Employee Time Tracking with Biometric Identification Time Clock | WaspTime – B2000

A study by the American Payroll Association
concluded that by adopting an automated time-tracking solution companies can save up to 4% off their
annual payroll expense. WaspTime Biometric Solution from Wasp Barcode
Technologies improves the efficiency of employee time and attendance tracking, and eliminates
buddy punching. Implementing and using a WaspTime Biometric
Solution is simple. To clock in and out, the employee places his
or her finger in the fingerprint recognition window. Data is then downloaded from the clock to
the administrator on a scheduled or periodic basis, providing easy access to attendance
records. The B2000 Biometric Time Clock has a highly
durable silver casing, housing a highly efficient fingerprint recognition reader and features
a stunning 3-inch LCD colored display and 16-key keypad. Reduce costly payroll errors, significantly
cut down on time required to process employee time and attendance data, and completely eliminate
buddy punching with the WaspTime Biometric Solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies.

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