Employee Benefits: Costco vs. Sam’s Club

cosco is their company that is credited by a lot of progressives
liberals democrats the center for being good to their boys your betsy why uh… and in fact there c_e_o_ craig
though john i came out and said you know what you got a raise
the minimum wage here we should raise it to not the nine dollars a president while
wants that ten dollars and ten cents felt when’s the last time you saw the
c_e_o_ of a major corporations say reason minimum wage almost although she was it outflow ordered has three that’s right but as the signal raise the minimum wage
ten dollars and ten cents per k so what time uses perfect let’s update has said categorically market so in this last quarter they probably
was a ton of money right to karate and bob made five hundred and
thirty seven million dollars that is profit not reminisced profit
brigade and that’s popped into the ninety four
million dollars last year’s did better and better so what happened i thought that you had to be cool and
heartless and pressure workers to make a profit turns up not the case invite you might be able to turn a
profit even if you break your boots you know they give not only full-time workers health care
benefits but part-time workers at least or is that we go to show work others are talking are laura
carlson your part time so i think you know what their benefits for tonight kiss you good luck to help you but not these now boiler where when i’m done with this so what does the average salary cosco
especially compared to for example sam’s club which is run by wal-mart unobtrusive loaded this in twenty eleven that responsible worker thousand dollars that average sam’s club worker seventeen
thousand four hundred eighty six though home essential item antic difference but obviously the bags and tear
employees will occur never had to turn a profit except they don’t ido show you
the five hundred thirty seven million dollars in private they made in just one
quarter you know there are four of those in here don’t believe the height you could be great eerie employees you
can be a decent human being and still make a great prophet in the
system here on a good business

100 thoughts on “Employee Benefits: Costco vs. Sam’s Club

  1. "a personal opinion not opinion of walmart"

    Except he said "we" and he stated this while presenting Wal-Mart's outlook, to include other strategies the company was taking on, icreased ehalth benefits, decreased environmental foot print, etc. And the Spokeswoman for the company parroted it:

    "she said Scott spoke out again Wednesday in order to make clear that WAL-MART's position was unchanged."

    Explain why they would say this, why they supported raising the minimum wage. Do you understand why?

  2. That's if you are sicker. If you are healthy, you have a lower wage than you would normally have because you are being provided healthcare. Not to mention the fact that employer based healthcare is the central issue of the US heathcare system.

  3. You can easily subsidize regulatory costs, and workers wages to help mitigate any unfair burdens on smaller businesses.

  4. subsidies are counter-productive. Businesses are supposed to adhear to supply & demand, they can't do that if they're their getting a sizable part of their income from Gov't.

    Further, there hasn't been a single subsidy yet they didn't inevitably go to big business. The ones from the Great Depression are still around, and support multi-million farming corps, they were never cancelled because of their own lobbying power.

  5. Okay maybe not for worker wages, but I think Subsidies wouldn't be a problem for regulatory costs for small businesses.
    What if their was a progressive minimum wage? ex: $4 for small businesses, $7 for medium sized business, and $10 for large business.

  6. "What if their was a progressive minimum wage?"

    There's still two problems, first, Government cannot legislate wealth, the sum outcome will always be higher unemployment, because you are making the cost of employment go up.

    Second, many businesses which are at the margin to becoming a "medium" or "large" business, will abdicate becoming larger, because they don't want to take on the added cost. Just as Sarbanes-Oxley discouraged many from going public.

  7. I think the gov should have some sort of standard when it comes to wages, and with a 'progressive 'wage system, smaller businesses wont be hit with such high labor costs. I think it would be better than the national, across the board minimum wage that we have now.
    I dont buy the argument that a 'medium' sized company would purposely stunt its growth just so that they wont have to pay a couple extra dollars to each of their employees.

  8. Cont.
    Someone who makes 40 grand still wants to make 250 grand even if it means paying a little more in taxes. I mean of course there is a limit(who the fuck wants to pay like 50+ percent) but thats what I think..

  9. " think the gov should have some sort of standard when it comes to wages,"

    Wages are dictated by the value of human capital each worker provides, Gov't can do nothing to change that short of imprisoning or killing people off and making that capital less available.

    The value each worker provides does not change regardless of wage, and if that value runs short of what they cost the company to be there, they will be let go, hence why every time the minimum wage was raised, Unemployment spiked.

  10. Honestly, if labor unions had more clout in the US, I think there would be no need for a minimum wage. Like Singapore for example. They don't have a national minimum wage. Instead workers collectively bargain with employers to negotiate wages.

  11. "I dont buy"

    Again Sorbanes-oxley, business have skewed going public or organizing as a C corporations, even though it would have been advantageous for them to do so, because they didn't want to take on the added costs.

