Exclusive: CEO of company working on coronavirus vaccine joins Lou Dobbs

57 thoughts on “Exclusive: CEO of company working on coronavirus vaccine joins Lou Dobbs

  1. To rid us of the Democrat virus we need a vote vaccine in November.

  2. Almost too embarrassing to watch. While other countries were receiving tens of thousands of test kits as early as Feb 12th, the Trump admin insisted we make out own kits (which were botched) and cost us 4 WEEKS, allowing the virus to spread. Still no explanation when asked why. You seriously think it's just Dems? We just surpassed 1,020 cases and there is no chance whatsoever of containing it before infecting at least several million. At it's fatality rate, that means 50,000 could die.

  3. It’s. Happened. On. Earth. Until. 2025.
    What’s. I. Thought. All. Scientists. Can’t. Do. Nothing.
    Let. Find. Out. Next. Years.

  4. Why is it that a search of MARCH 9 2020 CORONAVIRUS DEATHS IN WASHINGTON STATE or 3/9/2020, there are no updates more current than a week ago? This also is the case for a general Google search for anywhere on the internet!! Last Wednesday, the latest numbers I can find, there were 10 deaths and 39 confirmed cases in Washington state. Its now 6 days later and based on the increments of increase by percentage we could be around 50 deaths and 300-500 cases! Is this what democracy looks like?

  5. If the flu vaccine is any indication on the potentual success of eliminating the virus, the coronavirus vaccine that will eventually be released will not "cure" the illness. First of all, the flu vaccine only helps to protect against about 10% of known flu strands, and even then it doesn't guarantee to make you immune from the virus; it only helps to boost your immune system to be less likely to contract the disease. The same would be true of this coronavirus vaccine. It won't make you immune; you could still potentially contract it, just less likely so. The only way to prevent infection is the same common sense steps we've been told our entire lives when it comes to any infectious diseases whether it be the flu, a coronavirus, the common cold, or what have you… germs are everywhere. Clean surfaces regularly, wash your hands after using the bathroom or handling potentially dirty objects/touching dirty surfaces, if you cough or sneeze, do so in a tissue or sleeve, and if you are sick, stay home or seek medical treatment if necessary but wear a face mask to prevent the spread of your germs to others. Mainstream media is hyper-inflating this virus for ratings, maybe to seem relevant again considering their extreme partisan reporting over the past 4-5 years, and the fact we're in a new election year and they could potentially playing on people's fears to affect this year's election outcome. This is not the first deadly contagion the United States or the world has ever experienced; a new deadly disease seems to appear every couple of years. To a very overwhelming extent, we survive only to go through the cycle again in another 3 to 5 years time. Like all infectious diseases, most of the population is at a largely very low risk; only the elderly and those with weakened or compromised immune systems are at high risk. People need to stop panicking and get back to living their lives. People's innate fear causes more damage generally than the underlying problem itself.

  6. did he say "by the end of this year?" Does anyone know how many mutations this virus will go through before then? Any vaccine will be irrelevant.

  7. I'm a huge Trump fan but his communication has not been great on this at all

  8. Why create vaccine when the Repubicans said its a HOAX? Now all Repubican politicians are getting the HOAX virus. 😆

  9. Suppose Trump said, "Corona virus is a hoax and I'm not authorizing a penny for it". What would happen? Media would show pictures of people dying OF ANYTHING and call it "Corona Virus". Then all the idiots of Facebook would run around saying, "That Trump is a beast–look at all the people dying of corona virus–he won't pay to help us". Thus Trump was forced to give 8.5 billion DIRECTLY TO BANKSTER CABAL AT GUNPOINT TO GET RE-ELECTED.

