Former Obama officials sound off on Warren’s Medicare for all plan

100 thoughts on “Former Obama officials sound off on Warren’s Medicare for all plan

  1. Warren has the most energy. I think she will win the nomination and then be the biggest loser since McGovern. McGovern made more sense.

  2. Former osama obama terrorists sound off on squanto warren!
    Maybe they will eat each other!

  3. I hate, hate, hate how she (tin Lizzy) desperately trying to look youngish and vibrant with her running and waving. Sit down old woman.πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΅

  4. No wonder Hillary Clinton is coming out of the woods. She still thinks she's the savior of the Democratic party.

  5. In response to Sen. Warren's Medicare-for-all plan…. Gavin Newsom counters with filthy po0py sidewalks for all plan.

  6. Health care is not a right. Do you have a right to the Dr.s labor or the nurses labor? The labor of the pharmaceutical workers labor? My labor? That’s what money is… it’s people’s labor

  7. Combined wealth of ALL billionaires in the US = $6 Trillion….. So assuming they don't leave and allow the govt to take everything they have…. There is still $46 TRILLION that has to come from somewhere… Pocahontas is a LIAR & FRAUD

  8. What a lie right to your face. Change it to let's bankrupt Americans. Last I checked you fuckers worked for the people. You are not bosses your public servant's. You will eventually get dragged out.

  9. Do you REALLY THINK Warren is going to pull off this Absolutely Ridiculous Medicare Plan….Democrates.. Everything is Free,.these DEMOCRATES are Out of Brain Power…..Bernie is SECOND…..

  10. Sorry to say…..Even Warren would be a far better president than that disgusting thing that's in there now

  11. Lizzy should have told us that we have to pass it to find out how bad we get screwed.

  12. Was Warren trying to do the rain dance ? πŸ’ƒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  13. Nobody wants their 6th grade teacher running the country. She apparently never taught math. 52 trillion = the end of America. Vote Warren if you like living in a mud made hut and forced to grow your own food. invest in goats and pigs too. Milk and cheap meat but there will be NO cereal or sugar.

  14. Warren is a nut bag, she is scaring everyone, people need to get out and vote for Trump.

  15. I feel bad for Democrat voters, they have no charismatic person like Obama to put out there. The bunch now are all the same. No one stands out. Trump will roll over them like a steam roller.

  16. I like my employer sponsored healthcare why do democrats want to take it away????

  17. Only those who are very low income, barely work or don't work at all and exist on taxpayer funded benefits would likely want Medicare for all. Those who work to support themselves and their families would lose a huge chunk of their pay; as they would be the ones not only paying for their own "Medicare for all", but for everyone else's as well. If people think that they pay a lot of taxes now; they will be horrified to find out how little they will have left in their paychecks if "Medicare for all" becomes a reality.

  18. It’s so blatant how they have picked Biden! Deep state They would rather have a perv! What’s that say!

  19. Her plan is unacceptable by any standard.
    It is her license to steal – from everyone.

  20. What’s up with her fake running to the stage every-time?

  21. Elizabeth Warren thinking that the "billionaires" will pay for "Medicare for all" and not the middle class is a pipe dream. The middle class WILL get stuck with it; because it will make the billionaires leave the country if they have to pay for it. Then we will have an even bigger problem, because a great deal of our population will lose their jobs.

  22. Elizabeth Warren will audit the Central Bank.
    That's why the bankers are scared of her.

  23. Before people fall for "Medicare for all" and all these "free" things that the Democrats are promising; they had better think all of that through and realize what the REAL consequences to all those things will be. Believe me, none of it will be "free:

  24. βž—πŸ’ βž—πŸ’ βž—πŸ’ βž—πŸ’ βž—πŸ’ βž—πŸ’ βž—πŸ’ 
    Elizabeth Warren is a sick puppy…

  25. I hope the future Socialist Nominee is Warren with Omar as the VP just so I can see the Liberal cities fall apart when they go down in flames

  26. Can you imagine this woman standing up to Communist leaders? I can't. She sounds like she's always about to cry.

  27. Medicare is for people with actual long-term disabilities it is not General Health care Insurance it's to protect people that have to live with a actual real disease their whole life and not pathetic depression or whatever garbage they're trying to come up with now

  28. That crazy Bit*H would bankrupt America ! and so would the rest of the Democrats !they dont know math at all !

  29. Excuse me. Name one RIGHT that costs the taxpayer a dime? You have a right to health care now. You can have ALL of the health care YOU can pay for. How in the hell do you think it's OK for me to pay for your health care?

  30. I looked in my copy of our constitution and couldn't find where health care was a right. Am I missing something?
    As close as I could come was the right to pursue health care if that made me happy.

  31. It's pretty simple really. We get all these senarios. There must be a thousand cuts. The MADia are ones not reporting what is happening. The USA is rocking! Mom used to tell me… Not Q… if it ain't broke don't fix it. If it WAS broke, Good Job.

  32. There are 3 kinds of people who understand math.
    β€œThose that do, and those that don’t” – Democrat’s

  33. Pitiful what the Democrats have to run for any political position. Especially for president. πŸ˜„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  34. Why do we need Medicare for all? What happened to the Affordable Healthcare Act that the Left created and said is perfect. Why do we need something new less than a presidential term from them in the president’s seat.

