Feeling Stuck and Depressed? Learn How to Deal With Depression and Anxiety

In this presentation, I just wanted to cover
a wide variety of areas of what causes depression. Let me start out with saying my association
with Norman Cousins many years ago when I was at the University of Pittsburg. When he started a very important program at
the UCLA Medical School called the Psycho-Neuro Immunology Program. Norman Cousins as many of you know, was confronted
with two terminal illnesses, and how did he cure his illness? It was just by watching comic movies. He took off from work and from morning until
evening when he went to bed, he just watched comedy, comic movies and then he got well. He reversed his disease, and he wrote a book
called: “The Anatomy of Illness”, which became a bestseller. So comedy is something that can reverse your
illness, even a terminal illness. That’s how powerful comedy is because it
makes you to laugh, and when you laugh, you can even reverse your diseases. It’s a biological fact. Even your biology, not just the mind responds
to it, your cells respond to it. So we are here to understand what is going
on with the comedy. The comedy really takes you out of your mind. It’s all a matter of managing your mind,
managing your thought processes. You cannot separate mind, thought, emotions,
they all go together and they are interconnected. If you are able to keep in mind that everything
is connected to your mind, your though process, your emotions, then you can shift from a depressive
state of mind, to in the next moment you can be laughing, but people with deep depression
feel that: ‘No, I can’t do that because I often come back to that original depressive
state of mind’. Is there any way we can address this question
from a spiritual point of view. Yes, there is. Most spiritual people tend to go towards some
kind of depression because they do not know how to deal with this world because the world
is really not something that they like, so that makes them depressed. Depression drives them to alcoholism, drugs,
and finally they also take their life. Now I want to start with how a state of mind
gets so deeply entrenched in somebody’s consciousness. I can relate to it because somebody came to
me and said: ‘I’ve been crying since 1 am in the morning’, and it is now 9 o’clock. It is not an accident that this person came
to me and discussed with me her situation. It was God who was giving me a direction to
me about what I should do about a situation like this. Now changing from one thought to another thought
is not that easy especially if you are depressed and the thought is deeply entrenched in your
consciousness. I have been involved in this business of helping
people to become happy, and to get rid of their depression at least in this lifetime
for the past 25 years. This state of mind comes from another lifetime. Depression is not just from this lifetime
alone. This state of mind is a continuation from
another lifetime because life survives even though the body dies, consciousness survives. This consciousness is carried on from one
lifetime, to another lifetime. So you tend to be doing in this lifetime what
you were doing in another lifetime.

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