  10. “In God We Trust” is the theme of the USA and not “In the Stock Market We Trust”!  Trump is LEFT OF LEFT. Trump and his cronies create, communicate, and perpetuate a spirit of evil and the spirit of evil is striking back with the coronavirus. Think about it. Trump behaves like an oligarch, authoritarian, autocrat, and demagogue. For example: Trumps cohorts are Communist Kim Jung Un, North Korea, Communist Putin's Russia, and Communist China's Xi Jinping. The truth is Trump is a communist capitalist. The Trump administration and his cronies are the deep state, swamp, and quicksand.  In addition, Trump is not in touch with reality because of a life as a billionaire bully con salesman.  Trump promised by the end of this month.  No, it's Trump is makes the politics of the coronavirus.  Dobbs you're a moron and the commentators except for Wallace, Cavuto and Bair are idiots and morons.

  11. Thank you, go on no time to waiste. Is this Corona virus man made or biological ?

  12. I use sulfur on my cattle when they get a runny nose and I take 1000mg when I get one. 

    You cannot wait long with lung problems.  If you let a a small calf go 7 days, untreated, it can turn into pneumonia.  Then 2000mg is needed and much harder to treat in some cases it stunts the calf. 

    I'm not a doctor of humans, but I don't loose baby calves and haven't ever had a vaccine for flu.  If I get the sniffles, I hit it hard. 

    Also if your sputum or snot turns from clear to cloudy bacteria is setting in, beware. If it turns clumpy cloudy you have big problems this can happen in a few days. Sulfur changes the PH which bacteria is sensitive too and the best natural anti infective which is still used to treat malaria.

    Sulfur is safe what your body doesn't need it passes.  This is why it's good to take 50mg daily. It's essential for cell to cell  oxygen tranfer. Look it up!

    The goobment has removed sulfur from our food so supplemental is important.

    The most important thing you can do is hit back quickly. Don't wait because any flu with ideal temperature can turn to pneumonia in a matter of days.

  13. He left out a very important element…..Safety. Is the vaccine safe?

  14. The answer is simple. Take lots of vitamin C. This is not what the globalists want. They want expensive drugs and expensive tests and the fear to continue.


  16. Watch China's reaction to North Korea to discover about the virus in that country.

  17. MAGA LOU DOBBS! Trump turns this "crisis" into another WIN for the American people! I'm NOT tired of WINNING!! Funny how Trump "played" congress by asking for a little and received a lot (roughly 4X more) of fed-funds for his efforts. Ask for the opposite of what you want with Congress. Nice!

  18. Six month's of labor?
    Butt pay roll taxes coming!
    What comes after six month's?🤔


  20. DEMOCRATS and MSM MEDIA MOBS Elite are more dangerous than CORONA VIRUS. They CREATED TERROR & PANIC attacks. Thanks FOX for Facts & Truth in time of CRISIS. I am so proud of the LEADERSHIP of POTUS TRUMP and VP PENCE WORKING with SCIENTISTS & MEDICAL DOCTORS amidst of cnn, msnbc etc daily SMEARING & hostility from DEMS.

    TRUMP /PENCE DESERVE 4 MORE YEARS in NOV. 3,2020💜❤️In GOD we TRUST, the BEST is yet to COME, this Corona Virus shall pass 🙏🙏💜❤️🇺🇸❤️💜🙏🙏.

  21. We need to go to China and tell them to admittedly stop killing exotic animals for food just look on there and see how bad it is that's where these viruses are coming from

  22. China needs to be brought to Heel, they are the root to a lot of world problems!!! The Dems say “Don’t worry about China” Because the Evil Deep State is in bed with them!!!

  23. $$$$$$$$$$$ Ill bet he has a vaccine..a whole 28 people ..idiots! How do we know those old people didn't just die from other causes? Oh cause these aholes told you differently..you are hopeless and clueless. To all you fear mongers how many times have we been thru this crap? SARS, Zika, swine flu, bird flu, H1N1 and yet all you tools fall for it again and again. My advice to all you worry warts take all their vaccines and enjoy. Remember the old days when people got a flu and just recovered in a few days??

  24. "He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and
    set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. And he hath put a
    new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and
    fear, and shall trust in the LORD. Blessed is that man that maketh the
    LORD his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to
    lies." You Become A Living Epistle In Christ Jesus, Love Is Forever!

