Employee Spotlight: Catie

Hello everyone. I’m Britana Finke. I’m with Innovations Branding House. The employee we’re spotlighting this month is the lovely Catie. She’s a content strategist with us here at Innovations Branding House. What made you fall in love with writing? Honestly, falling in love with writing was kind of a long process. I always love people to read to me but in fourth grade, I wrote my first fiction story and I had teachers that really, you know, encouraged me, and I had a lot of fun with it that kind of started the bug of like oh words are cool and words can be fun and have an impact to make people laugh or make people want to know more Tell us a little bit about what Katie’s like at home Um are you like snug as a bug in a rug, like in a book? Are you writing? Are you active? I work with my church a lot with doing different things and I Do journal Often maybe more for my sanity. I’m not sure there’s anything else but um, Yeah, so I also like to do crafty things What’s the last thing you do? I have a friend that’s a teacher and I kind of took through some different scraps together for Halloween and I embroidered then like her name on it So it’s gonna be a little sign for her door. So what do you love about that? Do you love the gift-giving part about that or is it the actual you’ve taken things that are scrapped and made them whole Yeah, I think it’s a little bit of all of that for me embroidering it is very I know it sounds like an old lady thing But it’s very relaxing and then you’re also getting to think while you’re doing it and be creative in that way And yes, I was excited that I was able to take some scraps and make it something That was my own. Like I didn’t follow a pattern. I just, you know made something so that’s always fun And that’s fun and marketing, too You know when we’re able to like take a problem or a challenge and then make something really cool from it You know and that’s a team effort. That’s not just me. We’ve got always different people working together to make that happen but You know when you see that end product, it’s really rewarding So Katie, are you tired of talking yet? Never. We may have just become best friends, I love talking too

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