Fast Pitch: Understanding the Intersection of Business and Technology

[Kathea Smith] Hello and welcome to another edition of Fast Pitch 120: seconds with the Merrick School of Business
I’m Kathea Smith, assistant dean and today you’re going to learn a little bit more
about the bachelor of science in Information Systems and Technology
Management offered here at the Merrick School of Business, and hear from one of
our department chairs let’s start the clock! Hello everyone I would like to
introduce you to Dr. Danielle Fowler who is the Department Chair for Information
Systems and Decision Science here at the Merrick School of Business. Hi Dr.
Fowler. [Dr. Danielle Fowler] Hi! [Kathea Smith] Thank you so much for giving us some of your time today. So we’re just
going to cut right to the chase. What exactly is a Bachelor of Science and
Information Systems and Technology Management all about? [Dr. Danielle Fowler] Ok. So information
systems is about the intersection of business and technology. So some
technology degrees, like computer science, focus very heavily on coding, building
code, making software. Information systems graduates tend to focus on finding
solutions for business that involve technology. So there’s some business
background is required and sort of an understanding of how the organization
needs to use technology. As well as their technological skills. [Kathea Smith] great so what can you what kind of job can you get with this degree? What would you be doing? [Dr. Danielle Fowler] Any of the the main technologies in business. So database administrator is one. You
could be a network analyst or engineer. You could be a systems or business
analyst. Those people work with other people in the organization to figure out
what their needs are. And it’s often focused around data or a
technology opportunity. [Kathea Smith] great we certainly accept freshmen here at the
University of Baltimore but we also get a lot of great transfer students from
our Community College partners. So if you’re transferring to the University of
Baltimore what sort of associate degrees might you come into this program with or
what sort of coursework would be helpful to have completed before you get here? [Dr. Danielle Fowler] Ok. So you don’t necessarily have needed to start out with a technology degree to
take this program. If you already have– if you have a technology focused A.S. degree, that’s great too. If you’re still on your way then there
are some subjects that we would be good to take before you arrive. So anything
business focused. If you haven’t taken any of those would be good. So
statistics, accounting, are two big ones. And then also if you’ve started taking any
programming courses that would be helpful. It’s it’s not required you can
take it when you get here. [Kathea Smith] Well awesome. Thank you so much for giving us some of
your time today. If you would like to learn more about how you can come to the University of Baltimore to become a leader in technology and business
management? Then check out the links below to learn more about our Bachelor
of Science and Information Systems and Technology Management. Time’s up!

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