Finding Your Place: Autism at Work – Chase

Henry: I didn’t want to tell
people I was working for or working with that
I had autism at first. I didn’t want it
to be about that. Kym: When I interviewed for
my role at JPMorgan Chase I did not know I had autism. I knew I was different, though, and I was very anxious
that people would notice or think I was in
some way not as good. ? James: JPMorgan Chase’s
Autism at Work program aims to be inclusive across
everyone on the spectrum, offering coaching,
buddying, mentoring so that career advancement and that career
development is constant. Kym: To hear that the company
I worked for were not only supporting me
through my diagnosis, but they were actively going
out and seeking more people with the same kind of
traits that I have… that is huge! Lori: Our program started
a couple of years ago with four individuals,
in a single location, in a single role. Today we’ve grown to
over 80 individuals and are continuing to grow
across the United States as well as six other countries. Henry: The Autism at Work
program is helping to educate my co-workers
and that means that if they have a better
understanding of my condition and other similar conditions, they’re more willing and able
to make the allowances that allow us to work
together more effectively. Lori: Our autistic colleagues
are helping us solve some of our most
complex challenges, as individual contributors
and as leaders, too. Henry: I come at
problems and think in a very different way
to most of my co-workers because my brain isn’t
exactly the same as theirs. Here, at JPMorgan Chase,
I get to focus on all of these skills that I have rather than all of
the skills that I don’t. James: This is about the talent. We’re 80 people today
but we want to get in the neighborhood of 300
over the next few years. And to be in multiple
lines of business, at all different levels, all the way up to
Managing Director. Kym: I’ve gone from somebody
who wanted to just keep a job, to being somebody who feels
like, I’ve got a career, and I can progress and develop and really be someone
in the future.

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