Fox Business panel goes off on Elizabeth Warren’s White House criticism

100 thoughts on “Fox Business panel goes off on Elizabeth Warren’s White House criticism

  1. This isn't really any of our business. How else is the president supposed to communicate with business leaders!

  2. Elizabeth Warren is a crook and committed federal crimes by lying to got minority money. That really qualifies her as president right ?

  3. As a member of the general public we find that these conversations are so mindless, full of idiocy, and Christina is full of herself. Grow up. Washington DC is sick to the core, their progressivism keeps their brains in check.

  4. Liberals don't get it. Companies do not pay taxes, they collect them from us, the people who buy their products. It is part of the profit they make on the products they sell, that's business economics 101. Remember what happened to the economy when the taxes got so high they fled overseas, the economy tanked and people were unemployed. Is that something we are willing to go back too. My family has been doing well under Trump leave him alone.

  5. Facebook sensors conservatives for loving people. Big corporations work for money they need to make a profit to stay in business. Democrats when they run out of money raise taxes, then over spend and raise taxes over and over again so obviously Democrats need to have enemies but Facebook is a Democrat propaganda monopoly.

    Question for Democrats how will you keep your stronghold over giant corporations if you make them enemies?

    You want a 1% tax? Please be educated on the 1% riches people tax. They can afford to move. They did it in France and all the billionaires moved to Belgium and they lost money from taxing the 1%. So if you want a mass exodus of our 1% wealthiest people in America that pay 40% of all federal taxes currently. Then your programs will run out of funds even faster then already projected. So for Democrats that are in unions or secretaries learn how business works before you make laws to prevent profit.

  6. Fox news boarder lines on fake news. Either way look everything up. People twist things to build their career. Just like our justice system is built off of people twisting the truth to get ahead.all across America is corruption.

  7. Its okay for Zuck to donate to democrat campaigns, but NOT okay for Zuck to even TALK to people on the right…? This woman is a tyrant.


  9. "How is having dinner corruption?". Exactly. How tyrannical can these left-wingers be? Now talking across the isle is "corrupt" and possibly illegal?

    Peter Thiel is a favorite. He is awesome to watch in long form interviews. I hope he meets with Trump more often.

  10. Oh my gosh, seriously.. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are truly rolling 8 balls. I am so sick of these Disgruntle Democrats, crying about corruption of the Republican President Donald J Trump, to whom we elected… and how they need to impeach him first for his tweets and now he is conspiring with Mark Zuckerberg and friends, The reason he was in Washington in the 1st place was because the democrats threw him down on the carpet over advertisements that President Trump had paid for… He was conspiring to get President Trump re-elected, The democrats were accusing The ads to be lies… He just looked at him like they were all idiots because they are.. And truthfully the 10 my kratz make me sick to my stomach every time they open their mouths.

  11. When governments become detached from industry and commerce is when all goes wrong. Take one example. The British aviation industry was thriving until the left wing 1945 Labor Government stuck its nose in and cancelled key projects.

  12. Jamie Diamond and Elizabeth Warren? Is it okay for Warren? Oh yeah she's a dem fruitcake and never gonna get the nomination. Couldn't stand that phoney lying squeaky voice anyway. Go away old gray beaver!!

  13. Conservatives be like: 🤪 we need to spend trillions on the military, creating wars with no defying end, that only benefit a few Americans… some one with a brain says: 🤔how about healthcare and education for all Americans, that benefits all Americans. Trump supporters be like: 🤪how are you going to pay for it

  14. In 2017 the Republicans owned everything. So why was nothing done. They didnt build a wall, lock her up, repeal and replace, or drain the swamp. But trump supporters are delusional. They just act like those things are happening. What a bunch of gullible inbreds.

  15. Entertainers are often billionaires and have tons of influence. Obama loved entertainers. So?

  16. Well there's too many whistleblowers out there, I'm guessing that's going to be the best Christmas gift this year as a whistle. Good stocking stuffer.

  17. Warren is getting desperate by looking into Trump’s wrong doings where there are none.

    Warren won’t be President, maybe on her own company if she ever has one, maybe Pocahonta’s.

