First Vs. Business Class: What’s the Main Difference

For most of us, flying economy seems the most
reasonable choice. Indeed, why pay more for just a few additional
inches of space and a little broader menu? Turns out there’s much more you might be
missing out on! Stay with me to know the differences and also
learn a few secrets to get cheap business class tickets! Get comfier in Premium Economy
Flying Basic Economy, you have to deal with cramped space, and if you’re so unlucky
as to sit in the middle seat, oof… Premium Economy rids you of several problems
at once. First, you get to board the airplane and get
off at destination among the first. Secondly, you have more leg room and a reclining
seat that will not disturb your neighbors behind you. Add to that your personal entertainment system
and improved meals, and the additional cost, which is sometimes double that of Basic Economy,
will be more than justified — especially on long-haul and overnight flights. More space for a few extra bucks
If you don’t quite feel like splurging, there’s an intermediate option on many airlines
called Economy Plus. With this type of ticket, you get the same
level of service as other Basic Economy passengers, but you’ll certainly be glad to have those
extra inches of leg room as well as seat recline. And some airlines even offer additional perks,
more commonly reserved for Premium Economy, such as priority boarding or meal preferences. Dream flight with Business class
Business class will cost you a hefty sum — about 5 times more than Economy, on average — but
it’s well worth the money. It starts even before the flight proper: you
get a separate lounge where you can wait in comfort, get free food and drinks, and even
sleep in a real bed if you like. On board, Business class passengers are also
separated from those less fortunate, sit in comfy flatbeds, and basically get whatever
their heart desires: exquisite meals, luxury entertainment, and full service team of their
own. If you want to fly with fanfare, then it’s
First class Now this is undoubtedly the costliest way
to travel — and the most luxurious to be sure. Everything you may imagine is available to
First class passengers, including their personal coach to and from the plane (in a premium
class car too, of course) plus all the amenities of the Business passengers. Sometimes, First class even get round tables
and their own bar, as well as Wi-Fi. But there’s one pretty big ‘however’
here… Business and First class aren’t that different
Business class is quickly becoming so luxurious that many airlines have been rejecting their
First class seats and lounges altogether. The level of comfort also depends on the airline:
some Business offers are so tempting compared to other airlines’ First class that it’s
hard to imagine why anyone would pay more for the latter. And the price difference is quite dramatic:
if Business class costs 5 to 9 times the Economy flight, First class is usually twice that
amount. Private is always better, though
If you’re a businessperson, no level of comfort equals absolute privacy — and that
you can achieve by hiring a private jet. There, you’ll not only be able to fly in
complete absence of strangers, but you also won’t need to arrive to the airport hours
before your flight. The crew will be waiting only for you, so
you can come 10 minutes before departure and still be on time. And on board, there’ll be a whole luxury
apartment for you. Of course, this comes for an exorbitant amount
of money, but the good thing is… Private can be cheaper too
When hiring a jet of your own, you pay not per person but for the whole plane. So if you’re traveling with partners, you
can share the ride — and that might come off even cheaper than paying for a Business
class ticket. On that note, remember I promised some tips
to buy those tickets at a bargain price? Here they are! 1. Don’t book them in advance
You probably know there are certain days when ticket prices are the lowest, and you can
be tempted to buy a Business class ticket then and there, but don’t. The cost will still be several times higher
than coach on the same day. If you have the opportunity, better wait until
the last day and buy a ticket when online check-in is already in progress. Most airlines, if they’ve still got unoccupied
Business class seats by that time, would lower the price significantly to get passengers
there, so use your chance. 2. Make use of your frequent flier miles
If you have a credit card that allows you to earn miles, why not use them to travel
in style? Make your purchases like you normally would
with that card and check your mile balance regularly. Once you have enough on your account to buy
a ticket, just go for it! Or you can buy two tickets at the cost of
a single one if you’re not flying alone, which is also pretty nice. Just don’t let the miles go stale, or they
will expire. 3. Upgrade instead of going big
Even with the airline loyalty programs, frequent flier miles add up pretty slowly. So in most cases you’ll be better off upgrading
your regular coach ticket to Business class instead of buying it full price. Of course, that’ll require paying for the
Economy flight first, but the cost of upgrade without the miles would still be quite high,
so it’s a more than nice trick. 4. Get a dedicated credit card
Most banks offer credit cards that earn you flier miles, but those might do it at a too
relaxed pace. To get the most out of that piece of plastic,
get yourself a card associated with the airline of your choice. It will often give you a greeting bonus enough
to cover half a round trip in First class across the Atlantic. 5. Spend, don’t fly
Flying proper is in fact the slowest way to earn miles. By using your credit card for regular purchases,
you’ll earn much more bonuses. Also, if you own an elite card (those usually
require you to spend a certain amount per month), the miles earned will run up really
briskly. Combined with your dedicated airline card
bonuses, you’ll get the necessary amount for your Business or First class flight in
no time. 6. Purchase the mileage
If you feel that you can’t spend so much as to earn enough miles in time before they
expire, just buy them! It’s always easier to spend small amounts
at your own pace than to shell out the whole — not so modest — sum for the ticket. Also, airlines might offer good deals on miles,
so you can save some pretty good money if you’re attentive enough. 7. Go all in
If you don’t mind some game of chance, purchase an Economy ticket and go to the airport at
the designated time to check in. At the desk, or even at the gate, ask the
employees if there’s an option to upgrade to Business class. Should there be any unoccupied seats, they
will most likely agree to promote your ride at a reduced rate. This trick doesn’t involve any freebies
you can use, but it still cuts the final cost almost by half. 8. Just ask
Once again, buy a coach ticket, but make sure you have a seat in the front of the cabin. Once you hear the door going shut, look forward,
at the Business class compartment. If you see vacant seats there, ask your flight
attendant whether they could allow you to move there instead of Economy. Chances are, especially if you’ve been polite
and at least smiled and said hello upon boarding, they’ll readily usher you to Business class
for no additional cost whatsoever. People skills are always the thing. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
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