I take recruitment so personal because it’s about lives and these lives. It’s affecting your family If your children if you have your dreams your projects, it’s about your life. So we can’t take it casually when you’re recruiting It is you and your family. It’s affecting your family Yes, so I’m very happy when you find that job that you’re satisfied in It could not be a hundred percent, but we know it’s met majority seventy eighty percent of what you’re looking for You can work the 20 percent. Same thing with the employer when they get someone and the person fits in right in they are happy Again, not 100 percent, but close to that whatever is missing You can work on it, they can work together that’s why we’re saying both are our crystals. We need one for the other Are you feat for the job? that’s the question we’re asking today and I am joined by one wonderful lady who is helping job seekers of course get connected to the people who are looking for this job seekers of course employees who are, who know themselves and know what they need to do so they can be able to improve the companies and of course give the right output of course build themselves. I am seated with Justine Ziruel Of course will be talking to us about these karibu karibu sana. It’s good to have you this wonderful day Thank you so much for having me. We’re an agency called crystal recruitment And what we do is we connect top talent to top brands every single day That is across all levels from entry level graduate management training Internship middle level to the senior positions. Not only in Kenya but we’ve been able to do this in Rwanda, in Tanzania in Uganda and we’ve just entered the Ethopian market. You’ll be surprised how employers even across East Africa they want Kenyans to go work there. Though at times also prefer their own locals to work there because of other regulations and things like that So you’re not limited you can work anywhere as long as you meet the requirements The requirements definately and you’re happy to relocate. We’d go through that process From getting the people using different means short listing them vetting them, by the time I’m am presenting a list of people Let’s say – to the Kenyatta University Hospital Referral we know for a fact they’ve met what they’re looking for. As a job seeker or as a potential employee Do you exceed expectations in your work? Are you a problem solver? Do you get things done on time without complaints? And do you fit with the company culture and we try check with you as a job seeker? Do you have a plan for your career? Is this plan in line with this career or this job with the employer. Our happiest moment is when the candidate comes and say oh I landed my dream job or this is the best job I’ve had in a while Oh, it’s a break I waiting for and the employer comes and say where was this person all along? What is culture in a work place environment? It’s basically how things are done in the workplace or what they prefer Some companies will link it to their company values and others are going to link it to their mission and vision So a good example is they can tell you in our company. We want people who can receive feedback and give feedback Okay, so if your boss or supervisor or your junior comes and tells you Martin I didn’t like how this happened or you could have done better. As a superior you’re comfortable saying okay fine. I see your point What can we do about it? The other thing that would come up is team spirit? Do you want be part of a team? So those those things usually hear people say, are you a team member. It can be part of a company culture So are you collaborative in nature? are you open to assist your colleagues when needed to if we’re doing something or a project and we need to go an extra mile are you open to do it? And a tip to a job seeker is if you’re invited for an interview as you check out the company website dig deeper See usually have some companies that have short videos about what happens in the company the employee culture what they expect Check those stories out don’t ignore them you’ll be so surprised and what you may learn to align yourself and your answers and your experience to make sure you get More exposure or a better chances of landing that job. In a case scenario where you have been contracted to to recruit new staff for companies such as KU Refferal Hospital Do you have a team or is it just the same people who vet the masonary go ahead and vet the cooks go ahead and vets the doctors and the nurses How do we go about it? Do you really want to spend your resources vetting everyone or do you want to partner with us? We vet the critical positions and then let’s say if you get a head cook the head cook can always get the other cooks. I think it’s fair enough you’re allowed to create your own team But yes, you can do the whole thing from entry to the top level if that’s what you prefer The best thing would, I have a team but can you work with project timelines which positions come first? Which ones come second which ones come third, which ones can wait for three or six months? That brings into thought something called manpower planning when there’s manpower planning a company is able to sit down know It’s hiring needs beforehand the kind of people exactly they need for that and when they’re supposed to start working So if you’re to bring us as crystal recruitment at that stage, it’s a perfect stage because if you’re hiring someone for January Let’s start in August Because of so many process in between let’s start in August The challenge most times we face is when you get employers we say we want someone like yesterday So what do you do in that case? We provide the person. How? All right. Crystal Recruitment has a database we’ve been in business for three years and there’s something we call proactive sourcing. So in proactive sourcing it means I’m going to have a chat with you Martin about your career. I may not have a job right now, but I get to understand where you’ve been. What’s a track record? What’s your performance like and also of opportunities will be interested in in the near future So we have such a database of proactive candidates So when the positions come it’s almost always a perfect match its just a matter of having a phone call dropping you an email Hey Martin, there’s this job, are you interested?. Do you want us to go forward with that? So there is that aspect of proactive sourcing which we take very seriously? The other thing is we talk to people every single day So when I’m talking to you, I’m just getting to know you as an employer, as a potential employee We’re just getting to know each other and from that we can know where to place you when the time comes We call it turnaround time It’s pretty fast three to five days and for highly specialized position or hard-to-find skillset could take up to ten days or one month depending on how the market is there are people who are just not available easily. Yes, or they’re available They’re not they don’t leave where they are. They are happy. I have to Sell the opportunity to them It’s what we call head hunting Head hunting means I know mostly this is applicable for highly skilled positions and for high lists for senior positions