Ethics in Business: Ethics, In Their Own Words

(upbeat music) – The focus on ethics has become
much more intense, I feel, and that’s because of
the public expectation of business and of the profession. – I actually made a
speech at the Buenos Aires at the Investor Forum. And I shared the quotes from 19th century Japanese
philosopher Ninomiya Sontoku, he said like, “Economics without ethics is a crime, “and ethics without
economics is a fantasy.” – Integrity. I always consider that as the
very basic inner core value. Because, no matter how smart you are, or how capable you are, if you have an integrity problem, then that is a big, big problem. – If you’re dealing with me,
as a financial professional, you’re job as a financial
professional is to say, “If I were on the other side of the table, “would I be happy with the way
that I’m being dealt with?” – There are two layers of
ethics in our profession. The first layer is, do the
work with good quality, and that’s professionalism’s foundation. And, the second layer is, to the tell the truth, and to be transparent in
the financial informations. – If we find there’s somebody
doing something unethical, we actually also have the
responsibility to work it out, to challenge it. – So, it’s not something that
can be taught line-by-line, it’s not something you’re
going to learn page-by-page, but you’re going to have to apply your professional judgements
to those circumstances, and reach an ethical conclusion. – I really cannot think of any job should be performed without ethics.

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