  18. Gee with all Zucker's money you would think he could afford a haircut instead of putting a bowl on his head and his wife cutting his hair 😆 lol

  19. Pocahontas Warren shuts down all business, she doesn't want anyone working….mindless Warren….President Warren would drive all business out of the USA.

  20. The woman questioning President Trump is way wayyyyyyy out of her league.I wonder how she likes the taste of egg from her face?

  21. The President can not call, he can not have a meal, he can not even breath the same air as anyone else, or at least you can't if the President's name is Trump. These people are deranged.

  22. EW wealth tax sounds like a 1917 communist revolution seizing of property … will she use her U.S. Army to collect these taxes?

  23. Until women stop demonizing men in order to get ahead & cut out the gossip you'll continue to stifle your selves…
    We're watching & listening very carefully now so don't blow it.

  24. Oh those horrible billionaires! I wonder if they're as bad as millionaires who climb the ladder by pretending to be Native American?

  25. In America, we have enshrined in the First Amendment the freedom to petition our government. A meeting in and of itself is not corrupt.

  26. Eastern band of Cherokee voted Trump and will again in 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. It's NONE OF YOUR or my business until it becomes our business.
    Obama did NOT serve our country very well. Fact.


  29. She's just worried she ain't going to get elected that's all. And why would she with a 50 trillion dollar medicare-for-all bill LMFAO that's supposedly won't affect the taxpayers pockets come on man that's a lie course is going to affect our pockets how could it not

  30. I have come to the conclusion that the Deep State Democrats are crazy. And more than that just plain evil

  31. If President Trump chopped his fingers, toes, internal organs and 90% of his brain off, he would be compatible with Fauxcohauntus. However, to Fauxcohauntus' credit, Zuckerberg did not write a single line to produce Facebook. He stole it and got it institutionalized immediately by his Rockefeller uncle. Zuckerberg is really a Greenberg, whose Facebook program was stolen from Leader Industries.

  32. I have seen thousands of Democratic People going into government penniless and leaving with billions ….Obama included

  33. Warren is the most repulsive person on Earth. She is OBVIOUSLY a sociopathic anti-American subversive communist.

  34. I would love for Zuckerberg to dump all of his contacts from Demonicrats in Congress.


  36. The girl in yellow is super dumb. Wow.

    Before Mark Zuckerberg takes over the world Trump should definitely see what he’s up to at the very least. And Apple is a huge and successful American company. It’s definitely in our interest for them to be successful and to continue opening new factories here in the US.

  37. Not many people know that JP Morgan bailed this country out once. Check your history. Zuckerberg might have to some day after the government can't find any more money to spend

  38. It seems everything the Dems are saying of Trump….is what they are and have been doing🤡🤯😱🤬 What a bunch of BRAINDEAD idiots 🤯

  39. Can anyone seriously imagine Elizabeth Warren being the President of the United States of America? IF this happens it's on all of you!

  40. Liz Warren is desperate.
    I bet that she got money from the Ukraine. She's acting like it and she's probably running for president so that she can pretend that she's the victim of a politically motivated criminal prosecution for her fun and games back when the "cool kids" ruled the Congressional hallways.

  41. Elizabeth, what will happened when all the millionaires have no more millions? When you brake them? How are you going to support the country? There are no poor companies employing people, that I know.

  42. Look how someone at Fox has the headline…I've seen this a couple times recently, it denotes a negative against the group. Also I can't see how Warren, a demoncrat, can cry corruption! it's laughable.

  43. 🤔😡Got news for the idiots,, President dosent have to tell everyone everything he wants to talk about, or who he sees. Dumb Democratic people are sooo paranoid, He can talk with who every one he wants to. You don't own him. He's doing a better job running, the country, than anyone else. So get the hell off his back. If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing .

