😊👏

  7. So confused ou have so many more units than i do in my roster, is there like a DLC or something?

  8. Timestamps
    Army Traits – 0:30
    Main Strategies – 2:05
    Lords – 5:20
    Heroes – 7:26
    Infantry – 9:50
    Missile Units – 12:31
    Cavalry – 14:10
    Skirmisher Cavalry – 16:10
    Artillery – 16:58

  9. The irritating thing about the Emp is that their infantry units aren't really capable of holding a static line; especially the low tier. This makes hammer and anvil tactics difficult to pull off, in my experience.

    The cav often gets bogged down in duels with enemy cav, and by the time they win, the infantry are either routing, or on the verge of it.

  10. How do you beat vampire coast with this faction? Their ranged game is so opressive. =(

  11. Why is Volkmar never invited to parties, because of his uncontrollable flagellants.

  12. Your guides are very good! Enjoy watching them. Just got the game and enjoying my vampire campaign.

  13. Once I get an army made of tanks I go full Phil Swift on the enemy. Especially the undead.


  14. This video is well done my man congrats.

    The is i wanna point out tho is astheticly empire feels so good. You feel like you are a human trying to hold off monsters orcs vampires giant with tactics and gumpowder. Every battle i play as empire feels uplifting even when i lose. Your take on last battle was amazing however i was already blown away by those cannons firing at giants and demons and shit.

  15. wonder if in the future the empire can get more units
    Imperial Ogres: Monstrous Infantry recruit-able only from Ostland
    Halflings: Stealthy archers with stalk and vanguard deployment but have low health and very poor melee stats recruitable only from The Moot
    White Wolves: A high strength Armour piercing melee cavalry armed with two handed warhammers

  16. have you ever considered redoing your earlier videos like this one into the ones for the TWW2 factions? it's just that in your green skin and chaos video it got very distracting when the illustration of the unit doesn't move with your explaination

  17. I have been watching your videos regarding on what and what not to do on Warhammer as the Empire. I don't have the DLC, but I did managed to score seven victories out of 18 battles. Although I did model the formations from my previous experience in historical titles as I used the Swedish pike and shot formation in all the battles.

  18. 1 general, 10 tanks, 2 jade wizard, 4 hand gunners, 3 hellstorm rockets, you are good to go.

  19. thank you, i needed this. it showed me just how much i didnt know and how much i was doing wrong

  20. You're using the units well, no doubt, but pretty much every other faction has better infantry than the humans, i mean Chaos, Norsca, Orcs, Dwarfs, Vampires, they all got units that slaughter regular spearmen and swordsmen in a siege for example and i think thats the big minus of the empire(/Bretonia)

  21. "This action does not have my consent" Karl Franz on the actions of Karl franz

  22. You could have said the Halls of Sigmar or something, but noooo, come on guys, let’s all go over to Sigmar’s house, his mom lets him watch R rated movies

  23. 8:04 – "Or you could plunk him on a horse and getting him to go and pimp-slap some wizards" – Best line in this video. 😉

  24. I never knew that magic lores were effective against certain races. Like beast lore being more effective against Chaos. That was really surprising.

  25. I had the Lumiarch in the campaign, Archaon as barreling towards my line, I had missed him, I thought I was screwed, then a big golden blast hits him (my Luminarch was fire at will) it took 3/4 of his health in one shot, Franz flew in and finished him, it was so funny and I wish I had saved the replay.

  26. ''For the Empire!! TO SIGMAR'S HOUSE!!!''

    -Annonymous flagellant before getting his ass butchered. circa 2520.

  27. Can someone help, please???

    From the Lords & Heroes window it says I have THREE lords not leading an army and available to recruit, however they do not appear in the Recruit Lord section at all, no matter what city I attempt to recruit them from. Very frustrating!


  28. whats missing was some advice on positioning the gunners with their direct arc of shooting.. I guess if you cant sit them on a small hill then you have to flank with them.

  29. The Empire's army really reminds me of Attack On Titan. They'd be great for defending the walls!

  30. 5:41 prepares cheese sandwich accelerator that accelerates Cheese sandwiches to 20 km/s

  31. also now with all of the dlc's and Warhammer 2 now in affect will there be a update for these vids?

  32. No no no you see the infantry needs to be explained as below average, not average. When my swordsmen can barley hold off naked orcs….you know their is a problem. Hell my Greatswords get massacred when I use them against monsters, or orc boyz

  33. 2:50 Goddamnit the infantry animations are terrible. Sure I get that monsters would have over the top animations but seeing realistically portrayed human infantry flail around like that sucks. I'm not asking for sync kills but I wish they would atleast block and stagger responsively to getting hit and such.

  34. I love the empire this prefect tactic to sit on the hill when luminarch and hellblasters destroying enemies when halbearders and great swords are holding the line

  35. I always wondered how the humans are supposed to hold up with all the other factions in Warhammer. I mean every ordinary ork is like a 7 foot bodybuilder, what are ordinary dudes supposed to do against that?

  36. I know you might not read this comment since video is old but what hot keys do you use and did you change any? I’m thinking of making my space bar the pause or slow down button, P just doesn’t make much since but your videos have really helped me a lot on this game and I’ve finally been able to enjoy a total war game since medieval 2 total war

  37. I find that the Empire is a decent faction at the start, but they kind of suck when Chaos shows up. If you work on confederating with all the imperial factions, Archaon will probably make you regret it.

  38. I believe that skirmisher cavalry is vastly underrated in ANY total war game, i feel like they should be give more attention that what it’s being given now. The number one problem i see people do with skirmisher cavalry is use it mainly as a pseudo missile unit, now i understand why they would do that, even i use to do that, but i now see the purpose of skirmisher cav, IT’S TO SKIRMISH. With skirmisher cav, you can send them to harrass the enemy and wittle down their numbers so that your infantry will have a better time. ALSO, skirmisher cavalry is great when you combine with shock cav or melee cav (mostly melee cav) cause once your skirmishers have run out of ammo or is in danger of being caught in melee by the enemy cav or infantry, you can send in your melee cav to busy themselves with the enemy units, and the reason why i say melee cav instead of shock cav is cause that you can send one unit of melee cav to distract a unit or two of infantry so that your infantry will habe less infantry to handle, making their job easier, and melee cav can stay alive in combat for long periods of time. So by the time they rout or get destroyed, YOUR infantry will destroy THEIR infantry and you can now focus on taking down the rest of their army. So Skirmisher cav and melee cav can make a great combo.

  39. one good alternative to replace the slow and need protection artillery (other than the expensive steam tank) is the grenade launcher cav, and the campaign exclusive ones have armor piercing too, decent but not cheap

  40. That's why I love the Empire and am an Empire main. Masters of none but Experts at all. I've been fighting along side ol' Franz since TW:W1 and I still learn a thing or 2 and you sir Zerkovich have helped a lot.

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