Tiffany Carter: Welcome to ProjectME TV. I’m Tiffany Carter. Today I’m teaching you my famous straddling
method. This is how to go from employee to entrepreneur
without absolutely freaking out and having a panic attack. And I know, because I did it. I was in a very, very fast-paced, intense
corporate career in pharmaceutical sales, and I knew that it just wasn’t for me anymore. Great environment, amazing to learn in. It’s how I got a lot of my sales skills that
I have today, but it was time to get out. And we all know when that time is, when it
doesn’t feel right, we’re not inspired, we just can’t do it anymore, right? If it’s an abusive environment, I just want
to say this might not apply. That’s something that you would need to leave
rather quickly, so it’s not for that kind of environment. It’s one where you just know it’s time to
make the shift. So this is what I did, and this is what I
teach my clients to do. The straddling method is when you’re doing
your side hustle, you start what it is you want to do on the side. Yeah, is it extra work? Are you working your regular day job and then
having to do this on the side? Yes, but you just have to keep reminding yourself
it’s just up front, it’s just temporary, it’s just for a little while, and it’ll be worth
it. What you want to do is you want to build up
enough momentum, enough clients, enough sales where you can depend on a regular income for
at least six months. You want to match or come close to matching
your salary from your corporate job, right? You want to make sure that when you’re transitioning,
you kind of slide into entrepreneurship, versus jump into it. There’s a very small percentage of people
that have success when they jump ship into it, right? Maybe they have an inheritance, so they have
that backup plan or they have a spouse that is willing to support them, so they have a
circumstance like that. So when you’re scrolling on Instagram or looking
online and you’re hearing about entrepreneurs that do that and took a leap, you don’t always
know what’s gone on behind the scenes to make them feel safe to do that. And the reason I teach the straddling method,
you never want to have that desperation and that money noise going on. What happens is, if you leave out of your
regular, steady job and into entrepreneurship too quickly without having that regular clientele
and income coming in, it’ll mess with your mind. You could kind of try to play it off and have
that false confidence and think you’re pulling it off. You’re not. People can smell desperation. Even behind a computer screen, people can
smell it. It just is. When you are okay and you feel good about
money and you have enough money to pay the bills and your side hustle’s just bringing
in extra, it’s going to attract more opportunities and more money to you. It’s just how it works. But if you’re like, “Oh, my God, I need that
next client. I need to sell 25 shirts this month, or I’m
screwed,” you have a different energy, you’re not creative, you’re not light and open about
it. Then, you even start resenting entrepreneurship
and hating your job. It doesn’t work. I’ve seen people quit and give up on their
dream so early just because of this. You know where I see this a lot, you guys? I see it a lot in network marketing. So people want to use network marketing, which
I’m a big believer in, in order to start a business, to gain extra income. And they get really excited because maybe
they start making their first thousand a month, and they’re like, “Well, if I just quit my
primary job and focused all my time in this, I could be like,” whatever the company is,
“the double-diamond person and making a million a year.” Yeah, you could be that person and making
hundreds of thousands, a million a year, but you’re not yet, and that’s too early to jump
ship. Now, if you are matching your current income
and it’s consistent, you just didn’t have like one good month, it’s consistent where
it’s reliable, then yes, that’s the straddling method. Then you can slide into entrepreneurship,
you can slide into making your network marketing your full-time business. Other than that, keep it as a side hustle. Yeah, sometimes it takes a little longer,
because some of our primary jobs are more demanding than others. And it also depends how closely related your
primary job and career is to your entrepreneurship. In my case, it was closely related. I was already in sales and marketing, so the
transition was more smooth, a little more obvious. But if I all of a sudden went from sales and
marketing to wanting to make money as an artist, that’s so different, and that’s going to take
more time. It just is what it is, so you have to allow
for that time. And the other thing I would tell you in doing
this process, it’s something that I didn’t do, because I can tend to be very stubborn
and self-willed, is ask for help. If I had hired a coach much sooner, I would
have gotten to multiple six figures much sooner. It took me five years. I was so stubborn. I thought in order to be successful, I had
to do it myself, and I actually was in my own way. It would have made sense, maybe even about
like the first year or the second year in, to have hired my coach, and I would have gotten
way faster, way further in a much quicker period of time. So I’m just giving you that to think about,
because sometimes we think we have to do it all on our own, plus our day job and all the
things, and it’s just too much. It doesn’t have to be that hard. You are allowed to make massive amounts of
money and have it be fun and easy, in case someone hasn’t told you that. Thanks for listening today, and I will see
you guys soon.

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