Extreme Rescue Vehicle Aims To Revolutionise Disaster Response

COMM: Romanian-born Robert Operea has designed a prototype rescue car that he says can tackle
any kind of disaster. COMM: Dubbed the Ghe-O Rescue car, the prototype can handle anything from heavy snow to flooding and even fire. COMM: The custom-built 3.2-ton monster can seat up to eleven people and is capable of
reaching speeds of up to 100mph. It can be adapted to include pneumatic pillows, allowing
it to travel across ice and water, wheel tracks, electromagnetic protection, medical stretchers, snow ploughs and water pumps capable of holding 200 gallons. COMM: The car has yet to be tested in a real life rescue, but Robert is confident that
when disaster strikes, there is only one car you want to be in.

40 thoughts on “Extreme Rescue Vehicle Aims To Revolutionise Disaster Response

  1. Oke lets talk about the engine and how long can you ride with it :')
    You will be dissapointed

  2. Just by looking at the suspension, it seems to me that it's either a Unimog chassis or a copied design. Definitely uses a diesel, also probably a Merc turbo 3.0L 6 cyl unit. I think they culled together bit and pieces of different vehicles that were the best of them and stirred the pot and got this. Like AMC, I think it might just be the best of all worlds in an obscure package.

  3. Ummm…modified Hummer H1?

    Just sayin'. Why spend 3 years building it when a month of modifying an H1 would do?

  4. "From the idea to the prototype took like about 2 or maybe even 3 years."

    "or maybe even" – yeah I've met guys like you before mate. See ya.

  5. I guarantee I can burry it up to the axles on our land. There are some seriouce mud holes

  6. Где-то на 1.40 на снег выехать не может, видите буксует на месте

  7. ..ye.., to bad they already invented the helicopter.

  8. Congratulations to Dodge who somehow made a mere two door coupe heavier than this thing.

  9. If Batman needed an offroad vehicle with more capacity…hell the front end already kinda looks like the Tumbler.

  10. When the most badass off road vehical youve ever seen is an ambulance

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