  35. Who in their right mind wants to put the government in control of their healthcare? Down with communism/socialism.

  36. Warren is heavily invested in insurance companies via her stock portfolio. And her plan requires the restructuring of health insurance in the whole of USA. Now, I'm pretty sure that the insurance companies that would most benefit from this restructuring would be the very ones Warren owns stock from…
    I smelled this con the very moment I read thru Warrens full plan. I mean the early part where she started telling the weepy story about her daddy triggered my propaganda/bulls*t alarms big time!

  37. Warren medical for all ? Would we wander about the Dems , they are who are Liars put down economy thats what it is ….

  38. The far-left socialist's want to overtax the rich and the big corporations to pay for medicare for all plan what do you think would happen if they were elected well the rich would keep their money in overseas banks and the big corporations would leave the country and who would be left with the bill the middle and lower class taxpayers again nothings free if it's sounds too good to be true it probably is and forget about the new green deal only a bartender could think of such a thing

  39. imagine this clown Pocaontas as president, wow what a shame , if this clown gets in, the world will be laughing at you the people from the USA

  40. If only the democrat voters would stop watching the corrupt fake news media and see the accomplishments Trump has done for this country I'm sure they would come to there senses and vote Trump 2020 MAGA pray for the nonbelievers because God has a plan for our country God bless everyone

  41. Her Medicare for all would probably work…. except that it costs 2 1/2 times the whole worlds money …. currently
    That’s right, 2 1/2 times all the worlds money…..ALL of it!!!!!

  42. You know if this were a smart and great idea for the American people , there would be some really smart people standing up and going public to back her ideas . No one is saying it's a great idea , but her . Can she really be this stupid ?

  43. Warran cannot take the Medicare to give to people for free. Seniors pay their own medicare. It comes out of OUR Social Security, that we worked a lifetime for. There are 4 parts to Medicare. Part A,B,C & D. Part A is free, but there's still a cost. It's barely enough for testing, the rest comes out of pocket. Part B, C, & D…if we want that additional coverage, we have to PAY for that FROM our Social Security income. I cannot afford the last 3 or I would not receive any income at all. THIS is what these Rat turds will never understand. MEDICARE IS NOT FREE!! And who really believes that any Controller in Government is going to give money to people who sit around *itching they don't have anything, are too lazy to work to get their own?? Oh…I forgot. Their so called LEADER LOST. Tuff ROCKS. That's all we need is a Dimm in office. You will NEVER get your life back. You will NEVER take care of your own affairs because by the time they finish, will be the time the Dictators Arise.

    And I sure hope the other sides reads this, because we'll have to name it the same as the book and the movie, "1984". Your life as you know it will disappear and everyone WILL BE a Chump for the Cabal…..IF they let you live long enough…and that would start and end with Seniors.

  44. fakeahantice medicare for all costs 50bill$$$$ +++ lmfao !!!! 100mil ++trumplicans will reelect president trump 2020 magakaG !!!!!!

  45. I can see that conservative media are so accommodating of the Dems and libs in their panels but am not too sure about the corrupt media.

  46. Democrats stop playing games with our health and our money. Medicare for all, yes, but for all who worked all our lives and paid our taxes. The rest, give them Medicaid, which by the way, give them more benefits than those who receive Medicare.

  47. Warren: Medicare for all!
    I: Sounds great. But, who's going to pay for it?
    W: Rich people!
    I: How are you going to make them pay?
    W: Next question.

  48. Elizabeth Warren is promising free crap to all the fascists to antifa to all of these fastest college students across the country such as Lexington Kentucky he think they can put their hands on people's equipment and attack someone just for filming in public obviously Lexington doesn't know the First Amendment Elizabeth Warren is a liar in a political hack someone who gotten politics for the attention the money and the fun of it parsley sleeps very well at night doesn't have a concern in the world for one human in this country and that my dears is a fact

  49. The Indian Nations do not recognize…support… nor endorse her!
    She is a "loose cannon!"

  50. If you believe in polls, then you still don't believe Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election where polls showed she will win by a huge margin. LOL !!!!

  51. People who refuse to get a job or wanna live off the system will vote for this nut job Warren, lmao.

  52. Warren is an evil LIAR!
    The Americans don't believe her , she is clearly a socialist/communist !

  53. The majority of the Democratic Party is in a vacuum and should pull the self free to survive.

  54. Warren and the others will take you on a slow march down to serfdom status then throw a parade to celebrate their new order where only the elite whom they define can rise above the lowest common denominator.. mobs in black uniforms will be their new domestic enforcers..

  55. soooooo if her plan is so great why did she not recommend it to the Obama Admin as she was a dem senator then

  56. Trump supporters have been shown by the left that the presidency dose not mean much if the president has no support in congress

  57. I keep hearing that healthcare is a "right"…
    I can't seem to find it listed as such
    in the US Constitution, try as I might.
    May be people just never got sick
    back in the 1788? πŸ˜‰

  58. pocahontas will drop that "medicare-for-all" garbage the minute she wins the primary!

  59. Go to hell with your precious Obamacare…
    I for one am sick of paying these bloated prices for lousy private insurance and also having to fund illegals and other worthless freeloaders….

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