ERMS: Employee Relations Management System

meet Julie. Julie is frustrated because
she has no consistent method to manage employee and labor relations issues, such
as grievances, complaints, arbitration. Julie and her colleague are using
spreadsheets and email to communicate and track issues and they’re spending
too much time trying to track down information in important documents
that’s when Julie found Appriss Retail ERMS system which has helped improve
communications and centralize their information. Now, they can easily track
and manage all their employee issues and all supporting documentation and notes
associated with them. Julie and her colleagues can generate
robust reports and dashboards. Appriss Retail employee relations management
system offers a user-friendly, easy to implement centralized system. ERMS
records tracks and reports on employee and labor HR issues that has impacted
their organization and their employees. This easy-to-use tool allows you and
your team to be more productive, work faster, save money, and improve
communication. Visit our website at or email [email protected]

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