C-suit levels So you do know where the person seats, you know what they’re looking for you’re not really sure they want to move so you reach out to them and then just understand get to know what are their needs what are their career needs? If you feel they’re in line with what your client is looking for, then you can bring up the topic. So I’m like okay you know, there is this opportunity. What are your thoughts? So that’s how you sell it to them It’s it’s a slower process but pretty interesting. And for, mostly for the senior roles. And when how the interviews are done. They are pretty different Very different cause from there you’ll find a CV is not applicable We are tired of walking with our CVs from one place to another. Is there a place online we can just put our CVS. So we have a job boards across the country, we only do online we’re up with technology Okay, and it’s easier to access your CV when you have it online so you can send it via our email For example, we post all our jobs on our database crystalrecruitment.co.ke there’s a job listing So all the jobs all live jobs will be there if you are to go there and find there’s nothing that I really interests you There’s an email address drop us an email. And as always if you’re looking for a job, please on this subject line say the kind of job you’re looking for don’t just say I need a job or ometimes you just forward, no topic topic or anything The other thing is check other job boards in Kenya, Google Available jobs in Kenya you’ll get about ten fifteen free job boards so you’d have to advertise anything. You can leave your CV there So the best thing is mostly online works nowadays hardcopy . I don’t know which company still takes hardcopy When you when you’re applying for specific jobs and you believe you have the skill set you need to highlight that the keywords because if a company and you see a company is going to use an applicant tracking system. Mm-hmm That’s how it’s going to do. It’s going to select based if the keywords appear in your CV So in the AI thing or if it’s just the system in the company is searching for marketing manager Yeah, that’s what it’s good to be looking for So as long as the marketing manager in your CV customer service there things that are key to that positions or the key competencies That’s what they be looking for. So in a nutshell, I CV is supposed to sell you So from the first page when I look at your CV first page, what do I get? Do I just see so many stories, nothing to do with the job Or on the first page, do I see short description of maybe Your expertise Bullet points of your competencies if it’s a human resource let me, I’m at HR consultancy, you know I’m gonna list my skill set just in the first page So the moment you look at my CV you have an idea Oh, this lady can do it. And then from there comes to your work experience I could list to me 10 things you do in your job or are you going to tell me in this job as Recruiter I reduced the turnaround time for hire from 90 days to 60 days figures numbers highlight that, highlight your achievements That tells us you’ve performed you’re a performer and that’s what every employees looking for that Companies are asking for job experience and young people are afraid to volunteer in companies because they’re like we don’t have pay We don’t have this we can we can’t in turn we can’t volunteer Kindly to talk to talk to the viewers about that and inspire them to just know that The choices they need to make in terms of job, work experience I would say? So that they are able to perform even more and they get the job that they are looking forward to. As an individual I think the main thing is, who are you? Okay? What is your attitude? You see at the entry level you’re looking for is your attitude and your ability to learn fast and Also to adopt in a new environment. So volunteership is encouraged. Yes, most employers Okay, at least the ones I’ve worked with they give stipends It doesn’t have to be necessarily free you can talk and tell them okay, I’d like to come here can I have at least lunch and transport? So you can negotiate on that level if you go there and speak and speak up It should something about you. You can ask you can negotiate. That’s a skill You’re going to develop along along the way also in terms of volunteership. I think watch out the kind of organizations. You’re volunteering Are they going to be aligned with your career skill set. Do you want to get into accounting and you’re volunteering to do what now? something different with accounting Maybe lets say media. Or media. Okay, you can get into that if your point is let me start with media I do what I can , and on my free time I’m with the accounts person in the media company finding Oh, what do you do asking for work? Can I help you in this? Can I help you in this? Can I file this can I file this, showing interest. Ask The worst some can tell you is no, and my mantra is if you don’t ask the answer is no all the time Maybe tell us where can we where can we find you people maybe want to talk to you to ask you a few questions? How you can, I mean you can help them go around their quest for … Jobs and everything We are located in CBD , Twiga Towers sixth floor 615 More often than not you can get us online crystalrecruitment.co.ke So if you want to send us an email start with [email protected] crystalrecruitment.co.ke we put all our jobs online We have a Facebook page. The handle is crystal recruitment Limited we have a LinkedIn page pretty active crystal recruitment limited and if you have a one-on-one with me My twitter handle is at Kenyan Recruiter When you click on the link if you’re ready If you ready applied before we see we have your details what will happen it will ask if you’ll need to update your CV Assuming you’re played last year. You’ve had a bit of change in your career. So you send us an updated CV , otherwise it’s very simple put in your name put in your email address and attach your CV very simple if you face a problem You can always write to us on that email There’s someone constantly responding to the emails our work hours are Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5:30 p.m Call in our number 020 2101466 everything on the website. Maybe to note something called candidate experience We make sure that as every step as much as possible we let you know. We’ve heard of candidates complaining we applied no one told as anything ,or worst case is I went for an interview no one told me if I did well or not. Yes. If you work with us at Crystal recruitment. You never have that problem because we give you feedback as it comes. If there’s no feedback we’ll tell you I’m sorry, no feedback from the client so far There’s no feedback there’s no feedback. If there’s feedback there’s a next step, there’s a next step. This is what it entails. So it protects you as a candidate to have a better experience You like the job and even as a person just to emotional well-being you’re fine. And as an employer, it’s it grows their brand in the market as a company to work I’ve been here with Justine Ziruel over 5 years in human resource consultancy very well endowed in matters Human Resource

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