Explore Germany 2020 | 10 Awesome things about German Culture

Explore Germany 2020 | 10 Awesome things about German Culture the top 10 awesome things about German
culture I went to Germany like every other tourist
I saw incredible castles beautiful churches amazing rolling hills and just
German things but you probably already know that about Germany but what shocked
me and really just surprised me was the German culture see the German culture is
so unique and special and I just never expected it
see even Germans probably don’t realize how incredible their culture is and so
that’s why I made this video here are 10 incredible things about German culture number 10 germans keep their promises
what i mean by this is as an American when I see somebody that I haven’t seen
for a long time and I tell them let’s catch up sometime let’s get together
sometime soon we Americans don’t always follow through on that we almost never
actually catch up I mean we have busy lives important things to do like
watching Netflix but in Germany when you say let’s get together let’s catch up
sometime soon you really mean it you make plans and you do it and number nine
Germans are very punctual they’re always early to events and always on time and I
noticed this when I was in Switzerland because I made Swiss friends that would
go to the military and the Swiss would have people from the German area
Switzerland the French and Italian and they’d often talk about how in the
military it was a Swiss that we’re speaking German that would always be on
time the first two their activities also the first two bed number eight Germans
are super organized traveling around Germany and having a lot of friends it’s
pretty hard not to notice that number seven Germans can have a wild
side now after you’re learning that they’re punctual they follow through on
things they’re hardworking you might paint Germans you know aren’t the most
exciting people but they do have a wild side and just go to like Oktoberfest and
don’t go to the drinking because you know those people are gonna be crazy
but there was this one area where they had this big spinning thing where men
would jump on each other and just trying to hold on to dear life and they get
thrown off again only in Germany wouldn’t that be fun number six the inventors of Europe
Germans have discovered the printing press in the car tape recorders mp3
music contact lenses electronic microscopes that’s just a small list of
the many things they have invented number five Germans are leading the
world in sustainability and you won’t even know this because Germans are so
humble and quiet about it but they’re really doing so many things to make this
world a better place for the future number four Germans have a great
relationship with basically everywhere else a German passport is one of the
best passports in the world to have and it seems like every country gets along
with Germany number three Germany is a great place to travel to there are nine
other countries that border Germany and is in the center of Europe it’s easy to
go everywhere else in Europe and there are no tolls in Germany which makes
traveling around Germany really affordable and lastly it’s just
beautiful to take a car and travel around Germany there are so many hills
and valleys and castles and beautiful fields to see as you travel throughout
the country number two Germans have some unique
festivals and it seems they’re always having festivals for example when I was
traveling around Germany there was I discovered Germans have their own
Halloween yes they have the Rose Monday parade which happened to be there when I
was there and a bunch of people were decked out in costumes and number one
Germans have the best work-life balance in the entire world hands down in
Germany you have 30 days off a year a Sunday everything is closed because
you’re supposed to spend that time with your families you’re not allowed to get
paid overtime because it’s supposed to encourage people not to work overtime
and enjoy family time the German government requires you to take two
weeks off in a row so you can totally disconnect that lunch
you’re frowned upon to talk about work and so in Germany you’re expected to go
to work in work hard but when you leave work you leave it at work and you’re
able to disconnect and enjoy a life outside of work and this is something
that I really hadn’t discovered anywhere else in the world and so I encourage you
to visit Germany and not just see the beautiful sights but also interact with
the people and discover how beautiful the culture is in Germany

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  1. yo your channel is amazing and thanks for visiting my country (Somalia)💕💕💕💕💕

  2. Germany is a racist country and I don't like it

    Germany is a racist country, and I don't like it.

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