  25. No Thanks… I'll stick with high doses of natural vitamin C and plenty of turmeric to ease any inflamation

  26. Wait didn't this goofball used to be a mouthpiece for MSLSD 🧐 now all of a sudden he's praising Trump LOL all these idiots do is read from a script 🙄

  27. Why is Lou so obsessed with a pandemic? An epidemic is much worse. If 193 people are infected, one in each country, that could qualify as a pandemic. (World wide infection) If 500 000 people only in the USA, were infected that would qualify as an EPIDEMIC.

  28. Let's look at the math. Less than 500 cases of coronavirus in the US. 360,000,000+ people live in America. Using rounded numbers, 500 is 0.0001% of 360 million. So I'd say the problem's been very well-handled by our government (never thought I'd say that).

  29. I just watched the Bill Burr segment where he disagrees with people who say Americans are stupid. I thought he made some good points, until I took a look at some of these comments.

  30. I vote no Confidence…..to this dude!……ill take my chances without this guys vaccine ….O lou they have never got the flu vaccine right….EVER! ……..

  31. The USA is about to face a harsh reality within the next 2 months. Italy will be tiny in comparison to what happens. Go ahead and listen to false narrative, political propaganda and pray to your gods. The virus does not care.

  32. When you listen to Fox news conservative radio, conservative newspapers, and nothing else. It is like being a drunk holding a lamp post you're using it for support and not illumination. Also remember this CEO is after the Benjamins publicity equals investors equals profit.

  33. FYI Trump, The virus was already in every state and had spread far beyond what many people could comprehend. The US should being testing 10K a day and in a country with our resources and might as we proved in WWII, our response to date has been an epic failure. This virus does not just spread with droplets it spreads it spreads in the air. The average sneeze or cough can send around 100,000 contagious germs into the air at speeds up to 100 miles per hour which equals a range of 6 to 13 ft for the typical flu transmission but the airborne nature means the virus can linger in the air longer, it will travel further and it could get into ventilation systems as well.

  34. The answer is yes of course is going to work you can always trust us because we are here to help you and we love you…. what’s that long-term effects… Don’t worry there are no long-term effects are studies so they’re completely safe on every level trust us we tested it on animals first and it works!!!!

  35. Lou Dobbs = 100% in the tank adulating Trump and ready to compromise all of his beliefs in free market to venerate everything that Trump says. Lou Dobbs works for Trump.
    Lou Dobbs is ready to have the drug companies self regulate and have the FDA roll over like a good little dog. That worked so well with Boeing when it asked the FAA to pretty much let itself self certify … that resulted in a pathetic plane, that destroyed the public trust in Boeing and in the FAA. Want to do that with the FDA too. What could possibly go wrong.

  36. While waiting for a vaccine do what the experts say to do during the flu season. Wash your hands like doctors do, one finger at a time and scrub the tips, don't touch your face, stay home if you are sick, use social distancing if you are elderly or have a weakened immune system.

  37. Good old fashioned propaganda advertising posing as "news". Mandatory vaccination is the hill you should be willing to die on. If ANY mainstream news organization (i.e. a private corporation under NO obligation to bring you truthful information and who 's management are inextricably tied to globalist organizations like the CFR) is your main source of information then you will be misinformed. Period. For instance, the CEO of a company that profits from vaccines just told you there will never be enough vaccines. So be afraid. God, this is so transparent. But who cares, right? As long as you can bash hrc and aoc and whichever political parasite you don't like in the comment section, who cares about the content?

  38. Has Trump cut flights from the Coronavirus vectors of Italy, Japan, and South Korea? Compared to Putin's response, Trump's lack of movement has been irresponsible.

  39. What will be in the vaccine, Lou? Abortifacients, Simianvirus, harmful heavy metal preservatives, nano microchips?

  40. Well this guy looks a 100% trustworthy scumbag.

    I wonder how much Mercury and Aluminium along with all the other toxic petrochemical byproducts they are going to put into their vaccines….

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