Even Panera Has Secrets They Don’t Want Their Customers To Know

Things may be going well for Panera Bread,
but it seems that sprinkled in the middle of the delicious coffee-based drinks and assorted
pastries are a few secrets they’d rather keep to themselves. These are the things Panera Bread doesn’t
want you to know. Say you head to the counter and find your
order is wrong. Panera has a way to rectify those mistakes,
though they’re not very open about advertising this policy. If Panera messes up your order you are entitled
to receive a free treat. Yum! Former Panera employees have confirmed that
this is the standard, though it’s a pretty well-kept secret. One former employee says that treat is usually
a chocolate chip cookie, but if a customer asks for something different from the bakery,
they’ll most likely get their wish. Don’t let the steaming hot bowl of soup fool
you. According to employees, there’s no chef in
the back stirring fresh ingredients into a big pot. When you sit down to enjoy one of Panera Bread’s
many soups, be aware that warm spoonful was originally delivered to the store in the state
of a frozen brick. Yes, a former Panera employee on Reddit claims
that Panera’s soup is made fresh off premises, and then frozen into bricks before being sent
off to stores. Once in store, soups go from frozen to ready
to serve by heating up in a hot water bath in the back of the store. It’s not a horrible practice, but it might
not be what you thought you were ordering. How is that bread bowl looking now? If you’ve ever been to Panera Bread right
before closing time, you may notice that there are bagels, bread, and baked goods still on
the shelf. Want a free one? If you come late enough, you might get lucky. A former employee spilled the beans, saying
there are always extra pastries on the shelf before closing time. If you’re one of the last customers, just
ask and you may be able to snag a baked good without shelling out any change. Now that’s a secret you night owls will be
glad to know! Whichever ones you don’t choose though, you
won’t find them on the shelves the next morning — and they won’t go to waste either. Panera Bread has always been open about what
happens to those bakery items once the lights go out. Through Panera’s Day-End Dough-Nation program,
any unsold goods are donated to local food pantries, soup kitchens or homeless shelters
to help feed those in need. You won’t find lobster on the menu all year
round, but when the right season hits, select Panera Bread locations offer options with
this coastal favorite such as Lobster Mac & Cheese and lobster rolls. But it comes at a price that some northeast
Panera employees say is quite high for the quality. Two Panera employees confess on Reddit that
customers can find fresher and better tasting lobster rolls right down the street from their
locations — for much less. A Massachusetts-based employee says they feel
bad when a customer orders the lobster roll when for $9 they can head down the street
for something tastier, and a New York employee says customers can find many places in the
area that offer a much fresher lobster roll for at least $5 less than the choice from
Panera. Employees seem to think you should shop around. “But, the lobster… you’re sure that you
— you want the lobster?” “I don’t see what the big deal is, it’s
ON the menu! Like, I’ll have the damn lobster.” Click around on Panera Bread’s website and
you’ll see the words clean, nutrient rich, and raised responsibly. You’ll find ingredients like whole grain,
egg whites, and steel cut oatmeal on their breakfast menu, or salads loaded with fruits
and vegetables. Panera has been listed in numerous magazines
like Women’s Health and Good Housekeeping as one of the healthiest choices for fast
food restaurants. But are they really as healthy as they seem? If you dig a little deeper on their website
you’ll find that what customers may think are healthier alternatives may not be healthy
at all. Scrolling through Panera Bread’s nutrition
information you will see that a whole Greek salad contains 1180 mg of sodium. While this is the only salad option that tips
the sodium scale over 1000, many of the sandwich options are even higher. That’s almost your day’s worth of sodium in
one item! Should we even talk about the bread bowls? The bistro french onion in a bread bowl contains
over 2200 mg of sodium and a scary 151 grams of carbs. It’s safe to say that Panera, in all their
healthy messaging, doesn’t want you to look too deeply into these numbers. If you search the internet for Panera Mac
& Cheese you’ll find a whole list of copycat recipes. There’s something about the irresistibly cheesy
pasta customers can’t get enough of — but it’s not freshness that makes it taste so
good. Employees have spilled the beans: Panera’s
Mac & Cheese, and all of their pasta for that matter, arrives to stores already prepared,
in single serving-sized bags. Then to prepare, the pasta is either boiled
in the bag or heated up in the microwave before serving. It may be fresher and cheaper to test out
one of the copycat recipes and give Panera Bread a run for their money from your own
kitchen. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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26 thoughts on “Even Panera Has Secrets They Don’t Want Their Customers To Know

  1. If true, I applaud Panera's end of day donation practice of supplying shelters and pantries with the unused food.

  2. Bless you, Panera!!! People are hungry out here!! Please keep up the good work.

  3. Free treat. Yes. I was once offered one when they lost my order. I was shocked because I had already ordered my own treat. But I accepted another one anyway. Thanks Panera!

  4. I worked at Panera:
    1. If they mess up anything or it’s a long wait they will give you a free treat.
    2.All soups are frozen and in a bag. They microwave the soup in colanders and spooned in bowls
    3.Everything is made in a warehouse kitchen and is assembled at Panera. We have no chefs at Panera only sandwich makers.

  5. So I can get free food if I show up right before closing and ask for some free food? So the homeless get the left overs after closing? So the difference between being homeless and not being homeless is trying a little bit…i.e. putting in some effort. Noted!

  6. The fact that Panera's soup arrives at the store frozen is a nonissue, and not nearly as big a deal as this video makes it out to be.

  7. Oh no, not the pre-made frozen soup that literally every place with a kitchen I've ever worked in has used is used by Panera!

  8. these freebies are null and void if a colored foreign employee is behind the counter.

  9. I managed Taco Bell, and most don't know that the beans come dehydrated as rabbit pellets and hot water is added to make them swell up, just stir and serve. We use to cook them fresh and drill them until they are creamy. No more.😢❤✝🇺🇸

  10. A free pastry for a mistake is literally printed on every receipt in California.

  11. I use to deliver to Panera and their soup is delivered frozen a couple stores I delivered to would have all their day old bread in a bag ready for pick up for local shelters. Most everything at Panera is delivered frozen. Some bread is delivered premade ready to bake. Of all the Panera's I delivered there was only ever one in Springfield MO i would not have ate at.

  12. In Australia it is a breach of Food Hygiene Standards, handling food without using latex gloves.
    Heavy fines apply.
    Give PANERA a big miss.

  13. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4JDaWsoTa6ptu03KVG3xTAZxFUGZzj6aRJWflEYgUnqQqpA/viewform

  14. Panera Bread lies just like the Democratic party does. You think Elisabeth Warren,Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are honest? Get real they're out just to use you and get your votes

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