    For a more Apropos comparison, this is already happening in regards to Healthcare. Thanks to the ACA businesses have skewed growing bigger than 49 workers. Whether were speaking of Wages or benefits, it makes no difference, the business will act the same, as they're both costs.

  12. "labor unions"

    Are no solution. I worked for Teamsters with UPS, turns out I got paid 5/hr more in a similar line of work, nigh-the same benefits, with non-Unionized Fed Ex.

    Unions are corporations who hold up SPECFIC paradigms even to the point where they have become obsolete. That's why GM had 1,000s of workers just sitting around playing cards, even as the company was going bankrupt.

    Unions need to have their influenced tempered by fiscal realities, if they don't, they run amuck.

  13. You may have a point about the ACA, but I think Healthcare is a little different than hourly wages.

  14. On average, union workers make more than non-unionized workers, so its odd that you made 5 bucks less in Fed Ex. I think Unions do make significant cuts in wages when their company faces fiscal hardships. Not always, I agree, but for the most part they do.

  15. "union workers make more"

    So do people who work for foreign corporations in the U.S., the difference, is that companies like Toyota are growing, while GM is in the toilet.

    The fact is, the paradigm of the economy has changed. We are moving away from the top-down industrial model that began in the 19th century, to one that is more decentralized, more personalistic. Instead of the GM worker, we'll be like the freelance Graphic Artist who buys benefits on their own, not through their employer.

  16. Only to the extent that Businesses can allocate part of the costs of employee Healthcare through the tax system meant subsidize it.

    Beyond that, Worker compensation is worker compensation, costs are costs, and if those costs make a choice untenable, or dirty it enough so they can't reasonably predict what their new liabilities will look like, they won't got through with it.

  17. Wow, you talk as if you've never heard of the terms: 'Worker's Rights' and 'Unions'. Well when people have more money, they spend on better quality products and when they're not living hand to mouth, they won't buy crap from walmart because they can afford to do so. People should be paid to the objective value of their labor. If that objective value is $100 p/h then so be it. Worker's need to earn a living wage, that is raised when inflation is raised, and that increases when profits are up.

  18. If the worker's are organized, in Unions or what have you then they can fight layoffs, or a decent or government would make such layoffs illegal. Btw, if Republicans, right-wingers, Capitalists don't want people to be on welfare, then how about they give people some decent jobs with decent pay and conditions?

  19. *SIGH* The Costco CEO can raise THEIR workers pay to $25 an hour if they want, and if it means they have to charge $50 for a case of soda, I'm going to go somewhere I can buy it for less.

  20. Perhaps the Costco worker was better qualified, had more experience, and maybe even, *gasp* spoke English. Go ahead, raise the min wage to $10 an hour. Then companies will hire fewer people, and teenagers whose skills are only worth $8 an hour will be priced out of jobs. Min-wage jobs are not supposed to be careers. If it is, then go and make something of yourself, then companies will HAVE to pay you more because you have unique skills. That's called competition. Live with it!

  21. No company pays workers more because they're just "good guys," they do it because certain workers have unique talents, skills, and work ethic and are valuable to the employer. #1 law of economics – ANY service or good is worth exactly as much as people are willing to pay for it. Any good company knows that happy employees are good and loyal employees. I'm sure Costco is a better place to work than Walmart too, but it's all about bettering yourself and making yourself competitive.

  22. Ignorant comments? We're talking about economics here. Higher wages = more cost = higher prices. I'm surmising from your total lack of English skills and ignorance of Economics 101 that you must yourself either be a Wal-mart worker or an Obama supporter. Possibly both. In which case you'll take your $7.25 an hour and like it. Good day sir.

  23. I've never heard of any current or former employee complain about Costco. However, I've heard of many legitimate complaints about the way Wal-Mart has treated employees. What is the difference between Wal-Mart and Sam's Club?

  24. You mischaraterise what Ohloveeh said. He/she indicates that there's a threshold where workers earn a good living wage, AND the results of their labour manifests itself in the form of affordable commodities and services; such is the case with Costco, in case you hadn't been paying attention to the video.

  25. so you are going to deny that that is what is happening because you are worried about inflation… something that you only see when the interest rate is high…

    we are currently enjoying historically low interests rates.

  26. Actually, you're not using any logic in your blathering post. Try to follow. Costco pays a higher wage on the idea they will get better workers. If you've ever been behind the scenes with a bunch of minimum wage workers, you see a lot of things that have a negative impact on the business. This is why I don't eat at places like McDonald's. It's amazing what unhappy workers do to your food. Anyhow, the other upside to a decent wage is that the money gets spent in the economy.