  44. In order to follow Pochahontas's jibberish I need to come down to a lower level of awareness.

    Mark Twain – Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

  45. then if Elizabeth Warren calls Zuckerberg going to Dinner corruption then that means she's part of the corruption! because she has given Zuckerberg thousands of dollars 💰for ads on Facebook she can't take it back cuz she's already done it so she is part of that corruption if that's the case

  46. Elizabeth Warren is worth millions how did she make her Millions I guarantee she met her Millions from the same people that she is talking about that are corrupt she's a political hack how dare she say someone is corrupt when that's all she's ever been

  47. Elizabeth Warren is worth millions how did she make her Millions I guarantee she met her Millions from the same people that she is talking about that are corrupt she's a political hack how dare she say someone is corrupt when that's all she's ever been

  48. yeah anytime Trump has any kind of meeting or business meeting or talks to anyone which is something the President should do you know you keep your enemies closer or you ever hear of that the left Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders all the Communists out there who are running for president what a twist it around and say there's something corrupt going on sorry people if you Democrats are that paranoid and you believe everything these political politicians say that you deserve to be brainwashed don't you realize politicians are complete Liars in your president yes he is your president is not a politician that's the difference

  49. Elizabeth Warren is just paranoid that Zuckerberg is going to tell Trump about all the money she gave him for ads and how she has met with Zuckerberg to help her campaign she probably asked him to lobby for her so this is why she's pissed off think about it

  50. and why is the choice word today for brainwashing the word corruption Miss yellow suit why because the Congress says so because the Democratic party says everything's corrupt when they're the biggest abuse of power out there give me a break you know why it has dinner with Zuckerberg so you all could do what you're doing right now talk about it you know you don't give the president as much credit as you should because he's a lot smarter than you guys are he knows you're going to run your mouth

  51. if the dinner was so secret how did you hear about it Lizabeth Warren? And if government is hanging out with these CEOs and billionaires then the Democratic Congress must really be hanging out with them because they got plenty of money obviously to rent a four-year impeachment inquiry

  52. Typical Democrat! How much is she worth? Too much for a person of her ilk to criticize anyone else. She is such a complete phoney. She sold herself and took advantage of perks by using her phoney label as a native indigenous person.Warren would not turn down an invitation to speak to any President? I hope to heaven she does get the nod to debate Trump……..he'd eat her alive. The Democrats with their hatred of Trump…..cannot find anything to give credit where credit is due……by their standards Obama would have saved the world…….what a joke!

  53. The teenage woman in yellow on this panel sounds like a complete twit. Perhaps she should avoid arguing with adults.

  54. Psalm 37 [Full Chapter]
    [ The Heritage of the Righteous and the Calamity of the Wicked ] [ A Psalm of David. ] Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, And wither as the green herb. Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. …

  55. In the matter of arguments that accusing a crime of any name, we always
    need proof. This issue has been clearly written in the legal documents
    of all countries with a clear and transparent legal background.
    United States Democratic Party is linked from two things that happened
    in the past. They then deduced into accusing Mr. Trump when ignoring a
    very important evidence to connect the two things together. Instead, the
    US Democratic Party has been trying to convince the US public opinion
    that Mr. Trump is guilty without this important evidence.
    The big problem is that if you do it, so can I.

    Let's have a look at the way how the U.S Democrats accuse Mr. Trump

    They took two facts:

    1. Mr. Trump has postponed the amount of $ 391 million to aid Ukraine, which was previously approved by the US Congress.

    2. At the same time, Mr. Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.
    The US Democratic Party used their inference to bring the two events together.

    argument of the US Democratic Party in this case is that Mr. Trump used
    the aid to Ukraine as a pressure to force the President of Ukraine to
    investigate Joe Biden.
    But we will see that the postponement of aid
    to Ukraine will have many other causes (more than one). When Trump gives
    another reasonable cause for the postponement of aid to Ukraine, the
    link between the postponement of aid and the investigation on Joe will
    be broken.
    This disruption will expose and denounce Democrats
    slandering the President. They deserve punishment from the law. Because
    no one is above the law.

    To prove their deduction is true, they
    need a tape to record Trump's voice, saying something like "no
    investigation, no aid". But the US Democratic Party was cowardly enough
    to ignore this important evidence.

  56. I could tell by the lady in the yellow jacket she has NO money problems so why should she care that Apple just put 15,000 people to work in Texas at a new Apple plant.  People like her that get those juicy paychecks no matter who is in office make me sick.  Maybe if the LEFT gets their way and takes over the country totally she'll get crushed with the rest of us because believe me under their rule she will not be exempt.

  57. The real corruption is from career politicians that have managed to get a net worth in the 8 and 9 figures with a low 6 figure salary.

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