  27. I highly question Cyenk's (or is it Costco's?) claim on the average salary. I would bet there is some big time accounting trick for that. A Costco employee actually can cap out on their hourly wage but they do get a bonus to make up for no more raises. However, half of Costco employees must be part time, thus making many employees actually earn poverty level income. That figure must include management in the store which will definitely skew the figure.

  28. Major corporations benefit from a higher minimum wage. The higher the minimum wage, the less competition from start up businesses since they can't afford to pay their employees that. Minimum wage is also a price floor, and price floors cause surpluses. In this case the surplus would be workers, so we would have higher unemployment.

  29. I truly feel spoiled by what Costco has to offer employees. I love working for Costco!! When a company takes care of its employees and treats them with respect, you can see the difference in work ethic. There's no reason to give employees only what you're required by law to provide. Employees are investments into the betterment of your company. But that's just what I believe.

  30. Any what? Evidence that what Costco said isn't what they meant? No I don't, because that's not what I asserted. In fact, you did… Which is why I said that in the first place.

  31. I will not renew at Sam's in favor of Costco because of ethics.

  32. Costco appears to have taken a page from Adolf Hitler's ethics. Germany was turned around in six years by giving workers their fair share. If you watch "Greatest story never told" on You-tube (runs for more than two hours) you will learn that Germany was attacking the financial system of the world elite and that this brought war upon Germany. All these wars in the middle east are caused by the super wealthy and bankers. Get rid of them and save the world.

  33. same with Costco, costco pays extremely well, so well that the Shareholders were staring to complain that they company cares more about its workers than the investors on wall street!!

  34. I <3 working for Costco's. Just did my 5th year & got my raise. I'm making $16/hr Mon-Sat & $24/hr on Sundays. I get GREAT Health Benefits. I work hard & get well paid for it. Now I can't say the same for Sam's Club but when I tell Workers who work for Wal-Mart that I work for Costco they tell me how to get a job there…lol it's funny, considering that I had a Sams Club worker trying to get me to Work for them & I implied that I work for Costco's smiled & went on my merry way, lol..ahh

  35. don't feel that way because if your employees and you get hurt on the job they don't want to have nothing to do with you

  36. yesss, costco workers make their customers fell safe and not confused … well we all know we love the pizza there

  37. Topped-out employees get raises almost every year. Only $.25 or $.50 an hour, but the bonuses are nice. As is the time-and-a-half on Sundays. I'm a topped-out hourly/non-management employee, and I make quite a bit more than the average stated in the video. Oh, and 5+ weeks of paid vacation, plus 7 paid holidays.

  38. The central bank the fed in the USA loan out 16 trillion you see why the
    the dollar has loss 98% value they are buying 85 billion in debt each mo
    and its been going on for years and has rates at 0 to 2015
    the fed took the money power from the government and people on dec 23 1913 the fed act .

  39. im currently trying to get my foot in the door at costcos. from the looks of it, i'd say that they really take care of their employees. i could even go as far as to say that they put their employees before the customers. thats actually a good thing because without the workers, there would be no company in the first place. you take care of your workers and you'll get ethical results. cant speak for OTHER companies out there

  40. The want a rise in minimum wage to squeeze mom and pop shops out of businesss.

  41. Besides if you can't pay your one or two employees 10.10 an hour then you don't deserve to have your own business.

  42. Way to Go Treat your employees with Dignity and Respect and Success is a Must thank's mr Jim Senegal CEO Costco corporation retired as of 2012,great company to work my wife works for Costco in her 15 years and proud employee she is God Bless Costco Corporation *
    Walmart and Sams and many other companies must learn to treat your employees any where in the world with Dignity and respect i would not shop on dirty scams bags stores as those crooks the Waltons crap to disgrace *

  43. My question is, is the healthcare paid for by the store or does it come out of the employee salary? My employer (a big box store) has "benefits", it costs $1200 month for a family of 3. More than what I make in a month.

  44. hey idiot the only thing to say is you would never make it anywhere with stupid comments like this. Know what you are talking about then speak, you must be talling out your ass because all you are talking is shit

  45. I just got hired at costco. everyone there gets a minimum of 25 hours a week or more if they choose. benefits(401k) kick in at 90 and 180 days (medical) for part time employees.

  46. Costco rules!!!!! Idgaf if they" bad" to employess on some shit lmao. They are awesome. They gave me a job and I'm only 14 1/2. I'm so blessed. Praise this place lol they pay me super good, and i get paid every week. Just brilliant.

  47. Costco starts at $11.50 per hour across the board. That's not penny pinching.

  48. I work at Walmart as a Sales Associate and I started at $8.10 an hour, a year later I am only make 50 cents more…

    I am so jealous at Costco but also so VERY happy and proud to know that there is a company that treats employees so well and like human beings. Walmart has a lot to learn from Costco and I hope one day I can make the jump and work at Costco as well. Costco may be a smaller family than Walmart, but it's still a better one.

  49. $45000 a year?! That's a salary that people go to college for! That's more than most teachers!

  50. Check out our rap about Costco!

    Wholesale Paradise – Youngfoolaz (Costco RAP)

  51. Sam's Club and Costco are both good places to work each offer a better amount then some other places for the low income jobs. Should be glad some places like this offer good benefits maybe others may learn from Costco one day!

  52. I wanna work for Costco, after I get back to San Diego from Brazil.

  53. Costco has better prices, cleaner stores and they are more of an asset to the economy because they pay their employees a decent wage. Costco invests their profits back into their employees..Walmart spends 1 bill a year on advertising instead.

  54. I got a job I work at Costco but not for Costco I am a demo person I start next week I work for CDS.

  55. Publix runs a similar model. Yes, their prices are higher, but the ppl shop there because the employees are much happier

  56. I'm having a job interview tomorrow at Costco, wish me luck!! 😀

  57. I don't shop at stores on the base of how they treat their workers. Because 1. They're lucky to have jobs and 2. I don't give a shit, quit and go work somewhere else if you're being treated like shit.

  58. Costco is a great company and treat their employees good, but they shouldn't influence the government to raise the minimum wage.
    It sounds good at first, but it leads to unemployment and makes the workers' jobs harder. It also leads the value of the dollar to drop. The economy would be better without government intervention. A free market economy.

  59. I am, always buying at Costco, they are better. It's not so over crowded, they are always prompting products, always giving samples. Awesome store, I would love to work here.

  60. can iwork at Costco latrice monet brown 2101 mountain run drive glen allen 23060 2261 va  can I have 300 today

  61. latrice monet brown want to now if she can work on line

  62. God damn, Cenk is insufferable. I'm a liberal who stopped watching The Young Turks because of him and also the smugness of the other hosts.

  63. I applied at the wrong wholesale, I hate SAMs club with a passion and I work there

  64. I think Costco's profit went up $73 million once they stopped letting me return my laptops every 6 months.

  65. No doubt Costco is a batter place to Shop. I always feel they have batter Merchandise & Display also in store display & markings, price advantage etc is well informed to the Customer in Costco than Sam's.

  66. I was just arguing with my wife about renewing our membership. I have argued for years that if it was not for Walmart the working man could not afford anything. After seeing this…… I surrender. I will finally stop shopping at Walmart. Except for my guns and ammo.

  67. damn costcos is such a hard place to get into. I remember I left a comment on this video a few years ago saying how I want to get my foot in lol. I just said "screw it". i had a better chance at becoming an officer…and thats saying something. so i became a state officer instead. still though, a job at costcos would be nice 🙂

  68. I've heard it's next to impossible to get full time at costco. Also, that you only can make $20/ hour after being there for years and years. Can anyone elaborate?

  69. The thing is Costco is made to be non labor intensive so they hire the minimum amount of people

  70. the Sam's Club I work is horrible, poor management, if your full time your schedule consists of always closing which is a huge slap in the face; as well that every year when you get your evaluation they no longer give you a raise base on your work ethics everyone gets .22 cents wich, ducks and there no more holiday

  71. I applied to Costco a week ago had a interview yesterday ! Got the job on spot ! Drug test results same day and background test took 1 day and I start in 2 days ! It was so simple to me 🙂

  72. Costco has very limited full time positions. Most positions are part time at 24hr/week. Although I'm not sure how it works are other places.

  73. As a sams club worker, my club treats everyone like slaves and demands you do everything without benifits to yourself. A few weeks ago we had a wind storm and gas leak but they refused to close the store even if the employees got sick from the gas.

  74. I feel blessed to work at Costco I even got a full time position in the Rotisserie room been working for them for about 6-7 months now

  75. this is an absolute lie! The avg. costco employee doesn't make anywhere near that much. 47k. please. why not just say 80k or 100k

  76. The CEO of Costco wants it to be raised so that it hurts their customers but not Costco since they have already adapted to the change.

    Smart business

  77. The sams I work at, their minimum starting pay is $11 and I’m sure their salary is larger than 17,000 because I make more than that a year. Not saying Costco is or isn’t better but I don’t think that part of this video is correct.

  78. If you gave me a free Sams membership Id whip my wang out and piss all over it then go spend the $120 for an executive Costco membership.

  79. I showed up 15 min early every work shift & got fired bcuz they said i was showing up late. Keeping your job isnt based on hard work, its based on if the supervisor likes u. Costco also fired a bunch of other people bcuz they hired too many people. Managers are disrespectful especially with new people

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